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>>Governor Chris Christy is The Man from New Jersey: Keep an Eye on this Guy because Patriots certainly need his kind of guts.

Posted on: March 5, 2010

I was a huge fan of Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey when he ran for office  and was gratified that the people of New Jersey elected a Conservative republicans in that Democrat state.   Now with this action I see this is the kind of man our country needs in all the state governments and more so in the federal government.

Maggie Thornton  passed on this bit of news.  Link to her blog below.   This lady has much to say and does her research well.  BB

Chris Christie Accepts 375 of 378 Options to honor New Jersey Budget

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spoke for almost 30 minutes to the New Jersey League of Municipalities yesterday. Christie laid out the fiscal problems of his state, said “this is the job that I asked for and I am prepared to do it.” Of his early meeting with the State Treasurer, Governor Christie said he was presented with 378 possible freezes and lapses to honor the budget. He accepted 375 of the 378! He said we have made every” quick fix” possible, and now we are “left holding the bag.”

“We have no room left to borrow, no room left to tax.” The option is to be shot in the back [by the troops of the decades of over-borrowing and over-spending], or hold hands and jump off the cliff. We will land and we will land fine. It does not mean that it won’t be scary.” This Governor means business. Christie actually offers “hope and change” and plans to bring it.
read a partial transcript at Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis.
Governor Chris Christy – honoring New Jersey budget


31 Responses to ">>Governor Chris Christy is The Man from New Jersey: Keep an Eye on this Guy because Patriots certainly need his kind of guts."

Thanks Brenda for the linkey-love!

Maggie, Please excuse me for not giving you credit here by name. I am getting sloppy and forgetful. Sure ain’t spring fever so must be old age! 🙂 BB

Wow! There’s actually an honest Politician out there. Let’s see if we can scrounge up a few more.

Governor Christy should join the other states in overturning the horrible health care law. This should be repealed and NJ should be part of this protest. I know NJ has a large budget problem but as a small business we are in dire straits. A good look and adjustment of the business taxes we pay would be helpful. I agree with the Governor in dealing with the NJEA. This organization is corrupt and should be brought to task. Also many school districts should be consolidated. Each school does not need a superintendent which costs millions to the state. Waste s out of control and I agree with his attempts to correct this. Nationally, I fear for my grandchildren. We nedd a strong nuclear program and a strong military. I don’t care what Iran thinks about us. We should take care of their nuclear program now. Please see that the Governor receives my comments.

Hope, You can send your comments to Governor Christy yourself. Just write Gov. Christy New Jersey in that space at the top of your home page that says “web search” and it will take you to a site for sending emails to the Governor.

I very much agree with you on everything you mention. We need people like Govennor Christy in the Congress because big cuts in spending MUST happen if we are to save our nation and way of life for our children. We will have it tough but then we have lived high on the hog for a long time. Now we have to pay the bill and not leave it for our children to pay. BB

I just listened to Governor Chris Christie in a Fox News interview and I am so impressed with him. He is honest and straight foreward and determined to help his state. He could teach Obama a wealth of good policy if Obama had the guts to admit he is WRONG and the sense to LISTEN to Governor Christie.

Yes he is! We need more like him in every state of the union and certainly in the Congress. Obama can only do what he is doing because the Congress is allowing it. BB

Well, I like Governor Christie too. I like a Politician that does what he says.

I would like to also point out that there are a couple of more Governors out there that need mentioning. One is Governor Bobby Jindal. This guy has been out there with his constituents everyday, since the oil spill, which is about 75 days in a row, helping and doing what he can. Now, that’s dedication. He certainly deserves recognition.

And last but not least Governor Brewer of Arizona. I mean this woman is really good. I’m amazed that a Governor has taken on the crooked machine in DC, and even the President.

And she has been very straightforward in her criticism of Obama, and I love it. She’s mad that he has not secured the border, and she’s right. It is his sworn duty, his obligation, to make that border secure.

There are Americans being raped, kidnapped and murdered in Arizona by illegals, gunrunners, and Drug Lords and “He” (Obama) wants to sue her, and the state of Arizona. It’s time he gets his priorities straight.

