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>>Obama Says He Backs New Push to Overhaul U.S. Immigration Laws –

Posted on: March 13, 2010

Obama Says He Backs New Push to Overhaul U.S. Immigration Laws –

Something has to be done about the illegal aliens in the United States, but first we have to secure our borders and that doesn’t seem to be happening under Obama and Home Land Security Sec. Nancy Napolitano.  The borders are in fact more open now than in the past and border guards are not being screened under the lax  DHS  attitude.  At the same time DHS is hounding the Arizona sheriff who makes his prisoners wear pink underwear and is hard on illegals from arresting illegal aliens.  The sheriff of course told the feds where to stick their rules and regulations.:)

Still two Senators are going forward with their plans.

Democratic Senator Charles Schumer and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who are drafting an overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws. They gave him an update on attempts to lay out a path to win bipartisan support for the measure.Schumer, of New York, and Graham, of South Carolina, are working on a measure that would create a guest-worker program, tighten border security and resolve the status of the estimated 12 million immigrants in the country illegally. They also want the nation to adopt more secure Social Security cards to block undocumented immigrants from getting jobs.

Senator Lindsay Graham has always been too “middle of the road” for my taste but now it seems he has been trying to out-liberal the liberals.  Has anyone else noticed this?  BB


11 Responses to ">>Obama Says He Backs New Push to Overhaul U.S. Immigration Laws –"

With the onset of President Obama’s push for Amnesty, the opponents are mobilizing to stop this absolutely ridiculous move to legitimize the 20 to 30 million illegal aliens,when 15 million and upwards of citizens and residents are jobless. Anytime that reform rears its ugly head, pro-sovereignty, anti-illegal immigrants organization will get into the fight, even when the economy is sound? But to try and force through this Immigration reform, when millions of American are losing their homes, applying for begrudged unemployment benefit and lining up at food banks. Its just illogical that the Democrats would gather together with a few Republicans to slip through another law to reward illegal immigrants? How can they even dream this up under the circumstances? Most any element of enforcement has always remained underfunded and eyed by politicians who represents corporate welfare to compromise laws.

HOW CAN THEY SAY THAT THE 1986 LAW IS BROKEN, WHEN IT NEVER WAS ENFORCED? Some of the most talented, skillful politicians-ex attorneys authored that bill, including Liberal personage Ted Kennedy? No! Its just a good excuse to arrange another AMNESTY, because previous administrations failed to secure the border or even try? YOU MIGHT ASK THESE RADICAL POLITICIANS–WHY CHANGE THE 1986 IMMIGRATION BILL, WHEN YOU CAN AMEND IT?

Next weekend, 100,000 pro-amnesty supporters are expected to flood Washington to show their support for a blanket amnesty. This is why the Sanctuary State of California needs a governor such as Steve Poizner? He has promised to fight illegal immigration and cut-off benefits to the millions settled in the state as does the majority of the “Tea Party” movement. Its time with thought of our own poor, desperate people, instead of taxes being extorted in support of foreign nationals?


Get ready for one of the biggest battles of any reform packages that the parties throw at us? Those Patriotic Americans and legal immigrants who believe in Americas sovereignty and desire the borders be firmly secure, heavy funding for immigration enforcement and NO BLANKET AMNESTY. No MORE GOVERNMENT ENTITLEMENTS FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS AND FAMILIES. Become a member of MANDATE E-VERIFY. Over a million members and growing. Are you ready to fight against OVERPOPULATION and CHAIN MIGRATION? JUST DO NOT LET UP AT CAUSING YOUR POLITICIANS PALPITATIONS AT 202-224-3121. Don’t forget to give your state lawmakers an ultimatum; NO RE-ELECTION VOTE.

Thank you Britanicus. I am not as hard-nosed as some on this immigrant thing, but then I am third generation American. My grandparents came to the United States LEGALLY in 1910. I believe it was and is the new comers or immigrants who keep Americans blood new and strong and giving energy to the complacency of the old long time families. I have seen this in my own family in fact. My fathers family was the old and they had degenerated thru the generations from middle class educated to lower class. My mothers family pushed to become “Americans”. Everyone of my maternal cousins are college graduates.

However, with that said I believe our borders must be secured! With our armed forces if necessary with instructions to shoot to kill. This administration has done all it can to open the borders. The only reason there are fewer illegals in the country now is because there are no jobs causing many to go home to wait out the bad times.

As for California having so much trouble with illegal aliens it is because the EPA cut off the water to the agriculture industry in California to save a damned minnow. This had the effect of 1) fruits and vegetables increasing in price dramatically, and 2) more illegals not having jobs causing legals and illegal Hispanics alike who generally work in agriculture to go on California’s welfare rolls. BB

I sit here and I read these articles about this bill and that bill that some Congressman is working on and I just want to scream. I don’t understand why Americans just don’t call their Congressmen up and remind them that we already have laws on the books pertaining to all this so called hard work and new bills they announce that they are working on. Get with it America, these Congressmen are really narcissistic. They just want their names out in the media, because number 1, its mid-term elections and they want to look like they are doing something. Number 2, they want their names written down in the history books as the guy who wrote some bill.

The bills have been past; they just need to enforce them. It’s been so long since anyone except the Sheriff who locks his prisoners up out in some tent village in the desert in pink uniforms that these morons don’t even remember that the laws have already been voted on. I hate it when they try and make it look like “Oh, I just came up with a fabulous idea, let’s pass a bill on illegal immigration”, like it’s their idea.

