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>>UPDATED: Unemployment Benefits not all the problem with extension bill

Posted on: March 2, 2010

UPDATE:   Lone holdout gives in, Senate OKs jobless benefits (AP)

Kentucky Republican Jim Bunning relented on Tuesday evening, freeing the Senate to approve stopgap legislation extending for another month a host of programs, including highway funding, health insurance subsidies for the unemployed and benefits for the long-term jobless. That gives Congress time to consider the far larger measure covering most of the same programs.

But the daunting price tag on the longer-term measure guarantees more complications and an even rougher path through the Senate than experienced by the bill passed Tuesday.

Bunning held up action for days, causing the government to furlough highway workers and allowing some unemployment benefits to expire. He wanted to force Democrats to find ways to finance the bill so it wouldn’t add to the deficit. But his move sparked a political tempest that subjected Republicans to withering media coverage and cost the party politically. Bunning’s support among Republicans was dwindling, while Democrats used to being on the defensive over health care and the deficit seemed to relish the battle.

Once Bunning gave in, the stopgap bill — which passed the House last week — passed the Senate by a 78-19 vote. President Barack Obama signed it into law late Tuesday.

Kentucky’s Bunning again blocks jobless benefits (AP) – 1 hour agoAP – Sen. Jim Bunning has again blocked the Senate from extending unemployment benefits and health insurance subsidies for the jobless.

I just read  this article and then read the comments.  Far more telling were the little thumbs up (approval) or thumbs down (disapproval) numbers for the comments.  If just reading the comments one would get the impression that Americans approve of extending the unemployment benefits AGAIN.  But reading the Thumbs ratings gives an entirely different view.  Americans are against any more hand out to the unemployed with money we do not have!  Now Americans are a generous people and give more to charity than any other nation but have finally realized the wallet is empty.  The American government on the other hand has not realized this little fact yet except for people like Senator Bunning.  This man is trying to stand up for what is right and necessary and do what the American people have been telling our government to do: STOP SPENDING.

As for the jobless it may be necessary to take a job at McD’s or even heaven forbid sweeping the streets, but they are jobs.  It may even be necessary to do what families did before this became a nanny state and share a bit.  I remember when I was a kid and a member of the family had some problems my parents would  help with what they could afford and the family member managed to get thru it and was ready to help the next time someone needed help.  Now the only ones who might,  but just might, help are parents.  We expect the government to take care of  our families and friends in need.

going one further:  do you have an unemployed member in your family?  or perhaps a friend or church member? What have you done to help?  Have you even offered to help?   See what I mean?  Even if we want the government to stop spending and even if we want families to help each the like our grandparents did, we personally hadn’t thought of it.


2 Responses to ">>UPDATED: Unemployment Benefits not all the problem with extension bill"


On the one hand I agree with the Senator from Kentucky, Jim Bunning, we need to pay as we go. On the other hand, there are a hell of a lot of people out of work and they need help.

You say that it may be “necessary to take a job at McD’s or even heaven forbid sweeping the streets, but they are jobs”. Let me tell you, I live near the “Black Hole” the Detroit area of Michigan. Well, I live near enough to it, to know that the auto workers, and all the other Detroit workers are in very bad shape. I know people with master’s Degree’s who can’t get jobs, and it’s not for the lack of trying.

Your comment sounded a little synical so I wanted to say that, like you, I would have probably said the same thing at one time, if I did not see this human devastation first hand. Many of these people have gone out daily for months and many over a year, looking for work. Some are still trying to find work, many others have just given up. They have lost not only their jobs, but their life-savings (trying to stay afloat), they have cut back to not having land-line phones, just cell phones the kind that you pay for, as you go. They can’t afford the personal cell phone that they used to have. Some can’t afford to pay for electricity in their homes, their children have had to drop out of college and those still in high school have no way of going to college, unless they can get Pell grants. And even then, these kids still need money to live on while they are there, and we already know there are no parti-time jobs for them either.

Many Americans have sold anything of value they may have had, like jewelry, china, second cars and coins just to pay their bills and put food on the table. Many grown children with children have had to move back home with their parents (grandparents) who by the way, are living on Social Security and what’s left of their pensions after Enron and others in Corporate America destroyed their retirement funds.

Last fall, a truck driver friend said there were people living in tents along I-94 near Kalamazoo, Michigan. Boy, that sure reminded me of pictures I have seen about the Depression. Our church is offering plots of land so the anyone who wants to grow their own food this summer can. Or one can grow food to give to charity.

