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>>Americans want Republicans to keep fighting against Health Care Bill. “Repeal and Replace” is IN!

Posted on: March 27, 2010

“A new poll by CBS News finds that 62% of all Americans, including 90% of Republicans and 66% of Independents, want Congressional Republicans to keep challenging Obamacare.”

FOXNEWS has been telling us for the past year just how bad Obama’s governing is and how he and the Democrats are destroying our nation by spending us into an unsustainable debt.  The die hards scoff and make fun of FOXNEWS.  Even President Obama scoffs at and tries to negate what FOXNEWS reports.  So now that the straw that will break the camels back, Health Care reform bill, has passed and Obama is out on the campaign trial trying to sell it to the American people we see even so of the Obama worshipers speaking out.  The New York Times which has had a love affair with Obama since day one admitted the  HCB would not be budget neutral as Obama claims but would be an enormous debt burden to the American people.

Check these stories out:

Barack Obama’s many promises, Obamacare does not stop insurance companies from denying coverage to children based on pre-existing medical conditions.  (Obama is still yelling this lie at the top of his voice.  BB)_

Big businesses like Caterpillar and Verizon are already downgrading their earnings by hundreds of millions of dollars and telling their employees that health insurance costs will rise, all thanks to Obamacare.  (Obama care besides adding higher taxes on businesses has disallowed the tax credit to businesses for providing health care insurance to their employees.  Where this is going of course is for companies to drop the employee health care insurance  and pay the much cheaper $2000 per employ penalty so the employees must go on the Public Option.  Obama and Dems get what they wanted all along!)

The National Federation of Independent Business says Obamacare’s punitive employer mandates is already discouraging small business from hiring since firms with fewer than 50 employees that expand past that threshold are hit with higher taxes.  (Get that!  Businesses are deliberately staying below 50 employees so they can keep their taxes lower.  In this time of the need for more and more jobs Obama and the Dems are punishing employers for hiring!!  BB)


3 Responses to ">>Americans want Republicans to keep fighting against Health Care Bill. “Repeal and Replace” is IN!"

Even a product of the present deplorable educational system in our country, can compute the math that tells one that when you have a nation of over 300 million people, where a significant number have been “dumbed down” by a union-run, sub-par educational system, that there is no way that the plan that has been put forth to us, will absolutely be bankrupt in even shorter time than the previously sinking Social Security and Medicare systems that are run by the same people who purport to be able to run this new “transference of wealth plan”.
One way to drive a stake in the heart of this plan that is intent on making us a model of European Socialism, is to press for a bill that states the following or composed in a legal manner that would fulfill the intent of the following statement:
“No member of Congress, no President, and no government workers shall have disimilar health plan coverage than one that is voted for citizens of the United States of America.

Requesting a revision to a statement I made in my previous comment. It should read “no way that the plan that has been put forth for us , will not be absolutely bankrupt

A 28th. Amendment is being rolled around on the internet. This administration and Congress may just force it just as FDR’s 4 terms as President forced the Congress to limit the president to two terms. There ar3e decent Congressmen and decent people in office but they have been simply trying to hold the fort and keep the fanatics from getting too out of control until the American people finally woke up. We the People are awake now. BB

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