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>>Obama to Crush Economy with Massive CO2 Taxes as Early as Next Week

Posted on: April 3, 2010

Obama to Crush Economy with Massive CO2 Taxes as Early as Next Week

The Canadian Free Press has come out again with an announcement of what Obama plans well ahead of the US media.  Oh, Rep. John Boehner has taken a stand against it  by stating, ““At the same time the White House makes today’s announcement, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is plotting a new massive job-killer that the American people can’t afford.”, and it has been “mentioned” in passing by other media types, but  the condemnation has not begun.  And it won’t begin until after it is a done deed.  You see President Obama has no intentions of bothering with a messy fight in congress such as was part of the Obamacare Bill; he will simply have the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)  declare CO2  a destructive and is causing global warming  and most  the restrictions of the Cap and Trade Bill will come into being.

Abandoning all loyalty to the democratic processes this nation holds dear, President Obama has made the decision that getting energy tax legislation through Congress with the approval of the American people is just too much of a pain to bother with. Instead he will have the EPA declare as early as next week that CO2 is a dangerous global warming gas and will start regulating its emissions immediately.  (what more proof do we need that Barack Obama is a traitor to the United States of America?  BB)

Put simply, it means $8 for a gallon of gas and 2-3 times higher electricity bills. It also means the loss of millions more sorely needed jobs as businesses are hit with higher operating costs and the transfer of whatever remains of our manufacturing sector to China where energy is cheaper and they aren’t so concerned about CO2.
In the first week alone, American businesses estimated that ObamaCare will cost them $14 billion. By most estimates this latest Obama nightmare will be far more expensive and may literally destroy the economy in less than 20 years.

All because of climate science that has been clearly exposed as inaccurate and untrustworthy. Obama may or may not be a communist plant sent to destroy America, but he sure is acting like one.


9 Responses to ">>Obama to Crush Economy with Massive CO2 Taxes as Early as Next Week"

[By most estimates this latest Obama nightmare will be far more expensive and may literally destroy the economy in less than 20 years.]

Our economy has already been destroyed. But as far as the legislation, commodities speculators are determining the price of oil. This will have little to no effect on the price of gas at the pump.

And “Let the Games Begin”! Oh that’s right this kind of underhanded politics has been going on for some time and Americans are just getting into the game. Very late I might add. Is it too late to do anything about this White House and Congress? Well, only time will tell. And yes, we don’t have any of that (time) left. But it certainly can’t wait until the mid-term elections, now can it?

So, what’s it going to be America? Are you with the Tea Party people, the true American Patriots or not?

Better make up your minds fast, because time to do something has just about run out. SS

Obama must be either the most foolish person in the country or he knows something we don’t. He lost a lot of Democrats and Independents not only because the Obamacare bill is bad but because of how it was passed. If he pulls this off right under the nose of congress I wonder how they will react. Will enough Democrats be angry enough to go in with the Republicans and stop him? I do think once the tables turn the entire Liberal/Progressive agenda will fall. The decent Democrats in Congress need to get some backbone! BB

I don’t believe Obama is foolish, I do believe he doesn’t care what “I Believe”. This guy has had a plan from the beginning already worked out. I don’t believe that he is worried at all about what Americans think. Don’t you think it is a little strange that one by one he has turned against those who helped him get elected, like his Party, the Unions, Wall Street, Corporate America and most importantly the American People. One time or another he has in the last few months even turned on our Allies. When will America wake up and realize this guy no matter how colorful his speeches are, is not a true Patriotic American.

If we are so certain of what we fear is happening, the congress either has its collective “head in the sand. ” or a great number of our representatives are complicit in the seeming plan to destroy our free economy and, taking into account his positions on a unilateral decision to dispose of our nuclear weapons and refusal to use them under any circumstance, even if we are attacked with the use of biological weapons.

Isn’t it time to contact your congressional representatives and senators and demand that they respond to your questions about this claim? The least that can happen is that you will find this out to be hyperboly. Then again, I shutter to think what faces us in the possibility that it is the factual truth.

It is not hyperbole, it is fact. Obama is moving swiftly now without the Congress to take over the government. He plans to be a dictator and is gaining the power everyday that Congress does not act to stop him. BB


You can not reach a Congressman by phone, they are either busy (the phone line) or the voice mail is full, or if by chance someone does answer it they say they will pass your message along, but probably don’t (I mean you just pay their salary that’s all) and you never get a response from a Congressman unless of course it’s generic.

What makes you think that contacting any Congressman will get you anywhere anyway? They passed the Health Care Bill, and also gave themselves a raise, they are now going to give amnesty to all the illegals, and not 12 million it’s more like 23 million. If they didn’t care whether or not you wanted the Health Care bill passed what makes you think they give a damn if you call them?

They are complicit in this overhaul of the government or should I put it like it really is and that’s an overthrow of the government, and all the while Americans are having Tea Parties and talking about how they will change things when the mid-term elections come.

What makes you even think we have that much time left before our Congress and White House has destroyed everything America has always stood for? The time for making calls to people even elected representatives has long past. They do not care about us. Remember they keep passing laws for our best interest and exempting themselves from those same laws. Does anyone get it yet? They are in this mess up to their necks.


I’m sorry I just saw your last sentence and want to make a short comment about it because that really is the problem.

You said, “Then again, I shutter to think what faces us in the possibility that it is the factual truth.”

If you think about it, that really has been the problem all along and why Congress and the White House has gotten so much traction and way ahead of us all.

People are very funny; they go along in their everyday lives, just wanting to stay afloat financially. I mean things were bad for many even before they were laid off; they went to work everyday fearing they would be laid off. Businesses were floundering, there seemed to be a general fear in the air, and a common response of hiding our heads in the sand and hoping this all would go away.

That’s been the problem since 2001. I have been telling people, clients even family that this was coming and they laughed or some would get mad and say, “Why do you always have to tell us bad news”? No one wanted to hear what we were headed for. People tend to think, “Hey, I’ll just pretend this isn’t happening and it will go away”. Now, they are awake but they slept on all this too long.
Now it’s catch up time and we don’t have much time left. Now, people a waking up, but let’s face it not enough of them aren’t awake yet. Still too many still don’t want to believe that this could happen in America. Well, it is happening!

And Americans won’t have to worry about it happening in America too much longer, because this won’t be America (they way we knew it) too much longer. It will be just a memory, of a dream, of what was; Once Upon a Time.

Okay, Paul so it wasn’t that short! Sorry, BB

Np problem Snappy. Good comments. You are angry and I am angry and as we have both been at this for some time trying to wake people up we are both getting tired and frustrated. Paul is wide awake now but he has spent his life as a patriotic American from his service in Korea to now and is just getting into what we have been doing. He is awake now tho and is ready to fight back.

As for calling Congressmen, I still advocate that. I personally email a list of congressmen everyday as part of my routine since I found calling hard to get thru. the emails are being tallied especially by those facing hard elections in November.

Now congress is being attacked by Obama in that he is simply leaving them out of the loop and going ahead with his agenda. Look at the 15 appointees during the Easter break! Look at appointing union representatives to the National Labor Board and trying to push thru the elimination of the secret ballot so workers will be intimidated into joining the unions which Congress failed to get thru last year. I think the Congressmen are going to do some waking up too!

Paul I always welcome your comments. BB

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