I call for Impeachment! He has basically destroyed this country and in a 11/2 years too. He may (or May Not) have been born in the USA, I don’t know, because whether or not that Birth Certificate they show on the Internet is real (and I’m one of those who says it’s not) he doesn’t act like an American. Which should be a tell tale sign that he’s not.

So, he can’t be Impeached until the Republicans replace 41 Representatives in the House, and gain a majority, so all I can do right now is pray that they do.

Then we can fix what he has broken. ss

Governor Christie is awesome! For the first time NJ is going in the right direction. The last administration was a joke! Keep Christie in NJ,,,,we need him!!!!

Jeanmarie, The whole country needs him! Wonder if we can just cut him up in little pieces and spread him around all over. 🙂 I am in North Carolina and we ssure need a Christie down here. BB

I know all of you are for Governor Christy but I have just recently found out that Christy is a very liberal Republican and is standing behind MIke Castel who is one of the most Radical Liberal Republicans who voted yes for the Healthcare/government takeover, Stimulus, Bailouts, and all these hight priced spending. He is on Obama heels and he is doing exactly doing what Obama wants him to do. Please listen to the Tea Party Express and you will see why they are not sponsoring Mike Castle. We do not need a Liberal Republican. We need a middle of the road Reagan Conservative who will cut taxes on every American, Help get the Obamacare/government takeover taken away. Mike Castle is not for the American people he is for himself. He is for self and that is all he is thinking about and he is in coohoots with Obama and will do everything against the American people. All of you need to really dig deep about Mike Castle because he isn’t what he is cracked up to be. Please don’t let Chris Christy sway any of you about voting for Mike Castle, because he will certainly dissapoint.

I like waht Gov. christy is doing in New Jersey and wish we could get someone in Washington with the same guts.

You needed worry about Christy or anyone else swaying my readers as they are a group who think for themselves. They gather the facts from blogs like mine and from the news media and then mke their own determinations.

I will have to check out Mike Castle. BB

no, no ,no…we need him in IL

He says that a race for President in 2012 is out, but then he made the statement that in 2016 he would need another job. So who knows? Is it possible for the United States to get a President with guts? BB

Brenda, here’s another candidate for President in 2012.

I remember, before the Health Care vote, when Obama had a televised discussion with Republican members of Congress (I think there was about six of them, giving their point-of-view about the HC bill. Maybe 4 of the Republicans stated their opinions about the bill, and then it was Paul Ryans turn to speak. Mr. Ryan took on the President, and you could see by Obama’s facial expressions that he couldn’t wait until Paul Ryan was done. Mr. Ryan systematically took aspects of the Bill apart by stating how it was not what the President made it out to be and stated why it wasn’t. I was very impressed by Mr. Ryan’s analysis of the HC Bill and his presentation, of course, it had a lot to do with the fact that he was one of the very few Congressmen who actually read it.

Paul Ryan, could easily be a contender for the Oval office in 2012, he’s a smart man and actually appears to know what he’s talking about. He’s definitely a Patriot. ss

OH YES INDEED! I have been watching Paul Ryan and have liked everything I have read about him. BB

I guess you guys have not read how his administration has lost the state of NJ around $600 million in just 1 year. Oh, well, denial is not the only river in Africa.

I am anxiously anticipating how much he can lose us next year.

Maybe, if he loses the state of New Jersey $1 billion, he will be a viable Presidential candidate.

I am not a resident of New Jersey but it seems I know more about New Jersey’s fiscal state than you do if you feel your state could afford the rail tunnel. Like all grants from the federal government it is a one time deal that in this case would not cover but about 1/3 of the building costs and NONE of the operational costs for years to come. Would people use it and pay the high toll fees that would be necessary to cover operational costs. I and your Governor think not which means more would be needed from already over burdened tax payers. It is a case of looking the Gift Horse in the mouth and seeing the real motive and cost after the gift giving.

