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>>Districts Explore Shorter School Week –

Posted on: March 8, 2010

Districts Explore Shorter School Week –

American children have the shortest school year in the world with 180 days a year and   6-7 hours a  days.  Considering lunch, breaks between classes and the time spent settling down and ready for a new class  that may leave  4-5  hours a day for actual teaching and study.   Then given the long summer vacation and  the month or so needed to review previous years learning before continuing, “snow days lost”, teacher “work days”.   W3e must also consider the several weeks lost at the end of the year when classes are doing end of year closing down and inventory plus the inattention of the students in antiscipation of vacation.  Well, you get the picture.  So this newest fad in education is going to be devastating to our children.

Of course cities and counties wouldn’t consider cutting the administrative staffs (we in Guilford County, NC could cut the administration by 50% and never miss them!) or perhaps cutting some other city services or staffs perhaps at city hall.  No, the cuts are always made in the classrooms first with teachers aids and then with teaching materials and now with teaching hours.

A small but growing number of school districts across the country are moving to a four-day week, in a shift they hope will help close gaping budget holes and stave off teacher layoffs, but that critics fear could hurt students’ education.

State legislators and local school boards are giving administrators greater flexibility to set their academic calendars, making the four-day slate possible. But education experts say little research exists to show the impact of shortened weeks on learning. The missed hours are typically made up by lengthening remaining school days.

honoluluadvertiser.comStudents in Hawaii protest a teacher furlough day at the state capitol Jan. 29.



Of the nearly 15,000-plus districts nationwide, more than 100 in at least 17 states currently use the four-day system, according to data culled from the Education Commission of the States. Dozens of other districts are contemplating making the change in the next year—a shift that is apt to create new challenges for working parents as well as thousands of school employees.

What can one say?  This is education in the United States.  This is what our citizens have accepted  and allowed to happen.  The 180 days of school was set a century ago and even in today’s high tech world our nation has failed to keep up.  Now we are considering going backwards.  BB


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This is a disaster. We already have students that are dropping out of school, quite a large percentage I might add. In the group that actually graduates from high school we in many districts around the country, mostly poor ones, have students who can only read at a 2nd grade level, but were pushed forward in a system that is equivalent to “no child left behind” (the words not the actual pre-school program). What is wrong with the powers that be in this country? I’ll tell you, they really don’t care. They are only concerned with their own wallets and getting what they can before disaster hits.

Thank God I took control of my children’s education when they were young. I was really involved and believe me it shows today. They are both employed, successfully I might add, in very good paying jobs. But let’s not kid ourselves; this too could end, but so far so good. The thing with my children is that they will almost always be able to find work. I made sure that their education was well rounded. That being said, I should stop writing right now, because unlike my children I never graduated from college. So it may start to show here.

Let’s face facts here. We are not producing graduates we are producing dropouts. For whatever reason, today’s parents are too busy, maybe just trying to keep the family afloat financially, or they just don’t think about their children’s futures in a serious manner.
Some kids come from single parent homes (not that this is bad) where the one parent doesn’t have time to make sure the child is getting a good education. Or maybe there is a two-parent home and both parents work and just don’t keep up with what’s going on in Juniors life. Hey, there are all kinds of reasons why kids today are just not up to the standards that once were prevalent in this country, when it came to education. Too bad,
but just remember adults that these are the little dumplings that are going to run this country. I would hate to see someone start a World War because he couldn’t read the words under the little “Red Hot” button, that starts the missiles going off.

Can Americans not see that there is something going on in DC that doesn’t make sense? I find it hard to believe that Congressmen think that education is the place to start cutting back. I truly believe it is time to cut back on the pay in Congress. No more “Free Lunches” or should I say no more “Free Wining and Dining and Flying and Vacationing” on our tax dollars, by Congressmen who can’t even spend the time in DC doing the work of the people and for the people. Nope, they are too interested in doing what they “Say” is best for the people, but really it’s what’s best for them and how much they are going to get under the table from some Lobbying group.

This isn’t the federal government Snappy. These are the state and local governments that are doing this. But I will not be surprised if the federal government endorses the idea because Communist nned a stupid population.

It is also teachers unions that are demanding more pay and benefits so cuts have to be made to appease these people. And then there is the school administrations that keep growing and growing and growing. BB

Hi Brenda. I know it’s the states doing this, but I got off on a tangent. The States and the Federal Gov. have a habit of cutting funds for Education any time they need money.

I don’t know what to tell you. The states have been cutting funds targeted to education for years and so has the Federal Gov.

In, I think, it was around 1975 the people in the State of Michigan were asked to vote on whether or not they wanted a Lottery. There were many people against this. So, the state made if very clear that the money that the state earned from it would go to only two places: 1) the schools 2) the Highways (roads). Now, over the years people have tried to find out how this money was being spent. The Detroit News tried to find out many years ago, citizens tried to find out. We just wanted an accounting. Guess what? No one got an answer. And as far as I know no one has yet. Lansing has refused to tell it’s citizens how this money was being spent or should I say, what schools got some money, and what Highways were paved.

You know damn well it was spent in other places and that is why they will not give us an accounting. It seems to me way back maybe 20 years ago; someone even got an attorney and tried to find out where the money was. I never heard the final story but I don’t think to this day anyone has gotten an accounting of how the money has been spent.

Now, I have to tell you, jobs or no jobs the lottery in Michigan is a biggy. In fact they just started a new one that pays off 2 times a week. This is besides the Mega lottery, and all the other ones. Now, if they can start a new Lottery game, it means to me that they expect to make money, based on the past performance of the other Lottery games we have. If all these Lotteries are supposed to pay for Education and Roads, in this state then all I can say is they must be paving the streets in some other State by mistake. As for the schools, well Detroit has a 70% dropout rate.

