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>>Obamacare: Taxes, Spending, and Kickbacks

Posted on: March 24, 2010

Obamacare: Taxes, Spending, and Kickbacks2:12 Obamacare: Taxes, Spending, and Kickbacks


2 Responses to ">>Obamacare: Taxes, Spending, and Kickbacks"

I am a 78 year old veteran of the Korean War. Upon my discharge in 1952, I came to California from my home in Massachusetts to attend college. My first job at Douglas Aircraft was for $1.25 an hour and even with the lower cost of things in those years, it was very difficult.
Starting college I got $110.00 a month from the GI bill, from which we were expected to pay our rent, education fees and other necessities of life. Fortunately, living in Manhattan Beach, all I needed was a couple pairs of denims, sweatshirt and “go aheads”, a Japanese inspired footwear that was very popular in the Beach area.
Every paycheck that I earned showed deductions for social security, by which we were promised it would be held in an inviolate trust by the congress. Of course, immediately, the congress began to take out the money and put IOU’s in its place.
I got a scholarship to USC and also got married and we soon had one child. My wife is an air force veteran who worked for an Orthodontist, so we were able to get by and even save money for the future of the education of our children.
Upon graduation, I worked as an actor for 41 years and while friends and many others that we knew, went on vacations and spent with little concern for their future and the future of their children, we were very focused on saving and investing what we could afford, while at the same time, paid into our social security and eventually, Medicare when it was made a law.
With this new Health Plan, that is purported to be so wonderful, but not good enough for Congress, the President and government workers to participate in, we find that not only have all of the congressmen and women who voted on our behalf for the bill, despite the majority of us being opposed to it, none of them have ever read the bill, nor can they understand it and are unable to explain it.

Now, we find out that this bill will affect and take money from Medicare, in which we have paid dutifully for years, but also will impact Social Security, which is already destined to be bankrupt in the near future. We also learn that one of the ways that this bill will be funded, is by taking away from my plan and giving the benefits to those who either avoided in some fashion contributing to it, or as in the case of illegals, didn’t contribute at all, but still have added an impossible burden on our hospitals and are one of the major reasons for the increasing costs of health care in the country today.

This all started with FDR and then with LBJ’s “Great Society” where the progressives and the democrats to gather the power from the unions, the illegals and indolent members of society that simply squandered their earnings.

Now of course, there are unfortunate people who need our support and compassion, but there is no attempt by the inefficient government system to weed the malingerers and the cheaters out. They don’t want to lose their vote, so they have created organizations like ACORN that have gotten millions of dollars of stimulus money and put pressure on banks to put up mortgage money for people who could never afford to pay the payments. That is where we find ourselves today.
I fear that we are laying the foundation for a time when both the dumber ones of us who believe that the government can produce money, when all it can do is tax us for it, will wake up and find the cupboard bare.
It will be at the same time that those of us who have been dependable and loyal supporters and have paid and invested in our future and the future of our children will also rise up in protest, not unlike some of the destructive protests that we have witnessed by the far left in response to what they perceive is not to their liking.
Wake up America, Wake up before you allow the greatest, most benificent nation that has struggled endlessly to improve and overcome whatever human failings it may have from time to time.

Thank you Mr. Comi for your comment. Your comments are what this blog is all about. I am 68 from blue collar stock and worked my way thru college. My husband (73) is retired US Air Force. We both understand there is no free lunch as they say and we never expected it. I remember well screaming my then young head off about Johnson’s Great Society, and against my die hard Democrat family at that.

And even then many were warning that not nearly enough was being withheld and Social Security would soon run out of money. Why? because government was not withholding enough to pay seniors at the rate of return they were promising but they refused to make the adjustments necessary. Today we seniors actually get everything we put in within two years after retirement and beginning to draw Social Security. (you can get the amount you put in on a year to year basis from the Social Security Adm. and so the math yourself). What the false promise of Social Security did was encourage those vacations and not saving for retirement because the government was going to support us in our old age. Also the retirement age did not continue to rise with the increasing life expectancy as it should have if it was to remain even remotely near the original promise. In 1935 life expectancy was 60 years! now it is 73 and 78 years.

My parents and their Democrat friends were all for Medicare. At the time Mother and her brothers were sharing the cost of my grandmothers health care insurance. They wanted out from under this burden of a few dollars a month and the cry was “let the government pay for it!”. As I knew would happen health care costs began immediately hitting double digit inflation year after year. You see I dared to listen to the few economists who were warning of unsustainability even then. But I was a stupid kid who thought I knew everything because I had gone to college and those economist were just egg heads.

Then came the government backed student loans and government education loans and the spiral was off and running. I graduated from college in 1962 with a good 4 year education from a state school at the cost of less than $4000 )tuition, room, board, books and spending money). My freshman year cost $500. and my senior year costs $1000. Just 12 years later in 1974 the same program I had at that same school came to $8000 per year! The lesson is loud and clear when the government gets involved the costs for the service go sky high.

So here we are in 2010 with social Security and Medicare going broke and the same political party unable to learn from the past are pushing a monster health care bill down our thro9ats that isn’t evn all about health car but has the government taking over the student loan program entirely and enough bribes in it to get the other thieves in Congress to go along with the madness.

You know, my husband and I have said we are happy to be at the end o0f this life time and not the beginning because we lived in a nation where people were still free and not slaves to the government. BB

Thank you again for your comment. I am going to use it as a special posts because I want my readers to see it and as merely a comment they may not. BB

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