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>>ACORN Refunded!

Posted on: March 20, 2010

This is from Maggie Thornton of   Maggie’s Notebook (Maggie Thornton) :   Thank you for info Maggie. BB

Notice how a liberal Federal Judge over-rules Congress.  BB

Acorn Funding Restored: Acorn Funding Slips under the Radar

Posted: 19 Mar 2010 02:52 PM PDT

Peter Orszag, Obama’s director of Office of Management and Budget (OMB) ordered resumed funding  for ACORN. With recent news that ACORN, a community organizing group that Barack Obama once worked for has gone underground, changed their tainted name…and somehow is back in the saddle with taxpayer monies.

After several ACORN offices across the U.S. were videotaped giving advice on how to avoid paying business taxes and how to hide the fact that the business was prostitution of 13-year-old girls smuggled into the U.S., Congress cut off funding.

ACORN took it to court and won a temporary injunction by Judge Nina Gershon, which has now turned into a permanent injunction.

ACORN has been charged with election fraud in Nevada. Two ACORN workers in Wisconsin are charged with election fraud. Ohio has filed a RICO suit against ACORN. Read here about ACORN’s fraudulent voter registrations. Read Gateway PunditBigGovernment for a link to Orszag’s letter directing the spigot open, and asks why the DOJ cannot achieve a stay in this case until the appeal is concluded. for Obama’s past association with ACORN. Read

Katherine Conway Russell, Philadelphia ACORN – New Video

ACORN Organizer says Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown will find fault with O’Keefe and Giles

Andrew Breitbart and Eric Holder: Breitbart – More Tapes, Whistleblowers

ACORN Brooklyn Cleared in Pimp Prostitute Undercover Tapes


2 Responses to ">>ACORN Refunded!"

I’m curious to know if this court hearing was before or after Acorn changed it’s name. Acorn said they were going to change their name and change their corporate by-laws and have new officers. Well, they said they were going to change everything. If they did than this judge can not give a “NEW” company with new by-laws, in other words, a completely new company the old companies money. Old company doesn’t exist.

I know, they should know this, so it’s dumb to bring it up. My reason for doing so is that, with all the lying, cheating, out and out illegal activity going on in the government and everywhere else, it seems it’s been a free for all, for illegal activities. People even judges will do whatever they want because they think the rest of us are stupid.

Oh, well, contrary to many, I hope, I need a break from all this corruption and these disgusting morons. I’m to the point that what I actually see coming down the road in the not to distant future is a revolution. Something I really don’t want to talk about, but I think will happen and sooner than later. We are headed in the wrong direction.

Filed March 16, 2010

Go to post last paragraph and click on “Gateway Pundit Big Government” and it will take you to the letter. Interesting.

LOL You are like most readers and don’t click on the referenced material which is where a lot of information comes from. That’s why I so often copy so much rather than reference it. 🙂 BB

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