Take a job at McD’s? Well even McD’s isn’t hiring. There are no more minimum wage jobs to be had, unless you know someone who is willing to fire someone else to give you a job. Or you might get one of those Obama stimulus jobs that last for a whole 3 weeks.

Yes, there will always be those you take advantage of the system, and not look for a job, and just stay home get unemployment, food stamps and watch cable TV. But I don’t believe that this is the majority, not now, not in today’s America. There are people out of work who cannot take it anymore. I can’t even imagine how many are on medication for depression right now. It’s really scary. And things are not looking u p.

Senator Jim Bunning once played for the Detroit Tigers baseball team, and I’m sure he
lived here during some recession over the years in Michigan. So, he knows too, how bad things can get. But they have never been this bad, not even in Michigan. I suppose people could move out of state, but where? This whole country is in the same boat, some places worse than others. Even if people wanted to they can’t afford to move. But Senator Bunning is right to demand that Congress pass bills on a pay as you go basis. The money is there, it’s just designated for some Congresspersons’ pork barrel project. There needs to be a halt on all those project ASAP. The money needs to be spent very sparingly right now, or we will never survive.

But more importantly the American people need to clean house in DC. Stop the lifetime paychecks to retiring elected officials. Put these creeps on Social Security (for the time being, until we can safely eliminate that too), and give them the same Health Care they are trying to shove down our throats. No more “Living Large” on the tax payers dollar.

We seriously need to get Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Rangel, Senator Dodd, and numerous others out of Congress NOW! We can’t even wait until the Mid-term elections. We are on the Brink of total disaster, and these idiots in DC are still arguing about Health Care. Where are the JOBS?????

Snappy, I agree with everything you are saying. I, probably like you, have never suffered either growing up or as an adult. You see we really lived in the best of times. And Lord knows I realize that I sounded heartless and cruel. I am not tho. I worked with homeless people, and now since I am unable I keep up with people who work with the homeless giving things needed instead of both material goods and my time. Once there, once on the street and homeless there is simply no way out. Even if one is able to get a job just the mechanics of keeping oneself clean in order to keep that job is sometimes impossible. Shelters only take so m,any people and there aren’t enough shelters for all. Public restroom owners watch for and deter the homeless. Then saving up the thousand dollars or more it is necessary to have to get an apartment is impossible!

Snappy, I do know. But Dear this is where we are all headed If the spending doesn’t stop! Did you read the Big Government post by Andrew Mellon “The American Public Is Not Behind This Bill” We as a nation are heading to that chasm as quickly as Obama and the Democrats can take us. But maybe, just maybe if enough Congressmen begin to think and have the guts to act like Sen. Bunning this tragedy can be averted for the nation as a whole and the economy can be turned around. The banks will hoard their money as long as the federal government continues to spend. They won’t lend it so employers can get back into producing and rehiring those laid off.

I knew that post would sound mean and heartless. But this is the only way. We must stop spending or we will all be where these people you have told us about are today.

Lew and I personally are scared Snappy because all of our income comes from the government: Lew’s military retirement and our Social Security. We don’t have a huge savings, in fact it is very meager because we made a decision years ago to use our excess funds to make life better for those who had needs rather than save. I think I posted on this once under the title “How Much is Enough?” We felt we had enough and our old age and retirement were assured. And in fact we do not use our entire monthly income to this day even after retirement. We are now looking at having nothing when the government goes belly up. Two handicapped elderly people who are alone with nothing. But our life has been very good and we still do not save but try to see that people who have needs greater than ours at least get food and some kind of shelter. (Lew bought tents this winter for people.) We will get by or we won’t and it really won’t matter because at least Lew and I lived in the best of times. I cry for those who have to carry on from here because our generation and our parents generation bought into the government lies and did not think for themselves. They could have you know. They could have seen as I did at 21 in 1962 that Social Security was a Ponzi Scheme. I remember arguing with my parents about it and their answer was that the government wouldn’t let that happen. the government would fix it. I remember begging my parents to fight against the Great Society and Medicare but they wanted it because then the few bucks a month they paid for my grandmothers health insurance could stay in their pocket. I was just a wet behind the ears “smart ass know it all college student” according to my infuriated father.

So here we are. It came a little before I expected it to because I didn’t expect to live to see it. And then Barack Obama was running for President and I knew the evil had arrived and I would indeed live to see the end of the country I love. the greatest freest most prosperous country in the world brought to its knees by a handful of traitors.

Please pray for Senator Bunning and for a few more like him to stand up to this administration before the end. BB

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