In case you haven’t noticed New Jersey is on the brink of going bankrupt. Do you think the state can then go for a bail out from the tax payers of the other 49 states? Not if I and millions more like me have our way. The election in November sent the message that we will not tolerate any more bailouts. Your Governor Christy is a smart man and he is doing a great and needed job of jerking your state back up by it’s boot straps. You should b e grateful for his efforts on behalf of all NJ tax payers. BB

I noticed how you ignored the education money that he caused us to loose. Money he lost for us TWICE. No one can explain that, least of all him.

People in NJ pay the highest taxes of any state. One would think that the creation of new jobs would somehow lessen that burden as that would bring more revenue to the state.

Visit New Jersey and try to use the train system. I assure you that you would be voting for a rail tunnel in the next election. Oh, I forgot. Didn’t the governor unilaterally decide that we didn’t need one?! So, I guess we can’t vote on the measure. That’s Chris Christie’s type of democracy.

And he has hired a law firm to defend his actions in a case that will probably be in court for years. Who will pay THOSE legal fees? The law firm he hired is asking for a fee of approximately $435 per hour! New Jerseyans can pay for that but not for new jobs?

Oh, well. As I said before, denial is not the only river in Africa.

I have visited New Jersey–twice. The roads were bad, even the Interstate but most of all the people were RUDE, CRUDE and REPULSIVE. I should never have made that second trip into New Jersey and I promise you I will never be back.

That said, I would be so happy if Governor Christy was the governor of North Carolina. BB

Oh and by the way, I know why he refused federal money for education because he was quite clear on why he wouldn’t take it. I am not going to tell you however but I do challenge you to do some research and get your facts straight. It is after all your state so you really should know what is happening in the government. BB

I think Gov. Christy is doing a fine job. He’s not God, so he can’t do everything, but it is obvious that this man is a man of his word, and is doing his best.

Beacuse tthe economy is so bad, and there are so many people out of jobs I think some people have a tendency to look for anything they can find wrong and then complain about it.

Gov. Christy accepted 375 freezes out of 378 in the NJ budget. I don’t think Congress has put a freeze on any of their spending. So, really just what is “Not Impressed’s” problem?

Chris Christy is not all that great. I think he’s a liberal at heart. How in the world can he say it’s a great night for America when we are giving a dinner for a commie dictator. He is as slimmy as the rest of the Democrat progressives.

“liberal at heart”? I don’t know how you have arrived at that understanding. I know he was invited and went to the State Dinner with President Hu as the honored guest and I see nothing wrong with this. I certainly would have gone just to have been in attendance at a State Dinner to Hell with who I had to sit next to as long as they didn’t smell, talk with their mouth full or hog the conversation. Chris Christie is doing for New Jersey what i wish someone would do for the United States. More power to him and may God Bless him. BB

I don’t think Sandy understands the complex situation not only Politicians but most business Ceo’s are in. To keep up on what is going on in the real world(outside their own little world of work and family) they must mingle among others in order to keep up with news of daily events.

Sitting behind a desk all day does not help them make intelligent decisions pertaining to running a state or country. They must go out among the people, especially those who are their peers, and participate in events that can affe
ct their cities, states and country.

Gov. Christy does not live on an island. His state is just one of many states, which are part of the United States. China, if you have been keeping up on the news, definately affects what goes on in our country. For Gov. Christy to avoid events like the State Dinner would not allow him to see and hear, first hand,comments and actions that occur at the event, by those in charge of making decisions between our country and China and could possibly keep him in the dark, when trying to make decisions on his job, for his state NJ.

Basically, everything is connected, follow the dots Sandy. Gov. Christy would not be doing his job without having access to as much information as needed to make decisions, if he did not take the time to attend events such as those at the White House, which allows him to mingle with others in key positions in the Federal Gov, and speak to other states Governors etc. Get with the program girl. ss

Snappy, Thank you for explaining the facts of life to Sandy. I was just being flippant with her. AND I told the truth because i would love to attend a State Dinner! BB

Governor Christy,, Please run for President.. America needs a person like you.

