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Constitution Class taught by Michael Badnarik : Michael Badnarik : Free Download

Posted on: April 18, 2010

Constitution Class taught by Michael Badnarik : Michael Badnarik : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

I don’t know how many times I have read the Constitution in whole and in part during  my lifetime.  I do know that every time I read it I learn something new.  It really is an amazing document.  Only 18 pages long, but it sets out the  total structure needed for the governance of a nation of free men and women.  It is a living thriving document that served the times in which it was written, serves as well in today’s world and will be relevant and alive at any time in the future.

For those who claim the Constitution is out-dated and must be re-interpreted  constantly to meet the needs of a changing world, I say : You are fools!

For those of you who have never read or studied the Constitution and would like to take a closer look  I suggest the study on the above site.  It is seven hours long but can be downloaded and should never be taken  in one gulp!  🙂  BB


4 Responses to "Constitution Class taught by Michael Badnarik : Michael Badnarik : Free Download"

“Obamma insults Poland = again”- according to UK’s Daily Telegraph

First time was when Obama announced he’s pulling off the deal to place missile defence system on 17th od September, anniversary to USSR attack on Poland in 1939.

I agree to the first charge certainly and it was far worse than an insult. By pulling back on President Bush’s agreement to place a missile defense system in Poland Obama placed the whole of Europe at the mercy of both Russia and Iran.

As for not attending the funeral of the Polish President he had the excuse of the volcanic ash that several heads of state used. Surely his presence wasn’t missed; I and many Americans would NEVER miss him and would be happy to send him to any country that would have him and promise to keep him! Sincerely, Brenda Bowers, American Patriot

I didn’t say I agree with Daily Telegraph accusations, but it doesn’t look good. For a supposed ally that we are supposed to be.

I agree it would be a good idea for Obama to pay his respects to Poland somewhere in the USA when he couldn’t travel. At the memorial to the victims of communism would be a good idea. Or during a Polish mass in Chicago, his home town, a city with largest Polish-American population in the USA. . .

And the fact that we are still the only EU country that needs visas for the USA. Even though our taxes and our young men and women go to US wars… Not looking good. Not at all for the future relations.

This has nothing to do with the point, but Poland is the only country in Europe that is not in recession:)) Is getting stronger and better every year. And friend to count on, who always keeps promises. Seems not a friend USA wants to have anymore.

Pawel, Please don’t connect Obama with the American people. Have you been following the Tea Party Patriots movement in the US? We are now an active movement of 20% of the American public. That is 600,000 Americans who are registered with some Tea Party group and who are actively opposed to everything that Obama stands for. And 69% of the American public agree with the Tea Party Patriots goals. That is well over one half of the country who are not in agreement with Obama or the traitors in congress. So please don’t feel that Americans are in anyway unfriendly to Poland. The People know a true allie when we see one. The People know the Middle East, China and Russia are not our friends. We have a terrible problem now in our country because an evil man was elected President by 53% of the electorate. He lied again and again during the campaign and people believed him. Now we have to root out this evil from our government and with God’s help we will.

I personally had a great deal of respect for your President. He was a man who spoke out and spoke the truth. His death was a terrible tragedy for not only Poland but for the rest of Europe, and of course the United States. Sincerely, Brenda Bowers

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