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>>This Week in Government Failed Programs

Posted on: March 19, 2010

I thought this was a good post to offer my readers on this the weekend when our President and the Democrats in Congress are about to pass the largest entitlement program in history.  It is an entitlement  program that will  have a short life because it will bankrupt the country in an estimated 4 years.  Now some would say our nation is bankrupt now since we are now living on borrowed money.  The countries who are now paying for our upkeep and getting in return worthless Treasury Notes may decide with this action by congress to call thei9r notes and in that case Obamacare won’t get very far at all.  It would be a blessing if they do because there is a chance then that the United States may survive with just a little pain.  If it plays out for 4 years  and/or until  a great many more people have lost their jobs and therefore had to go on the government dole not only for unemployment benefits but for health care too I am afraid the pain will be devastating for We the People.  Unfortunately the poorest among us will suffer the most they always do.  At least now when those without insurance are sick they can go to any hospital and by law they can not be turned away.  When all are under government health care then health care will be rationed  there will be nowhere for those who are ill to go  for care.  Like in countries with government health care now they will simply stay home and wait weeks or months for their appointment.  One would then say we are all “poor” I suppose.  It will be a leveling of the playing field.   The wealthy can still fly to Mexico for their health care needs I suppose; that is of course as long as the American dollar remains worth more than the peso which is debatable.

By the way when you read these take special note of what Greece is now doing to get themselves out of the hole they have allowed themselves to get into.  LOL  Once more good old free market capitalism to the rescue!  BB

This Week in Government Failure

Posted by Tad DeHaven

Over at Downsizing Government, we focused on the following issues this week:

  • Another day, another cost overrun at the Pentagon. This time it’s the Joint Strike Fighter.
  • Office of Personnel Management director John Berry has a hissy fit over Cato shining a light on excessive wages and benefits for government employees at a time when the private sector is bleeding jobs.
  • Nationalizing federal higher education subsidies is still a loser for taxpayers.  The best solution is to get rid of them altogether.
  • Sugar subsidies aren’t so sweet for consumers and manufacturers who use it in their products.
  • The only way to stop ACORN from getting taxpayer money is to kill the programs that fund it.
  • Greece is turning to privatization to help solve its debt problems. The U.S. should do the same.

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