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>>>Videos of the Health Care Summit

Posted on: February 25, 2010

Heated was not really adequate because after time went  by  tempers were  out of control.   There is just no reasoning with fools who have their minds made up that only the federal government can do health care right.  Just as they have done the Post Office,  Amtrack (railroads), Medicare, Medicaid,  Education and every thing else the federal government is in control of.  Listen to the videos and decide for yourself who has a sane argument and those who are just spouting out ridiculous numbers like Nancy Pelosi’s  stating that” the President’s plan will create 400,000 jobs immediately”.  Dear Lord, the President and the Democrats are brain dead!

Below I have snap shot videos of people speaking and making various points.   Below that I have the link where you can hear the entire thing live streaming.  BB

Today’s Number One Soap Opera: The Health Care “Summit”–Watch Live


6 Responses to ">>>Videos of the Health Care Summit"

I have spent the day watching the Health Care Bill Summit. After the Presidents speech and then two or three other speeches they finally got down to the nitty gritty.

Bottom line the Republicans want a do-over, start from the beginning and work from there in a bi-partesen manner.

The Democrats, actually Nancy Pelosi said it’s too late to start over.
I don’t know why she should think that. She has spent a year and a half getting nowhere, now she says they have run out of time.
She is the one responsible for that. It’s time these elected officials realize that America is tired of their stubborn, immature way of doing things.

November mid-term elections are coming and I truly hope we can get rid of some of these _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, I’m so angry right now I can’t think of anything bad enough to describe them. But I think Americans will get my message.

Yes, I do think Americans will get the message now as to which party is off base. Americans have known they didn’t like the Dems bill based on what they heard about it but only those of us who use the Internet had the opportunity to see what the Republicans had to offer. This summit allowed Americans to finally see what the Republicans want to do. It was probably the worse move Obama could have made for that reason.

I caught myself getting so angry I finally stopped watching it non-stop. You have more fortitude than I Snappy! 🙂

I really think this will sink health care. The body language was so telling I thought. the Dems were sitting there like bulls determined to have their way come hell or high water and the Reps were sitting there slumped and dejected as one would when forced to talk for hours to a stone.

Thank you for stopping by Snappy. I really enjoy your comments and insights. BB

In Closing yesterday, Obama said that Congress had a month, 6 weeks toget together and see what they could do with the Health Care Bill. At that time if both sides couldn’t work something out on the bill then we will see what we will see, basically.

This afternoon on the News I heard that Obama (it looks like) has already made up his mind on what to do, because he’s holding a meeting next Wednesday for the media, to let them know where the Bill stands. Sounds like these guys have already made up their minds to pass it.

I just want to know, is it possible that they can? I have heard that he doesn’t really care if he has to throw some Dems under the bus.

You know I was thinking, that this guy doesn’t have much loyalty (you can forget the Amercian people) towards those who put him in office. At least not the educated ones, he seems to show more loyalty toward the undeducated, down trodden, unemployed, illegal aliens and Acorn members who have put him in office. I think mostly because they don’t ask questions, they aren’t smart enough to question anything he says or does, they just do what they are told expecting him to pass bills to support them for the rest of their lives.

If there are not enough votes in Congress to pass the Health Care Bill, can he pass it by executive order? I sure hope not.

Snappy, I am not sure how much power a President has by Executive Order but from what I am understanding it is almost unlimited. Kennedy gave himself almost unlimited powers because of the Cuban Crisis and the threat of the Russians invading or attacking. The federal government would need these powers in order to move quickly to protect the country they felt. Nixon went in and rescinded all these Executive Orders giving the President so much power. Since then every President has put one or two back with Clinton really getting the stage set for someone like Obama to take over. This coupled with ordering 80,000 troops to be kept in the country at all times (this is what was holding up his sending troops to Afghanistan!) it rather makes me wonder if he is planning a move towards dictatorship. He would be supported by China in this and I am not sure who else but I can not but believe many world leaders would not life a hand to help the American people just as no one is helping the people of Iran who are rebelling.

Obama knows that once this bill gets passed it will be almost impossible to undo the damage done and he seems not to care that it will mean his Presidency. But that will be fine because they (who ever “they” are) will have achieve their agenda. With the elderly already dependent on the government for their health care and at least part of their income this bill will put everyone under obligation to the government for their health care. The so-called public option will be achieved by default as insurance companies are squeezed out of business by the federal government setting their fees structure. Health care insurance companies according to Forbes already operate at an extremely low 2% profit margin. Now Obama says people are outraged that these companies are able to pay their top people 6 figure salaries and bonuses and take fantastic holidays for their top people. Then people should take a good look at MacDonald’s at a 15% (I think this is what I read ) profit margin and the perks their top- people get!

