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>>UPDATED: Unions on the march again.

Posted on: April 8, 2010

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Labor Unions: Employment at Wal-Mart Like Slavery

Purple People upheaval: What’s behind SEIU thug-in-chief Andy Stern’s resignation?; Update: The shadow of Richard Trumka; SEIU issues statement

This is a neat diversionary tactic to take away bad news for the Democrats in the November elections, but it is a very serious threat.   I am bringing forth a previous post because it is a must read.  And I am offering several other more recent post from Big Government that you must see.   Watch the union bosses converging on the White House where they are made welcome.  In fact Andy Stern avowed Communist is the head of SEIU Service Employees International Union which is probably the most egregiously  hostile.  Watch for union workers acting badly; you will see this all over the news since the MSM is so in sympathy  with thuggery.  BB

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National Backlash Against Public Pensions Illinois state assembly passed a bill which makes some long overdue reforms on government employees retirement benefits. It has not yet been signed by the governor so it is not yet law but is getting a lot of back lash from the unionized public employees.  The law does not affect these workers as it only applies to “New” employees!

Want to Understand Lack of Public School Teacher ‘Accountability?’ Look to How Their Union’s Union Operates

Post title: Big Labor is coming after you.

Unions: Forever War

Unions have been at war with the people since the 1960’s when they began to lose their membership and therefore the huge piles of money commonly called Union Dues.  Look up the unions and you will find they all have mob connections.  First the mobs extorted people and were into every sleazy crime imaginable, then they cleaned up their act and move into gaming  big time in the 1940’s and 1950’s taking over Nevada.  Not being happy with that huge pot of gold they looked around and saw the perfect take over of all the people:  labor unions.     Big Labor hasn’t but 5% of the population as members, but 70% of these are service related and government employees.  Big trouble for We the People if these government employee unions are not stopped dead in their tracks.  Look at California, New York and Greece!  Government employee unions have bankrupted these places and they are now coming after the rest of us.

Unions have big money from all these union dues behind them and since they certainly don’t spend this money on the members they can spend it trying to get your vote.  Wake up America and  don’t swallow the kool aid.  You did in 2008 and look what it has gotten you.  don’t let it happen again.

How influential are unions?  Well Andy Stern it president of the SEIU Service Employees International Union and he is the top visitor to the Obama White House!  You want to know who Andy Stern is and what he believes and what he wants to do to this country then just go to YouTube and listen to him.  He makes no bones about what he intends for We the people.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting:

The AFL-CIO plans to roll out its biggest political campaign ever, surpassing the $53 million spent in 2008 to help elect President Barack Obama, to try to avert a repeat of the 1994 midterm election when Democrats lost a majority in Congress.

If that sounds a bit aggressive, that’s nothing compared to the powerful head of the AFSCME public employee union, who is saying “The time has come to draw a line in the sand…Regardless of your party affiliation, if you’re not with us, you are against us.”

(We’re pretty sure we’ve seen other people get hammered for using the same language, but we digress…)

It’s certainly interesting that unions are doubling down on their failed bet. But anything can happen when you wish upon a star

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2 Responses to ">>UPDATED: Unions on the march again."

Having served on the national board of the Screen Actors Guild for thirteen years through the leadership of four Presidents: (Heston, Gavin, Weaver, Nolan), I had the good fortune to be part of both a group that sought to get more membership participation, but had the good sense to realize that the only contract that is ever possible, is one where both parties walking away, believiing that they had each accomplished something of benefit.
But today, many unions talk a lot about what they intend to achieve for their membership, while their paramount aim is to achieve power for the union. They try to convince the membership that there are nothing but “fat cats” on the other side of the bargaining table, who care little or nothing about the worker’s welfare. Noone ever mentions that the other side is just as interested in the success of the company, since they know that they must meet the competition and they also, are aware of the importance of retaining businesses and jobs in the USA, and it will be only possible by mutual effort to deal fairly.
I watched as my own Screen Actors Guild, like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, led the union to the disasterous results of alienating actors who derive a difficult and diminishing marketplace for their talent in California.
In my board years, we had negotiators on our committee who possessed with business accumen coupled with common sense and well-thought through achieveable goals that were based on facts, not fantasies.
If the voters get “sucked in” by self-serving, hyperbole that will attempt to convince the struggling workers in a struggling economy, there will be virtually no hope for our nation to avoid this inexorable march to disaster.

Agreed! This too however has been growing in the union leadership since the 1960’s; this quest for power with no regard for achievement or even the survival of the business the workers are dependent upon. I personally never belonged to a union that I chose freely. Being in education it was a matter of join or the supervisor would have a “kind” word for you. I was always in opposition to the union goals for education altho they had my money. BB

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