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>>China Bails on the American Dollar.

Posted on: March 8, 2010

China has been warning our government to get it’s act together or they would drop the American dollar.  In other words, China will no longer base the value of the yen on the dollar and they are in fact now ready to announce a new currency  as the standard.

What does this do to the dollar?  Makes it official that it isn’t worth the paper it is printed on.  It means people/countries will demand much higher interest rates in order to buy our Treasury Notes and keep footing out of control government spending.    This then will require many more dollars to repay our debt.  We the People have already seen our government take us to a place where our debt is such that our grandchildren will be paying the price for today’s spending, or given just one more little shove and our government will topple.   This is of course the aim of Obama and the Progressives; they want the United States to cease to exist as a nation so that we can more easily be sucked into that glorious World Government.  A world government that considers human beings as expendable and fit only for slavery to the powers.

This is not a conspiracy, it is fact.  Listen to the words of those in power in our government and those of the Europeans countries, especially that body called the European Union that is elected by no one but has control over all the member governments.   WATCH WHAT IS HAPPENING TO EUROPE RIGHT NOW!    This is coming to a town near you.

There are however signs that the people are waking up and fighting back, but it may be too little too late.  The national governments have allowed the government employee unions to take over the economy and make demands until the country is bankrupt.  Examples: Greece right now to be followed by Portugal, Spain  and Italy.

The other Leftist  national governments are using the Muslims to defeat the people by giving into Muslim demands which of course actually leads to more demands.  The Dutch government has been heavily infiltrated with Muslims, but this week the voters went to the polls and began fighting back by giving Geert Wilder’s (far Right politician) anti-Islamic Freedom Party significant victories.    Wilder has spoken out for years against the invasion of Islam.   Geert Wilders‘ anti-Islam party makes major gains | Radio

The tactic the Progressives are using to bring our government down is  spending and debt with the Big Labor unions in the background being prepared to do the dirty deed if  debt doesn’t work fast enough.  China seems to have cooked our goose with this move.  We will just have to wait and see how many other countries follow China’s lead.  BB


4 Responses to ">>China Bails on the American Dollar."

Let China go its own way then. This idea that somehow the future lies with them is incredibly naive. China has massive problems, far greater than either the U.S. or EU. They can never employ more than a small fraction of their populace, which leaves them with several equally undigestible alternatives: a freeze on growth, or a subsistence program like Brazil’s, where more and more of the unemployable are simply paid for breathing. The U.S. should stand back as far as it can from China, so the creaking behemoth doesn’t fall on them.

tog, if China decides to call the notes they hold the United States is sunk. Believe it. there is no other country that is willing to loan us the funds to pay China off. China got all their US dollars from the outrageous buying of Chinese goods made by the American public. American merchants bought and imported from china because of the cheap products which they could then sell at a huge profit. With all these dollars china bought into a large part of the United States, and not just Treasury Notes but real estate and companies and banks. Look it up.

For all of these reasons we can not cut loose from China. However one good thing may come of it: China’s population is becoming educated and affluent and wanting American technology. This is our ace in the hole. Americans for all thei9r lack in education still have our brilliant geeks who because they have been living in a free country that encourages “thinking outside the box” are the best at invention. All others can copy us but they lack the inventiveness. This is then going to be a huge market for the United States in the future.

All of this of course hinges on whether we as a nation have a future. the Obama administration is doing its best to see that we do not.

Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I enjoy seeing new names on my site and reading what you have to say. BB

You are right Thesauros not all are giving into the Muslims. The northern European countries are waking up and seeing that the governments allowing indiscriminate immigration from Muslim countries and then giving into Muslim mobs demands has greatly undermined their own freedoms. They are fighting back. The Dutch had almost ceded their country to the Muslims with many in government services and as judges using sharia laws on Dutch citizens. The election and heavy gains for Geert Wilder’s Freedom Party however indicates a turn around. Southern Europe, Greece and Italy, Spain and Portugal have real problems with illegal immigration. (like us with the Hispanics and with just about the same attitude of porous borders!)

Thanks for stopping by. I haven’t heard from you in awhile. BB

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