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>>House Reconciliation Bill-Full Text – Big Government

Posted on: March 18, 2010

» House Reconciliation Bill-Full Text – Big Government

Go to this site for the entire text of the House Reconciliation Bill.

House Reconciliation Bill-Full Text

by Publius In the strange, ‘through the looking glass’ world that is the House Democrat Leadership, they will vote for these “fixes” to the Senate passed health care bill. In voting for these fixes, the House will ‘deem’ that the Senate Health Care bill is passed. See, the Democrats can vote for the fixes without having to vote for the bill that is being fixed.We already knew they don’t have to read bills to pass them. Now, they don’t have to vote for them either.

The Senate, then, will dutifully enact all of these “fixes,” by using elaborate procedural tricks and at least a couple votes to override the Senate Parliamentarian. Right, like that is going to happen.


For those keeping score at home, the whole idea of a reconciliation bill is simply to provide cover for House Democrats to pass the Senate Bill. The Senate will never take up reconciliation. The Senate bill will become the law of the land.


4 Responses to ">>House Reconciliation Bill-Full Text – Big Government"


I put this up on my site yesterday. You probably didn’t see it so I’m putting it up here for you to read. I don’t know if I’m right, but it made sense to me. Now, you have to read it a couple of times, but if I’m right then they can not pass a “DEEM IT PASSED” bill. See, what you think and let me know. SS


I’m no lawyer, though right now I wish I were a Constitutional Lawyer. I don’t think the version of the Health Care Bill that the House wants to DEEM passed can be signed into law in it’s present state. Here’s my thinking.

As I understand it, the House is trying to pass individual bills, (which are the add-ons they wanted in the Senate bill) or the Reconciliation Amendments to the Senate Bill. But I believe they can’t add those amendments to the Senate Bill until after the Senate version of the Health Care Bill has actually been signed, by Obama and put into law.

The House members don’t have the guts to vote on the bill, because they don’t want their names attached to it for fear of losing their cushy jobs. So, they want to push it thru by DEEMING it Passed.

I don’t believe that the House can say that they DEEM the Senate version of the Health Care bill passed, when they actually added on the Education Bill to the Health Care Bill after the fact. Therefore they have changed the entire makeup of the Senate Health Care bill that was voted on by the Senate. Thus, making the Senate Health Care Bill with the addition of the Education Bill an entirely new bill, which the Senate did not vote on.

If the exact same version of the Health Care Bill is not voted on by both Houses, then it can not be submitted to the President to sign into law.

Therefore you can’t DEEM the Senate version passed, because the Senate never voted on the bill with the Education Bill attached to it, which the House has promised their constituents that they would do.

So, Obama can’t sign all these little amendments that the House wants to add onto the Senate Health Care bill, because the Senate never voted on those amendments. If the Senate doesn’t vote on the amendments then the President cannot sign them into law.

As it stands now, there are two Senate versions of the Health Care Bill. The one they voted on and the one the House added the Education Bill to, that the Senate DID NOT VOTE ON.

We have a real big mess here. I am truly ashamed of these elected officials in Congress. They have set a terrible example for the children in this country, one that will be hard for someone to explain to them. If this bill passes, then our young will think and believe that the “ends justify the means”.

How very sad for America that it has come to this. If either version of the Health Care Bill passes it means the Bad Guys Win.

Make no mistake, the Administration and the Congress (this Congress) are the bad guys. ss

Snappy I have subscribed to your blog and get it on my homepage every day.

Yes I did read this and I quite frankly don’t know what I think of this “deem and pass” thing except it is sleazy. As to what they can do legally and under the Constitution, well they can not do this. They MUST under the Constitution vote on any bill before being able to send it to the President if the bill passes the vote. By passing only the changes they have made and then claiming this action then automatically means they have approved another bill they have not voted on I believe is unconstitutional. However it seems this sort of thing happens all the time. The Republicans used it some 30+ times in 2005-2006, and the Democrats have used it 49+ times since 2008-2009.

I am not sure whether the Senate has to vote on the changes that have been made by the House unless the Senate or a Senator challenges it. At least this is my understanding. If there is no challenge the bill goes to the President as passed by both house. A Republican Senator is prepared to challenge the addition so it will have to go to the Senate for a full vote if he does.

As you say, it is a mess and I don’t think anyone understands what is going on, There are however several states prepared to challenge this in federal court as unconstitutional as well as some individuals. BB


You missed the most important point here. Read it again. The Senate passed its Health Care Bill. But the Bill the House is voting on is the Bill they added the Education Bill to. They cannot, (if they were to want to use it) use the “DEEM IT PASSED” way of passing in the House because (Deem and Passed) means they are agreeing that it was already passed in the Senate, But the Houses was not passed in the Senate. That version is the one with the Education Bill on it. So, They cannot DEEM IT PASSED, because the Senate never passed the HOUSES version. So it’s a mute point. They can’t use “DEEM IT PASSED”.

It’s like there are 2 versions of the Senate Health Care Bill, the one the Senate (without the Education Bill) voted on, and the one the House wants to vote on, The Senate Bill plus the additional Education bill. 2 separate versions. Can’t vote on their (the Houses) version because the Senate never voted on it.

So, it makes any talk of a Deem It Passed vote null and void.

As for the amendments I believe both Houses have to vote on those also. ss

This is hard to follow, I think Congress thinks the American people couldn’t follow what they are doing so we’ll believe anthing they say.

Yes they can Snappy. As I stated both parties have used the “deem and pass” magic trick before and gotten away with it because they never before used it on a bill of this magnitude and that has gotten so much public attention. BB

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