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Entitlements MUST be cut if our nation is to survive!

Posted on: April 17, 2010

There are no two ways about it people and not little tweeks or adjustments will do it.  In order to save our nation from going over the cliff  of destruction and third world status we must cut entitlements.  Do we do it now and save ourselves or do we wait until bankruptcy of  the nation does the cutting?  At the rate our current administration and Congress are going we won’t have long to wait if bankruptcy is your choice.  Whereas if we choose to make the cuts ourselves now  it is true that many people, in fact most of us,  will hurt, but the  funds and initiative to rebuild our nation will still be standing.  B

Taken entirely from a Cato Institute report.B

The Debt Explosion

According to the Congressional Budget Office’s recent estimates of President Obama’s current budget proposal, debt held by the public relative to the size of the economy is heading toward heights last seen since the end of the Second World War:

The ending of hostilities and a post-war economic boom lead to a steady and precipitous drop in the debt as a share of the economy. In the present day, it is entitlement spending that’s driving the debt explosion. Therefore, if the debt is to be brought under control, policymakers are going to have to rein in entitlement spending. Unfortunately, the president’s expansion of the government’s role in health care will exacerbate the problem, despite the admininstration’s claims otherwise.


2 Responses to "Entitlements MUST be cut if our nation is to survive!"

The states created the federal government when they adopted the US Constitution. The Founding Fathers knew a centralized federal government might overreach, so they wrote into the US Constitution the ability to amend it without consent from the federal government (see Article V). Since, the US Constitution is the supreme law of the land, the states could repeal Obamacare through a Constitutional amendment (in non-legalese: AMENDMENT 28 – Obamacare is repealed). If we make this an issue in state level elections in November and turn enough states pro-repeal, we could repeal Obamacare by next summer! More details at Spread the word. It would be a beautiful moment for the Tea Party movement to see Obamacare repealed in the ultimate expression of Federalism – a state-led and enacted repeal of Obamacare – A Constitutional SMACKDOWN!

Thank you Repeal Now. I see a real back lash against the federal government from the states. Witness Arizona and the bill just passed and signed by the Governor taking upon the power of the state to enforce laws against illegal aliens that the federal government is not enforcing. BB

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