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>>President Obama’s “Pro-Business” Policies Are Killing the Free Market!

Posted on: February 25, 2010

President Obama’s “Pro-Business” Policies Are Killing the Free Market

The President is the stonewall  in the way of the economy improving and all the time he is meeting with these big wig CEO’s and trying to pose himself as pro-business.  If anyone would look at the economy for the past 30 years and the sectors of the economy that grew you would see they were the ones where the government wasn’t in any way involved.  On the other hand the parts of the economy that only grew more expensive and less productive  and some that ultimately even led to the mess we are in right now you will see these were the sectors of the economy where the government was involved.   In fact, the more involved the government the greater the rise in costs, the lower the rate of productivity and the greater the impact on our economic owes of the present.

But as others have pointed out, the reason the health care, education, and energy sectors all failed to improve quality, efficiency, and productivity in the 80s is because those sectors were, and continue to be, the sectors most dominated by government intervention: our education system is a near total government monopoly; the federal government controls the majority of health care spending in this country, and our environmental laws make new energy development in this country virtually impossible. But President Obama seems completely oblivious to these facts. He is supremely confident that his government “pro-business” interventions will be ahistorically successful. And so he confidently tells BusinessWeek: “You would be hard-pressed to identify a piece of legislation that we have proposed out there that, net, is not good for businesses.”

Never mind that President Obama’s cap and trade proposal would be worth billions to select power companies but cost the U.S. economy as a whole trillions of dollars. Never mind that his health care plan would turn health insurance companies into public-utility like monopolies at tremendous cost to small businesses. Never mind that the President’s big labor-friendly tax hikes would cripple American competitiveness. President Obama’s “pro-business” TARP related actions helped lower the United States rank in the 2010 Index of Economic Freedom, from “free” to “mostly free.”  The President must stop having behind-closed-door meetings with his favorite CEOs and start pursuing an economic agenda that helps everyone.


2 Responses to ">>President Obama’s “Pro-Business” Policies Are Killing the Free Market!"

President Obama thinks he is for the little guy entrepeneur? Sure, he squeezes the big guys for money and sing his tune. Unfortunately, singing his tune does not sound too good. How good would you sing with someone kicking you in the ass, stepping on your neck, and throwing the Attorney General threat to keep you in line. Of course, the senate shakedown hearings are another benefit of being on the President’s big company list to squeeze.

Hobo, Obama seems to have forgotten that the very people he is kicking are the ones who gave him the most money during his campaign. Either they got exactly what they deserved for trusting him or it’s all part of the deal to demonize these businesses.

It has been said that he is demonizing banks so that banks will go out of business and only the biggest ones will survive thus wiping out the competition. The big banks that he ranted about were the ones who supported him and it certainly makes sense that they would use Obama to get rid of the smaller banks. I believe some anti-trust suits will have to be called on some of these big guys. Vote Republican and then keep your eye on the guys you voted for making sure they vote right. BB

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