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>>A Comment from a Reader that is well worth reading.

Posted on: March 24, 2010

Paul D. Comi Sr.

I am a 78 year old veteran of the Korean War. Upon my discharge in 1952, I came to California from my home in Massachusetts to attend college. My first job at Douglas Aircraft was for $1.25 an hour and even with the lower cost of things in those years, it was very difficult.
Starting college I got $110.00 a month from the GI bill, from which we were expected to pay our rent, education fees and other necessities of life. Fortunately, living in Manhattan Beach, all I needed was a couple pairs of denims, sweatshirt and “go aheads”, a Japanese inspired footwear that was very popular in the Beach area.
Every paycheck that I earned showed deductions for social security, by which we were promised it would be held in an inviolate trust by the congress. Of course, immediately, the congress began to take out the money and put IOU’s in its place.
I got a scholarship to USC and also got married and we soon had one child. My wife is an air force veteran who worked for an Orthodontist, so we were able to get by and even save money for the future of the education of our children.
Upon graduation, I worked as an actor for 41 years and while friends and many others that we knew, went on vacations and spent with little concern for their future and the future of their children, we were very focused on saving and investing what we could afford, while at the same time, paid into our social security and eventually, Medicare when it was made a law.
With this new Health Plan, that is purported to be so wonderful, but not good enough for Congress, the President and government workers to participate in, we find that not only have all of the congressmen and women who voted on our behalf for the bill, despite the majority of us being opposed to it, none of them have ever read the bill, nor can they understand it and are unable to explain it.

Now, we find out that this bill will affect and take money from Medicare, in which we have paid dutifully for years, but also will impact Social Security, which is already destined to be bankrupt in the near future. We also learn that one of the ways that this bill will be funded, is by taking away from my plan and giving the benefits to those who either avoided in some fashion contributing to it, or as in the case of illegals, didn’t contribute at all, but still have added an impossible burden on our hospitals and are one of the major reasons for the increasing costs of health care in the country today.

This all started with FDR and then with LBJ’s “Great Society” where the progressives and the democrats to gather the power from the unions, the illegals and indolent members of society that simply squandered their earnings.

Now of course, there are unfortunate people who need our support and compassion, but there is no attempt by the inefficient government system to weed the malingerers and the cheaters out. They don’t want to lose their vote, so they have created organizations like ACORN that have gotten millions of dollars of stimulus money and put pressure on banks to put up mortgage money for people who could never afford to pay the payments. That is where we find ourselves today.
I fear that we are laying the foundation for a time when both the dumber ones of us who believe that the government can produce money, when all it can do is tax us for it, will wake up and find the cupboard bare.
It will be at the same time that those of us who have been dependable and loyal supporters and have paid and invested in our future and the future of our children will also rise up in protest, not unlike some of the destructive protests that we have witnessed by the far left in response to what they perceive is not to their liking.
Wake up America, Wake up before you allow the greatest, most benificent nation that has struggled endlessly to improve and overcome whatever human failings it may have from time to time.


7 Responses to ">>A Comment from a Reader that is well worth reading."

Once our Political parties both of them allowed the consolidation of the Mom and pop retail sectors to be swallowed up by the Big Box Multi-Nationalists , we lost our best forms of wealth re distributions . And if we were to reinstate these retail sectors in our communities , then we would not need the radical Federalization of the economy like we are seeing evolve . Don’t you think we as a nation would have been better off if we would have kept our Small Business Mom and Pop sector alive and in stead of letting it be consolidated into the Big Box retail sector , what if Wall Street would have created a way to ” Pool ” the Mom and Pop retail sector together into ETF funds that the investor would choose a group or revolving groups of Small Retail retailers to be invested in and this be what would have transpired over the past 15 years of Free Trade , that would have kept the ” Risk ” spread out , lowing the chance of full scale consolidation which led to a seizing and hoarding and collapse of capital flows , by letting merger after merger of the retail sector , that has led us to this point in economic consolidation of the wealth thats now opened the door to Marxists revolts that has elected the leadership and now is leading the revolt to end the wealth consolidation phase in our country ??
The wages and Income Levels in America have been flat for so long Because this the Giant Sucking Sound Ross Perot talked about in the 1992 Presidential Campaign , , put USA workers at a disadvantage because of the currency manipulation by China which made wall mart able to buy goods in asia cheaper , but which this trnasfer of wealth creation was taking place we or our Government should have been making sure chinas currency was floating higher as they consolidated the durable manufacturing wealth or tariff trade would have to be imposed to offset the loss to social security and medicare deductions that would have been taken out of workers pay if these same goods would have been made in the USA , but cost of living has risen without any resistance to what was described in this report that has kept American working class against the wall with unfair competition in durable goods productions because of a Chinese Manipulation of their currency that should have revalued up to dollar values over the last 15 years of massive out sourcing that took American Jobs over there . If the Yuan was free floating as WTO rules are , the Dollar and Yuan should be par by now and American labor and Chinese labor equally competitive , so wages and cost of living on more balanced fundamentals .
Until these issues are addressed nothing will mathematically balance coming out of the Government State or Federal .
Read this it tells us why we are at the point of deflation depression that took away the Reagan Rotational Trade that was replaced with this new Trade policy in 1994-5 that took away our ability to leverage the solvency of the dollar ;
The High Cost of the China-WTO Deal: Administration’s own analysis suggests spiraling deficits, job losses
By Robert E. Scott,
February 1, 2000

So much contributed to the downfall of American industry Hungry. I know from living in the steel dominated northern Ohio Valley that the unions had a great deal to do with the steel industry. An example: in 1974 an unskilled laborer in a steel mill made $14 an hour and was entitled to a 10 week paid vacation. My cousin was that laborer and he loved Florida so he worked in West Virginia for the money and spent 10 weeks in the winter in Florida. The demands of the unions finally closed all of the steel mills in the Northern Ohio Valley and by 1980 they were all gone making the northern panhandle of West Virginia (that part sandwiched between Penn. and Ohio into a very depressed area. It has now partially come back as a tourist area. The tourist industry isn’t known for its good wages.