So, you mean to tell me we have well-paid teachers here who only want the best for their students. I don’t think so. Where are the teachers Unions, why do they want their teachers working only four days a week? It seems that they should get paid less then. So, the teachers Unions, the ones who not only elected Obama, but also put most of the Democrats in office are okay with this????
It sounds to me like all Democrats are going to have to take a hit for this President. I guess these Politicians are really stupid, after all.

All the Art programs, Music, many of the gym programs except for Football (you know those boys can’t live without that) forget that the rest and majority of the student body in each school certainly out numbers the Football team, yet they are deprived of exercise because there’s no money in it for the Fat Cats to get their hands on.

Oh, well, I know Brenda, this is about the states, but why is it we can’t get the money from other places. Oh, I know, we can get Millions from the Lottery. Duh!

The people of many states have bought into the lottery for education slogan and all have the same story to tell as you just a few years later. The Mafia controls the lotteries just as the Mafia controls the unions for the union dues extracted from the members. Where there is big bucks to be made easily you will always find the Mafia. And the Mafia still operates by thuggish methods even if they no longer break knee caps. Look at Obamanation and the methods they are using to get Health care passed. WATCH GLENN BECK TODAY. He is going to interview Massa the full hour. Can’t wait to hear what this man has to say.

Massa comes off looking like a clown in some respects especially since he has flip flopped on his reason for leaving government. But he was an officer in the Navy and worked in the Pentagon which tells me he is no fool. Even the clerks in the Pentagon are very well educated and must pass strict security background checks that are kept up to date. They threatened to leak his off color and inappropriate statement made when drunk and this would embarrass him and his family so he said to hell with this I don’t need it and I am resigning. Then after some thought he decided to fight back and let the White House do it’s worse. I don’t imagine they have a great deal on him but a pack of lies. And at any rate if they go after Massa publicly it will merely show the public what the White House is capable of and doing.

You say you were off on a tangent? Heck Snappy, read my posts and comments, I do nothing but get off on tangents! When I was teaching my students looked to get me started off lesson. I could understand the college students catching on and conning me into another area, but even my third graders had me pegged and would get me going in another direction! 🙂 BB

I know about the Glen Beck show tonight. I can’t wait. Though I must say, it really doesn’t matter what Mr. Massa says, I have known about these corrupt practices for years. You have a very unusual breed in DC. They tell the people one thing, and publically act and speak as though there is nothing more important to them but to get elected so that they can do good for their constituents. But once they get into Congress and see how the good ole boys get things done then things change. If they want to accomplish anything they have to “go along to get along”. That’s why I really believe no one should be in Congress for more than two terms.

I watch Glen’s show everyday. He’s teaching a lot of Americans about what is really going on in this country. He’s trying to wake them up. This show tonight, believe me, every Congressman in DC will be watching it, including the WH.

As for Massa, I think there was more than this remark that he made at a wedding that got him into trouble. Because he would only take a little heat for it, if it’s what he said it was. He was drunk and let’s not forget the remark that came before his, about the woman he was dancing with. If he was afraid they were going to go public and that’s why he quit, well they did go public, someone did, so he could have stayed in Congress. The damage was done. No, I think there is more, otherwise there was no reason to leave Congress. There is more to the story, but that certainly is not going to stop me and the rest of Glen’s audience from tuning in tonight. Nor will it stop Obama, and Rahm and the rest of DC from watching. Should be a good show, no matter which way it goes.

Well, the beck program was a bust. Glenn was so disgusted and you noticed he apologized to the views for wasting an hour of their time. He kept trying to get Massa to say something and he wouldn’t. The only thing he said that I wasn’t aware of was that freshman congressmen are actually taken in and taught how to call people and solicit money much like real estate people and car salesmen are taught the exact words to use to get people to sign that contract.

Yes, Glenn Beck is teaching the people who we are and what we were and what is happening. O’Reilly is the most watched show but I think that is because of the time Glenn Beck is on Beck’s show is much more informative than O’Reilly. I do get a little put off sometimes by his antics and showmanship, but then this is his way so its okay. My husband really enjoys him and feels the program would be half as good if Beck just gave us the cold hard facts without the emotions. Guess it is just my years in school that makes me want ‘the facts, just the facts mam’.

I felt sorry for Glen Beck yesterday. It seems to me like someone got to this guy. The day before he was calling Rahm all kinds of names and insinuating all kinds of wrong doing in DC. And I know the 24 hours from Monday to Tuesdays’ show, DC must have been in an uproar, worrying what Massa was going to say and about who.

Then this guy gets on Glen’s show and gives nothing but generic answers. Either he setup Beck from the get go, to try and make him look bad. Actually it reminded me of the time that Geraldo found Al Capone’s safe and made a big deal for months about D-day, the day they would open it up. Then the day came and when they opened it; nothing.

That’s about how Becks show turned out today;a big nothing. He’s never had so many commercials during his program. He kept going to commercial to talk to this guy, so that he would say something new to the viewers, but nothing happened. I don’t think Beck has to worry though, this Massa did just look like an ass.
By the way, even though he’s an ass, I actually believe the shower incident. I think it happened. No doubt in my mind on that one. I just think Massa either got cold feet or was threatened.
Or maybe he’s just cocky. Either way, this guy wasn’t upfront with Beck.. He could have just threatened all this so DC would be in afraid for 24 hours as to what he was going to say. Who knows.

I do know that immediately after Becks show they announced that new or additional charges were going to be brought against Massa. I mean right after the show they said that on the news. So either he knew it was coming, or they said keep your mouth shut and we won’t do anything, then double crossed Massa, or he didn’t know what hit him. I don’t need this jerk to tell me Congress is dirty, I already know.

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