Okay, I need to calm down now. The Sheriff keeps getting flack from DC for what he is doing. I’m behind this guy 100%. Thank God there are still Americans in this country that enforce the laws.

People are calling and emailing their Congressmen but they just refuse to listen. But they will hear the voices loud and clear come November. BB

First of all, who is “They and Him”? I guess I would have more respect for Congress if they would only do the job that the American people sent them there to do. The idea of this “new” Immigration Bill that Schumer and Graham are working on is a good example of what I’m talking about. We already have laws on the books regarding Immigration, it should be very evident to anyone who can read a newspaper, hear the sound on a radio or TV, or see what is on Cable News or the Internet, that these laws have not been enforced for quite sometime.

I’m tired of these Congressmen just picking and choosing what it is that they want to overhaul, totally disregarding the fact that it doesn’t matter what they do. If no one enforces the laws on the books, does anyone really think that re-writing them will do any good or change things? Does anyone think that all of a sudden the laws will be enforced? Well, the laws regarding the comings and goings of Illegal Immigrants from Mexico will not stop the Illegals from sneaking over the border. ss

“they” are Congress people. And they stopped listening to the people a long time ago because the people disengaged themselves. We got too affluent and there were just too many fun things for Americans to do so they stopped watching Congress. Before the advent of TV when only newspapers and radio reported on the actions of the government the political discussion was one of the few entertainments men in particular had. TV gave us sports and Sex in the City! So since no one was looking Congress became its own little power source for power hungry people who could con the electorate into voting for them and then going back to sit in front of the TV for Monday Night football.

Obama managed to scare the bzzz out of a rather large bunch of us and we had the new fangled thingee called the Internet with which to play and talk to people all over the country. We began therefore to connect and pretty soon more people started to listen and learn. Why is FOXNEWS the highest rated program over its nearest competitor by almost five times? Why are so many people sitting and watching FOXNEWS in the evening anyhow? one answer: Obama!

Congress people are beginning to hear us just not as clearly as they should. After November it will be loud and clear. Then what we will have to beware of are opportunists. Scott Brown IMO is an opportunist. So is Paul Ryan. Sarah Palin on the other hand is a true blue Conservative. She was a conservative before it became popular to be a conservative. Rep. Michelle Bachmann is also a true blue Conservative. Rep. Tom Price is a sorta Conservative as he is willing to wheel and deal. So we the people have to be careful not to be suckered in by an Opportunist. BB

Well, when I woke up this morning, there it was “Obama wants to overhaul Immigration” and that sent me flying to my computer. I think I went into it at length, but every time I re-read it I add more, so I”m staying away from my blog.

I watch Glen Beck everyday at 5PM, and actually take notes. Then would you believe I’m up at 2am in the morning to watch the re-run. This is everynight, M_F, since he came to Fox. I have Cable News on all day, so I can hear it where ever I’m at in my home.

It sounds a little boring I know, but there is nothing boring about this Congress or this Administration. And if you really pay attention, you can catch every mistake they make, or say, or do.

They have gone so over the top that sometimes I need to turn the sound off on the TV. Now of course all of this is while I’m at home. When I go out, I actually have a good time. LOL !

Whoops! I forgot to mention, that even on the News they are telling people to call their Congressmen. I really don’t want to be a “Party Pooper” but they aren’t answering their phones, their VM is full. If you write them by email you can only writed 2500 words and that includes spacing. So, write it first on a pad of paper or on Word, and make sure it isn’t too long or it won’t go thru.

Brenda you remember when I tried to reach Congressmen about my letter to the Pres, about Haite? Well, nothing’s changed, of course, except that I met you. And that did make all the differnce. Thanks Again!

The Tea Party People need to really come out in force, some did today, but I mean by the thousands. I hope Health Care does not pass. I’m very worried.

I’m worried too Snappy. It seems they will do any thing to get it passed because once it it on the books there is no way to rescind it. The only thing I watch on TV is FOXNEWS too. Only I don’t turn it on until Caruso at 4 pm and watch straight thru to 7 pm. Sometimes I leave it on all evening and watch O’Rielly’RielHannityuest.

I am definitely going to be watching Friday and Saturday when they will be in Washington. I really expect a lot of people to be there and if the bill passes there may be some violence. There needs to be violence with a great mob storming the Capital building and tearing up the place. Or maybe before the bill passes just to enter the Capital Building and stage a sit in. I don’t know what will scare these Congressmen enough to stop them. BB

It fits our needs perfectly the advantage of immigration reform on the country: Greater supply of unskilled workers, a younger workforce, and skilled workers in needed sectors. But there is also a disadvantage of immigration reform like Greater poverty, more educational cost, lower unskilled wage levels, and increased danger of terrorism. Thanks to the post!

I t think it’s time that Americans call what’s going on by the right name, which is the Administration is not overhauling the government it’s overthrowing the government. And it’s to the point that its becoming too late to do anything about it. Americans have one big problem, its always been the same thing.

They are very slow to catch on, then think when they get everyone talking about it that they are actually doing something about it. They talk and talk, hold rallies and rallies and maybe finally take action.

Well, we can’t wait for the mid-term elections because by that time there will be no more over-hauling for Obama and his cohorts to do. They will be finished. And then the only thing they will have to do is keep us, the American people arms length away from DC so they can implement all their programs.

The Tea Party people will still be claiming to be doing something.

Now, that I have vented my frustrations I will say what I mean in no uncertain terms. We need to get off our couches now and take action immediately to save what ever they have not been able to get to yet. There isn’t much left but it’s a beginning. ss

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