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>>Activist Conservatives making gains all over.

Posted on: February 27, 2010

Keeping an eye on what kinds of people are winning elections all over the country I find we conservatives have much to be happy about.  It is  we baby boomers babies who are coming into their own now.  While we played with our toys and became so politically correct and tolerant of everyone’s views to the point where the scum rose to the top  making the world these people had to grow up in a gross and ugly place, they were taking it in and saying they didn’t like it and didn’t want to raise their children in this  brutally ugly world lacking in morality and values.  So now that they are of age start making their views heard they are determined to take the country  back to a time where government did not intrude into peoples lives,  where government did not force people to accept  behaviors  and actions that the majority of people found objectionable.  A time where little clerks at little musty desks made laws and rules that we all had to live by regardless of  the harm done to society.  Where a tiny minnow  with no significant impact on the environment or the food chain could destroy our nations fruit and vegetable  producing area putting tens of thousands of people out of work and raising the prices at our grocery stores.  BB

Newly-Elected Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli: Activist!

by Christian Josi During his campaign for Attorney General of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli committed himself to acting with an aggressive conservative agenda. He promised voters that he would use the office to aggressively fight governmental overregulation and interference wherever he could find it.


In other words, he pledged to use the office of Attorney General for good, rather than evil. After just over one month in office, he’s off to one hell of a start.

Last week, AG Cuccinelli boldly petitioned the EPA to convene a proceeding to reexamine their “Endangerment Finding” which claims that human activity has increased atmospheric greenhouse gases to a point that people’s lives are at risk. As such, they claim, the federal government must impose new caps on emissions and other climate protection policies in the energy sector.

Cuccinelli believes, rightly, that regulations based on the findings of the EPA in this sketchy case would be both legally questionable and detrimental to Virginia’s economy. (Much of the research that the EPA has based these findings upon has come from the questionable climate-gate materials). Accordingly, the AG also has petitioned a federal appeals court to review the EPA’s findings.
Keep an eye on this guy. He means business. And by picking these kinds of necessary fights, he’s certainly going to need backup.

This is the kind of backup we Tea Party Patriots can and must give to anyone who is brave enough to buck the current system.  If the Attorney General of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli  can get the EPA to back down in Virginia then the battle to change their rulings and temper their power in all states is strengthened.  Remember when officials from the EPA were questioned as to whether they would change some of their rulings now that Climategate  proved so much of the data they had used to be faulty and they said and round and loud, “No!”   Well, this is the arrogance we have to fight and Attorney General of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli has made a grand start.

Oh, and another thing I have noticed among the new crop of young men and women running for office:  there are more and more  with Northern and South Eastern European  names.  These are the grand Children and great grandchildren of those  poor and huddle masses our Lady Liberty begged to come to America and who came  in the early 1900’s by the boat loads.   These people I have been telling you who were brave enough to leave behind the old and go into the unknown.  The true pioneers who came not knowing the  culture or the language but determined to live free and make their own way because the old country had no place for people of their spirit.

And yes, my maternal grandparents were Kowalo and Starvoyto.  And it was these grandparents who taught me to love America and see it as a country different than any in the world.  I have not been off of the continent of North America but I know and have known since as a child my Grandparents told me about the homes they left.   They brought much of the good with them, but were careful to leave the bad behind just as our Founding Fathers themselves when setting up our government kept the good from the old country but cut out and left the bad behind.  BB

read also what some states are doing to Congressmen who are out of control:

Stopping the Runaway Congress

by Peter Ferrara

The recall of New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez took a step forward yesterday with a promising oral argument in New Jersey state court.  The New Jersey Constitution expressly provides for the recall of members of Congress representing the state in a provision adopted by a 75% favorable vote of the people in 1995.  The New Jersey state legislature then expressly provided by statute for the procedures for such a recall.


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