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>>Thoughts on the Day After the Day After

Posted on: March 24, 2010

One of my favorite blogs is   Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion .   I drop in at least once a week to see what Mr. Jacobson  has  written.  There are so many really fantastic blog authors producing out there that it is hard to read all of them so you find yourself having to narrow the list over time.  Legal Insurrection is  one who has consistently survived my paring down. It is written  by My Photo

William A. Jacobson
Associate Clinical Professor of Law, Cornell Law School, Ithaca, NY

This post is typical of his fine analysis in plain language that even I can understand.  His thoughts on the day after the day of the  hangover  the day after the  bashing.  BB

The Morning After The Morning After

Some more thoughts on the worst piece of legislation “since the Great Depression,” in no particular order:

  • Democrats won the messaging war. Democrats succeeded in portraying the bill as being about “giving” people “health care.” Even Republicans used the terminology. In fact, everyone has hospital care and almost everyone has other health care services paid for either through private insurance, existing government programs, voluntary services, charities, etc. The bill was, at best, about providing health care insurance to about 10% of the population who already have health care, half of whom go directly on Medicaid; as reimbursement rates remain low, and providers cannot recoup the costs from private insurers, these patients will experience a shortage of providers, and decreased health care services even though they have insurance. This is a complicated message, but true.
  • It’s the taxes, debt and deficit. The CBO score was a joke because of the unrealistic assumptions the CBO was required to follow. The news in the coming months will be about higher national deficits and debt. As the “doctor fix” and other unrealistic assumptions play out legislatively, Republicans need to make the public understands that the Democrats lied about the true cost of the legislation.
  • The “doctor fix,” and other costs which should have been included in the bill, but were not included in order to deceive the public, should be opposed. Obamacare should have to live on its own merits, which means it dies fiscally.
  • It’s also the jobs, stupid. If, as seems likely, the job market does not improve or slightly worsens, the blame needs to be placed — as it correctly should be — squarely at the feet of a President and party whose priority has been a deceptive and destructive health care plan, not helping the private sector grow. Democrats can talk their way out of almost anything, particularly with the help of the mainstream media, except the job numbers.
  • It’s about the children and grandchildren. Is all the doom and gloom warranted? Yes and No. The bill really is that bad, and it is true that entitlements rarely are scaled back, much less eliminated. But it also is true that we are living in interesting times. People are motivated by and scared of the national debt and our trillion dollar deficits. If given the choice between national bankruptcy and giving up some promised future benefits, I believe that the vast majority of Americans will be willing to give up something they have not yet received in order to secure the nation for their children and grandchildren.
  • Elections matter. Those of you considering third parties need to understand that we are at a crossroads. A third party will ensure that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid continue to frame national policy, and any chance of salvaging the nation from the destruction of Obamacare (and cap-and-trade, and so on) will be lost. If you want that, then by all means run third party candidates. If you do not want that, then work to restore fiscal discipline within the Republican Party, and support Republican candidates.

The morning after the morning after, and Obamacare still stinks.

Update – The “messaging” war: Numerous commenters think I am off point in stating that Democrats won the messaging war, based on the unpopularity of the bill. It is true that we won most of the battles, but the overall message that this bill does not “give” 30 million people “health care” was lost. The debate should have been over the damage to the 255 million people who have health insurance coverage, but it wasn’t. Would it have made a difference? Perhaps not for the vote, but just you wait and see how the Democrats will oppose repeal or even a scale back – “You are taking health care away from 30 million people!”


4 Responses to ">>Thoughts on the Day After the Day After"

I have to both agree, and disagree with the last section of an otherwise well thought out, and well written essay.

Come “Judgment Day” next November the fat lady may sing. Then, and only for that election do we need to align with the Republican’s that have time and again proved that once in power they are little different from the Democrat party.

Once that has been accomplished? (That being shattering the Democrat / Progressive Alinsky Alliance.) Another Political Party must, I repeat must, take up the battle for liberty and freedom. The Republicans simply are not up to the job. It is a bite me once, shame on you. Bite me twice, shame on me, and we are on how many bites now? I lost count. It’s like the NRA and Gun Rights… More along the lines of broken window political theory, as in broken clocks do in fact show the correct time twice a day.

Who, or what party though?

Patrick, Third parties have never done well in America. With this November election being so important I am afraid to take the chance of wasting my vote and the Dems getting back in. What we need to do is vet very carefully those running on the conservative Republican ticket. A lot of good people seem to be showing up.

Otherwise I would agree with you. I was one of the 19% who voted for Perot. And he at 19% did better than any other third party candidate. But I truly believe he was responsible for Bush Elder for losing to Clinton. BB

Which is why I said for this upcoming election Brenda. Not to mention that the ground work is already being laid.

How did the Republican party get it’s start..? Seems that there were Whigs, and Democrat something or other..?

Oh yeah! Now I remember! They were a “Third Party!”

We, as a people, need to vote our conscience. Not based upon some supposed loyalty to a group that has repeatedly failed to live up to the very standards that they espouse. If that takes a new political party, then so be it.

It would sure as heck be a lot better than an insurrection, and that is looking more and more like a probability every day.

No I don’t feel we should be loyal to any group either and would vote for a Democrat if I truly believed that person to be honest and trustworthy. I am an independent both as registered and by beliefs. Have always voted for the person rather than the party. But I don’t think there are yet enough of us to pull off an election for president and it is vital that We the People win this next election.

You mention the third party that brought us Abe Lincoln. The country at that time was truly divided even tho not yet declared with the Southerners not even bothering to vote since they didn’t like any candidate. Lincoln was therefore elected solely by the Northerners. He won because he was the most conciliatory of the three and the majority did not want a war to “tame” the South. We don’t have a large group of people who are not even going to bother to vote. In fact, since the Health Care bill will be on the line all the “give mes” will get out and vote just like 2008

The Republicans will need a very popular candidate. ( I personally hope it is Sarah Palin with Michelle Bachmann as her running mate!) Then they will have to put their own Health Care bill out there and very public! They will also have to be very public and explicit about their what they intend to do to get the economy moving which means cutting taxes and letting the market forces do what they do best. But they must explain themselves very well and on paper so people know exactly what to expect. They also need to make no promises they can not keep. People see thru this kind of thing and see it as the status quo. BB

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