Anyhow, at 2% profit margin and making the money insurance companies are making is just a measure of their Huge market. This requirement the Dems have that everyone must have insurance is playing right into their hands. A Christmas gift! The government can then go in and sound tough and tell them to cut their profit margin to 1% and they will still be making money beyond belief. The bottom line is the people have no right to complain about the insurance companies making money or how they spend it as long as they are getting the service. the only ones who should complain about the salaries and bonuses are the stock holders in the companies because they are the ones who are being cheated when funds are used frivolously instead of in dividends.


You mentioned a couple of things that are really scary. The first one is the fact he has ordered this many troops to be kept state side. I never heard the number, but there was an order out if the H1N1 flu became an epidemic like they tried to make us believe they said soldiers would go into the most hit areas, to assist with Marshall law, to quarantine areas and with other safety measures. They were also developing a National Police Force, which I believe they actually started before Obama came into office. When they were having the protests against the Iraqi war, I lived in Chicago, and believe me you never saw anything like it. Some friends and I walked downtown to see what the protest looked like. They had cops; shoulder-to-shoulder standing on the street facing the curb and this went all the way around the downtown block (which are HUGE in Chicago) There was maybe anywhere from 300 to 600 cops just doing that, standing like a chain fence.

These guys were scary looking; all had shades on, helmets, dressed all in black, pockets with gas masks in them on the legs of their pants, canteens in pockets, night sticks, and of course their guns no smile on their faces, starring directly into the crowd. But the scariest thing to me was the black armband with initials on it in large White Letters “SS” this certainly would put a chill up and down your spine. It reminded me of Nazi Germany. Yes, these guys were very scary. They had 4 or 5 busses with bars across the windows, lined up in the street and cops on horse back, and this was for a Protest that had City Hall permission to be there. Believe me this National police force started a while back. With Bush I would not have worried as much, and felt the people could insist we get rid of it, but this guy, surrounded by such radicals, communists, etc., well somebody better wake up. This National Police force is in existence, don’t even doubt it. And by the way I thought that there was something in the Constitution about the armed forces were never to be deployed state side? The reason being is that they are not to ever take up arms against their own people. Now I know this to be true. But somehow these people got around that thought when there was supposed to be a Pandemic of H1N1, like “we need all the help we can get BS”. But the flu never took off. So, the 80,000 soldiers stateside are on hold still waiting for some major event to give them an excuse to deploy. Not Good! I think that’s why so many people up North are buying guns and getting CCW permits, so that they can protect themselves if and when something happens. I would like to also point out that it was in Chicago that I saw this. You know Obama’s base. Not good!
“This coupled with ordering 80,000 troops to be kept in the country at all times (this is what was holding up his sending troops to Afghanistan!) it rather makes me wonder if he is planning a move towards dictatorship. He would be supported by China in this and I am not sure who else but I can not but believe many world leaders would not life a hand to help the American people just as no one is helping the people of Iran who are rebelling.”

As for what these lucky bastards get that work for these companies I really don’t care as long as the people get the coverage at a reasonable rate. Cheap, great and immediate health care service when needed, and top of the line medical treatment, and you can pay these honchos anything they want. I don’t care. Let their stockholders deal with them.

I guess what bothers me most is this Cat and Mouse game and who is going to win; the People or the Elitists in DC?

I have seen these types of demonstrations of police power only on TV and not in person, but i do know the men and women of the armed services and I know they will not join the devil against the American people and the Constitution. There is an organization called the Oath Keepers that is growing daily and when and if the time comes they will be leading the Patriots.

As for buying a gun, well we too have discussed it because I do sincerely believe bad times are coming. When people see their children starving they get mean real fast and are going to get what they need anywhere they can get it. Also, and this is what we have to fear: bad times bring out the thugs who kill and burn for the mere fun of it. These are the ones I fear. Two elderly people in a ground floor apartment who are both able to use firearms but who have never used them in self defense and who have decided we probably couldn’t when it came down to it. We would hesitate long enough for thugs to take the weapons off of us and use them on us. Better not to put them in enemy hands if they don’t already have their own.

We are however stocking up the pantry, closets and under the beds. 🙂 Are also planning for no utilities. Water will be our problem. BB

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