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Cap-n-Tax: Team Obama Piles On the Outrages – Big Government

Posted on: April 21, 2010

» Cap-n-Tax: Team Obama Piles On the Outrages – Big Government

Here comes another huge take over of a part of our economy by the federal government and Harry Reid and cohorts are ready to roll the tax payers again.  This is a must read article just so you’re not surprized when it all starts coming down.  Keep in the back of your mind during this whole rip off that the big winners are going to be the United Nations and the so-called “poorer countries” who will be the recipients of your tax dollars.  Within this bill will be a stipulation that the United Nations has the right to tax Americans!!  Believe it.  BB

Cap-n-Tax: Team Obama Piles On the Outrages

by Christopher C. Horner It’s appreciably more difficult for Washington politicians to amaze Americans who paid any attention at all to what has been transpiring in Washington. And that number is growing. But the Democrats are giving it their best shot.


Read this just out from Politico, explaining that the Senate’s committee process simply must be suspended to jam through Obama’s energy/cap-and-tax Power Grab, because it is so expansive that it would invoke the jurisdiction of six Senate committees. These include the tax-writing Finance Committee, because cap-and-trade and the new gas tax (styled by some cheerleaders who think you’re stupid as a “carbon-linked fee”).

So, again, Harry Reid is going to write a couple of thousand pages — and try to buy off the U.S. Chamber of Commerce with revenues taken from you — in closed-door, back room deals. The ability to do so is one reason the bill in its House version grew to 1,400 pages, bigger and bigger with each closed-door deal. There are so many ways to design this takeover and the wealth transfers and lost freedoms involved, and to hide and target the hurt.


4 Responses to "Cap-n-Tax: Team Obama Piles On the Outrages – Big Government"

Can you say “We told ya this was coming?” I knew ya could!

The government is indeed becoming more outrageous by the day…

This whole administration is becoming very scary. I feel things are going to be hopping very soon. Summer is coming and if you recall when we were young and they were protesting the Vietnam War, there were some very big protests. The heat, the unemployment, the massive taxes, the bribery, blackmail, arm twisting in Congress and the crooks who are running rampant thru the Congressional halls are just too much to ignore any longer. I think it’s going to be a very hot summer. I hope not, but history I think proves differently. ss

yes Snappy I remember those long hot summers and I agree this may well be one also. It won’t be the Tea Party Patriots doing the dirty deeds but they will get the blame if at all possible. I really do think the American public is too smart for much more of the Obamanites activities however. In fact, this may just be wishful thinking but I can foresee a “real” impeachment of a President in our future. BB

Well, Brenda, I think Great minds think alike. ss

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