The unions and demands of workers for higher wages also caused the decline and finally bankruptcy of the US auto industry. (Really not bankruptcy since the Obama administration simply nationalized two of the Big Three!) But having to pay so much in operational costs the American autos could not compete.

The trade agreements could have worked out well for us but we let the foreign countries steal our industries by demanding more and more in the way of pay and perks. So yes, our wages have stagnated for the past decade and will continue to flounder until we bring back some industry.

I recently purchased a recliner for my bedroom and low and behold it was made in China. Now I happen to live smack dab in the middle of what once was the furniture capital of the country! The industry is not totally gone but it is very much diminished.

Now we have gone high tech and simply don’t have the workers with sufficient educations to fill these jobs because our schools have fallen so far behind those of other countries. We still persist in demanding only 180 days of school and 6 hours a day. Our schools are also loaded down with so-called extra-curricular activities. My neighbors son is a sophomore in high school and his class load is made up of two academic classes and 4 extra-curricular classes!

And then again the pay scale being so much lower and the advent of the Internet and much cheaper communications networks have led to the outsourcing of even trained tech jobs. The next time you call for any service to your computer ask the tech you are speaking to where he/she is located. BB

BB this is how they planned the slow and deliberate shift in mindset to except the takeover of the economy by the Guberment . They are making it seem like there is no other way but to impose social justice , but its not the rich in multi-national fairytale land thats the problem with currency competition its more about our competitive currency manipulation thats causing our inability to compete in global markets , and our policy makers lack of enforcement to tariff imports from the currency manipulators that are saturating our manufacturers ability to provide a competitive product .
With all the manufacturing thats been out sourced to Asia over the past 15 years of Free Trade policy gone wild , thats taken out the 2 top economies of the world the Euro and the Dollar are living on Government bailouts while allowing currency manipulators in Asia to continue to do what Ross Perot said would happen to Mexico and then the western industrialized nations .
Reagan had a trade policy in place that did not allow this to happen to the American workers and economy with a sound dollar policy that supported both balanced trade with a strong manufacturing base for a robust fundamentally strong supporting entitlement deduction plan that when imports were done tariffs were paid into the Social Security and medicare programs so these programs did not become underfunded .
The age of Lobbyists is when this all changed , and I blame the law makers lack of will to compete against the Overpopulationists and their environmentalists determination to bring Marxist change to Freedom in the USA as the Only goal for the 21st Century .
We must stand up for Freedom and Demand a Debate about overpopulation because the left is all about this stuff right here Cap and Trade and Health Care are just the cover whats really their goal and they first have to gain control of freedom ;
Population growth should be curbed: conservationist Goodall
the plan of the population reduction

The USA is already a Good Model for Population limits debate , without having to give up the right to Liberty and Freedom in both our right to choose our health care and free enterprising efforts that actually show the perfect model for sustainable growth as this link shows the USA to be in terms of Population growth and being a progressive unit of mother earth . We do not need larger Government intrusion into our way of life , but rather a more limiting role of overseer , so Free markets can Prosper and Ingenuity advance not decline .

The Republican party and conservatives would be wise to run on this platform and make the case that we as a nation and free enterprisers are a perfect model for sustainable growth in both prosperity and population growth estimates , and lead the world in innovating these efforts for the future . God Bless the Forces for freedom and the right to speak about what we feel is truth .

I draw the line at population control Hungry. However it is a fact that the better educated a population the fewer babies there are. This is especially true when the women are educated. China and India both are beginning a turn around on their population growth as the people have better jobs and free education for both sexes. the government has no need to impose restrictions. BB

How to Control the AMERICAN Population by Paul Ehrlich , this guy says American First has to be brought under control because they see Freedom as the enemy to not be a Hypocrite with such measures to then be a Model for the rest of the world in terms of population control , page 2 of this PDF file , copy and paste it to your address bar ;*2YAwbJKNA0ynjqNMPkAWc364um0hFryXrn

, but the USA according to this graph , is already a Good Model , and we should NOT have to give up our Liberty , and we must stand up and debate this making clear these facts as described here ; there is No REASON to sacrifice our Right to Choose our ways of Life because as you Say BB educated Free Thinking Individuals are shown on this graph as good models for sustainable population growth ;

this is a fertility chart

He is not the only freak who feels this way. People when they are aware of what these people believe are appalled. BB

here is what the Marxist revolutionaries are using to make their case for a Stagnate Population growth in the next 10 years . , but like I point out here in the link to the Fertility Chart , the USA and other industrialized nations high in education are creating sustainable populations and therefore are Perfect examples of sustainable growth for a finite earth . We DO NOT need to sacrifice our Liberty of Freedom of Choice of a way of life to be a model for the rest of the world to learn from . we need more control over our retail markets as mom and pop resource distributions for our needs is what is needed . this way we the people can retain a better quality of life rather than the Government plan of restriction and lower quality of life from the restriction on resource usage that will come as the capital is sucked from the system and the Multi-national retail chain distributors are forced to rise prices out of the reach of the average community . this will be the result .

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