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>>Chaos in House Rules Committee

Posted on: March 20, 2010

Well they despensed with “deem and pass” but the House Rules committee seem to be set on changing a few other things in the Obamacare monster.  See Michelle Malkin’s post:

The list of proposed amendments to Demcare; Update: GOP Rep. Barton: “This process corrupts and prostitutes the system;” Update: Chaos at House Rules Committee

They seem to want to cut out all the perks that bought the votes.  Can this stand?  will the members who had to be bought still vote for the bill knowing they will not be reelected?  BB


2 Responses to ">>Chaos in House Rules Committee"

Waxman is calling for an up or down vote and it looks as if it will come to that. With any luck it will be a NO vote and Obama will be set back on his agenda enough that Crap and Tax will not pass nor will his so called Immigration bill.

I am praying for the No vote. I can not believe that our nation can be destroyed by one vote. How did it come to this? I have been saying that November is too late because this thing already has many of the required 167 agencies already set up because they were approved in other bills.

How did we come to this? BB

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