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>>The 2010 Census: Controversies Over the Count

Posted on: March 18, 2010

Book of Odds – The 2010 Census: Controversies Over the Count

This is a very good read if you want a closer look at the census and the controversy that surrounds the taking of the census.  It gives ten points to consider but there are more and more to come.  Of course this year there is even more controversy than ever because the Obama Administration took steps very early in his first term to move the control of the census from the Census Bureau and to the White House.  This was/is an unprecedented move, but then it was merely the beginning of Obama’s moves to take over the nation and give the control to the government rather than the people.  I should say: the radical government!  After moving the control of the census to the White House Obama called on his old organization ACORN to conduct the census.  ACORN, you will remember, was heavily involved in voter registration and as a result of much fraud is being investigated and indicted by several states.  ACORN offices in several states were also video taped given advice on how to set up a house of prostitution using under-aged  immigrant girls.  Congress voted to cease funding ACORN.  The organization is now in the process of appearing to break up with offices taking different names and disavowing any connection with ACORN   or ACORN leadership.  It is of course a farce.  In fact the entire 2010 Census will prove to be a farce; a very serious farce unfortunately because of how the numbers in the census affect how government represents us and who get federal funds.  Here is what the census is supposed to do:

According to Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution, the US population must be recounted every ten years. But any count so huge is bound to be inexact. The Census Bureau’s task every decade is to keep the inaccuracy to a minimum. And what’s at stake in the big picture is not only states’ Congressional representation (and thus the number of votes in the Electoral College), but also their proportional share of federal funding. How many federal dollars are showered on a region depends to a very large degree on how many people live there.


4 Responses to ">>The 2010 Census: Controversies Over the Count"

I have received my 2010 census questionaire, and my question is “are all 10 questions legal” i.e. #3? Beau

Don’t know Beau. I haven’t received my yet. BB

Some people have said that the US immigration office is going to trace census respondents, find out if they are in this country legally, then locate and deport them if they are not. It’s part of a crackdown on undocumented workers — SO wrong!

I hadn’t heard that Annie but it doesn’t seem likely to me as that certainly is not a job for census takers. But with this government that we currently have and which was bent on awarding ACORN the contract for Census 2010 I am willing to believe that illegal aliens will indeed be counted. You see many live in urban areas and in that way pumping up the numbers for the urban districts which are also more likely to be minority and vote Democratic thus giving minorities more representatives in Congress and urban areas more federal dollars. It is all about federal dollars and votes.

Have you ever noticed the gerrymandered voting districts? Many, in fact most, look like snakes twisting through cities making sure that the districts keep like thinking people in the same district so as to insure that district for one or the other party. The Obama Administration and Democratic Congress will have a year after the count to redistrict before the 2012 elections and believe me they will be all over the map trying to pull the numbers and districts together for their party. BB

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