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>>There Is No Bill, But the Senate Bill but the House Dems don’t want to vote for it so Pelosi says “deem” it.

Posted on: March 17, 2010

Morning Bell: There Is No Bill But the Senate Bill | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

The shenanigans that are taking place in Washington this week would gag a buzzard.   Even the Chicago Tribune is offended by the Obama thuggery that is going on and has label the show as “The Congressional Chicago Way”.

The Senate health bill is so unpopular, even among House Democrats, that the leftist House leadership is desperately trying to trick the American people into believing that the House can pass the Senate bill without voting on it. Hence the Slaughter Rule which would deem the Senate bill passed at the same time the House would approve a new reconciliation bill. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was crystal clear on her motives this week telling a group of leftist bloggers: “It’s more insider and process-oriented than most people want to know. But I like it because people don’t have to vote on the Senate bill.”

Now just why wouldn’t the Congressmen want to vote for this bill?  Do they actually think they can vote for  something else and then say the Senate Bill passed in the House, but they didn’t vote for it? Do they really think the American people are so stupid?  But the real problem is that the House leadership doesn’t even have a reconciliation bill that they can vote on in order to use the Slaughter-by-pass-the-real-bill-and-deem-the-Senate-Bill-passed.  They need something to vote on at the very least.

As we reported last week, getting a CBO score consistent with reconciliation is going to be very difficult. According to House rules, a reconciliation measure must reduce the deficit by at least $2 billion over five years compared to existing law. In this case, however, “existing law” would be the yet-to-be-passed Senate bill. And all of the changes  Democrats want to make to the Senate bill  (scaling back the tax on high-end health insurance policies;  closing the Medicare D loophole; boosting insurance subsidies;  increasing Medicaid payments; and expanding the Cornhusker Kickback to all) either increase spending or decrease revenue. Which means the Democrats have to identify new revenues to make the CBO score work. And as Congressional Quarterly reported yesterday, Democrats have not yet identified the right pay-fors to game the CBO right. That is why House Leadership has not unveiled their new bill yet: they can’t figure out how to pay for it.

There is something the Congressmen know that We the People would rather not accept about ourselves and our fellow Americans:  after this bill becomes law and people get some “freebies” that will end the opposition.  Throw the mob a few crumbs and they shut up.  it has always happened in the past going back to the ancient Greeks and it will continue to be the way people behave even into the 23rd. century and beyond.  That this will be the downfall of America I have no doubt and neither do you and neither does most of Congress even the Democrats in Congress.  None are stupid people.  But like the Senators who threw crumbs to the Ancient Greek mobs knew the end was coming our Democrats in congress will also do it for some little crumb they may be promised.  That’s just the way it is; that’s just the way humans are and time and lessons from the past haven’t, and won’t, change our natures.  BB

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2 Responses to ">>There Is No Bill, But the Senate Bill but the House Dems don’t want to vote for it so Pelosi says “deem” it."

Please vote against the healthcare bill, and allow all unborn babies the same chance of ” Life , Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness ” that all Americans enjoy !
Sincerely , Bob Hilliker

This is my prayer too Robert. BB

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