He claims he feels within himself that he is not yet ready. We do indeed need someone like him and perhaps someone will come forward. I haven’t seen anyone yet. Romney very6 much wants to be president but we MUST remember Romneycare in Mass when he was governor. It was just this side of Obamacare and is a total flop. Huckabee I really like but he is a politician and not likely to go after the cuts that need doing. Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann: I love both of them and they would be great but I don’t think either could get enough Independent votes to win. There are a few more being mentioned but all are at heart “politicians” if you understand how I am using the word. We have had enough of the politicians way in Washington IMO.

Would you please address the fact that the Federal Gov. has robbed Social Security of approximately 30 Trillion dollars since the 1970’s. We are taxed for money sent to the fund and then taxed again for money returned to us. I have been paying into SS since 1968 and it just makes me furious that no one is addressing this issue. If an individual had taken funds from a trust fund, they would be in prison. The least the government can do is to start pay- ing it back – use the balance in the Stimulus money as a starter. Thanks, Jean Stickney

Jean, Honey the money just isn’t there. It has been squandered that’s all. In order for the government now to pay all it has promised in Social Security benefits it will have to borrow the money. That means the next generations and generations yet to be born will be paying this our debt. And it is our debt because we voted for these people who spent the money on useless programs while we all sat fat and happy and let them do it. Not until the Tea Party Movement has any American raised up and told the government to stop spending. And it is happening now and still the Congressmen and the President don’t get the message that our country is going bankrupt. You have read or head about the Presidents latest budget that was just sent to Congress. It is greater than all the budgets combined by all the previous Presidents from George Washington! And yes if a person had pulled this scam off and robbed the social Security trust fund in order to throw money around like confetti
they certainly would be in jail—Madoff is a prime example, But how do we put fifty years of Congressmen and Presidents in jail? We can only suck it up and pay the price ourselves and not allow our great grand children to carry us today.

Now one more thing Jean. What Social Security has PROMISED is what people are now concerned about, but that huge amount is not the amount that was paid in by people and what the government took and spent and gave us what are now useless Treasury notes for. Jean if you will call the Social Security office and ask them to send you a record of your earnings and payments into Social Security. They will tell you exactly how much you paid into the program since 1968. Now take that figure and divide into it the amount of your monthly Social security check. You will find that you actually paid in only enough to cover about two years. After that every monthly check you get from Social Security is not your money at all but money being paid in by the younger workers. Or as I keep saying Social Security is really Welfare for the Elderly after the first two or three years. Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme like Barney Madoff pulled off. Younger workers and people not yet born are going to be ripped off if something isn’t done. When Social Security was started in 1935 not many people lived to age 65 so it seemed safe to promise people money they wouldn’t live to collect. Now people are living much longer and getting social Security much longer. Something has to be done.

The Debt Reduction Committee Obama appointed had a very good solution to the problem. If Congress would pass this proposal it would work. They said to raise the age where people would be eligible to 68 over a period of 40 years. Get that: 40 yeas! The first person who couldn’t retire and get SS until age 68 is now only 8 years old!
The commission also would allow YOUNGER people to set up 401k type savings accounts instead of SS. But what ever they do WILL NOT HURT ANYONE AGE 50- OR OVER OR ANYONE NOW ON SOCIAL SECURITY. This seems to be what elderly people SEEM NOT TO UNDERSTAND AND THEY GET ALL UPSET ABOUT NOTHING. You and I and everyone else won’t have to worry that we will be cut off. hat is we won’t have to worry IF THE CONGRESS AND PRESIDENT DO SOMETHING TO FIX THINGS RIGHT NOW. IF THEY DON’T THEN THE COUNTRY WILL SURELY GO BANKRUPT AND THEN WE WILL ALL SUFFER.

Please if you don’t start watching FOXSNEWS because that is the only pl;ace where you will get the truth of what is happening FOXSBUSINESS is even better at explaining what is happening where money is concerned. For me FOXSNEWS is cable channel 40 and FOXSBUSINESS is cable channel 404.

I hope this helped you a bit. sincerely, BB

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