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>>From Maggie’s Notebook: Charlie Rangel’s Culture of Corruption

Posted on: February 27, 2010

I was considering doing a blog on Charlie Rangel but Maggie beat me to it.  So here thanks to Maggie Thornton is the low down on  one of the biggest thieves in congress who has been re-elected 20 times.  This is an example of the people who are elected by a tiny, tiny groups of people but these people who are elected to the House of Representatives have  a huge impact on the rest of us.  Of course, the House of Representatives  is supposed to police itself and weed out the thieves and those who abuse their power but they never do.  There should be some action We the People can take that would take out people like this.  Charlie Rangel,  Barney Frank, Irene Waters and the list goes on and on.  Must we wait until they die to get rid of them ( John Murtha)?

Charlie Rangel’s Culture of Corruption

Posted: 25 Feb 2010 08:34 PM PST

Rep. Charlie Rangel is one of the most corrupt Democrats in the party’s culture of corruption. I first wrote that he would rank right up there after Rep. Barney Franks and Senator Chris Dodd. After researching the extent of his dishonorable transactions, I almost moved him to first place, but Franks and Dodd deserve “most corrupt” for their bankrupting of the country with the Community Reinvestment Act (ACT) and the housing meltdown. If we looked into the past of all Democrats in Congress today, would we find anything like what you will read about Charlie, who has at least twelve questionable transgressions looming.

Charlie Rangel

The first trangression is Rangel’s ownership of four rent-controlled apartments in New York, one of which housed his campaign headquarters. New York City regulations prohibit businesses in rent-controlled properties. Rangel had used the apartment for business for over 10 years.

To own rent-controlled properties, Rangel had to keep his income below $175,000 annually. Anything over $175,000 made him “ineligible “as a hardship case.” (Nope, it’s not a joke!)

From New York Magazine:

The first became known in July 2008, when reports surfaced that Rangel owned four rent-controlled apartments in New York City, and he was running a business out of at least one of them.

On the tenth floor of the Lenox Terrace in Harlem (where [New York Governor] David Paterson also has a rent-stabilized place) the congressman (whose net worth the Times estimates at $566,000 to $1.2 million) keeps a studio apartment for use as an office, for which he pays $660 a month.

Then on the sixteenth floor, he has combined a studio ($630), a one-bedroom ($1,329), and a two-bedroom ($1,329) into rather opulent spread that overlooks Manhattan. [a 2,500 square foot home]

Quoth the Times:

Mr. Rangel’s residence, which has custom moldings and dramatic archways, is decorated with Benin Bronze statues and antique carved walnut Italian chairs, and was featured in the 2003 book “Style and Grace: African Americans at Home,” by Michael Henry Adams (Bulfinch Press)… Mr. Rangel’s wife, Alma, is quoted describing the congressman as “the shopper in this family” who has a penchant for hunting down antiques like cut-glass champagne flutes and walnut chests to furnish their elegant abode.

Charles Rangel, the master of tax legislation, proposed the largest tax increase in American history in 2007…dubbed the “Mother of all tax Bills” by Rangel the tax evader. The bill, had it passed, would have brought a tax increase of $3.5 trillion.

Can anyone explain why this man is not in prison, and at least, why he has not lost his chairmanship? Oh…yes, of course, he’s a Democrat and they never eat their own.

5 Responses to ">>From Maggie’s Notebook: Charlie Rangel’s Culture of Corruption"

Brenda, thanks much for the link! I really appreciate it. I think there should be something we should be able to do, also. I think doing away gerimandering might help. I know Republicans use it to their advantage too, but it is not an honest practice. In the long run, Conservatives would be better without re-drawing maps all the time.

Hope you are well.


Thanks Maggie. I am feeling better now that spring is springing and my flowers are peeping out of the ground. Looks like I am going to have a lot of tulips this year. for some reason last year my tulips were rather sparse.

Yes, Yes, yes. I have howled about the gerrymandering forever! It is pure and simple politics and does not represent the people at all. It represents tiny groups and then gives us these people who become arrogant overbearing tyrants who think they can do anything as long as they manage to throw some crumbs to their little group of loyalist from time to time. Perhaps if conservatives do get in they will do the right thing and divide the states into more geometric districts that would enclose diverse population groups which more represents the general population. At least I want to believe that The people We the People manage to elect in 2010 and beyond will be more honest. there are a few Congressmen who are honestly bucking the tide and appear to want to do the right thing rather than the expedient thing. BB

There is someone challenging Mr. Rangel’s seat that you should be aware of…. Vincent Morgan

I certainly hope he wins. Not knowing anything about Morgan at all it stands to reason he can’t be any worse than Rangel. And being new to congress he won’t have the power that Rangel has so that alone is well worth considering him.

However I really think that like many politicians before him who have been thieves for years Rangel’s castle is about to cave in and soon everyone will be coming after him which means he will find himself in a nice minimum security prison along with a long list of previous politicians and CEO’s.

North Carolina’s last governor got away with every scam and bribe and grab in the book while in office and is now finally facing prison . BB

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