And So I Go: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

>>I am crying today but the fight has not gone out of me

Posted on: March 22, 2010

I am crying today, but the fight has not gone out of me.  Not at all.  I have been a crusader and fighter all my life for what I thought was right and tho in my youth I bought into the kool-aid for a few years I soon saw the lies we were being told and began to think for myself.  The saying then was “don’t trust anyone over thirty” and perhaps the Liberals understood well what they were telling their lemmings because I was around 27 when my eyes were finally opened.  And, we few who remained vigilant managed to hold off the worst abuse  until we were overtaken by the election of Obama.  But he by his own actions and the revolting behavior of his minions in Congress  have managed to rip the blinders from the eyes of all but the most blinded or evil of his supporters.  So yes, I am ready to pick up my hammer again and continue to beat out my defiance and this time I have a great many more  Americans with me.  If you are a reader of this blog then you are with me; welcome and grab your weapon of choice and come along because we have leaders to follow into the Second American Revolution.  Leaders always seem to come to the honest and brave in their time of need–believe it!

I am crying today.  I am crying but the fight has not gone out of me as I will continue to try to keep my readers informed.  Once more I believe the Progressives have destroyed themselves  yesterday.   The Republicans will take back the House and Senate in November and they know they must listen to the American people.  Much damage will have been done in even this short time but nothing that can not be overcome and rescinded.  It will however take a great deal of courage for any congress to go against the will of those who do not think beyond their own comforts and want someone else to take care of them as if they were children.  The longer the changes and goodies given to the weak are allowed to stand the harder it will be to take them back.

The fact is, the next Congress will have to stand firm against the people in order to do what needs done.  Social Security needs to be abandoned,  Medicare needs to be repealed.  Sadly it can not be done all at once because there  are those who can not afford to  purchase their own health care insurance now that they are elderly and the costs have been allowed (BECAUSE OF GOVERNMENT MEDDLING!) to escalate so.  These people, me included, simply don’t have the income to do so.  There are however seniors who do have the income and they must begin at once to carry their own weight.  The same goes for Social Security.   Then the younger people can begin to save for their own destiny as Americans always did before Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson and now Obama.  Yes these people will go down in American history,  but as traitors to their country not saviors!  BB

PS:  I just checked to see what posts were being hit today and am very heartened not only by the high numbers of visitors to my blog this early in the day but by the post they are choosing to read.   Americans are on the move!  Americans are searching for the way to overcome what has been done to them!  BB


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