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Irony. Another Socialist government bites the dust!

Posted on: April 26, 2010

“Voters in Hungary ousted their governing Socialist Party in elections last weekend.”

Obama and his Congress are dragging the United States into the clutches of Socialism at the same time that Europeans who have suffered under this form of big government  control of their lives are now voting advocates of socialism out of office.  Irony?  BB


2 Responses to "Irony. Another Socialist government bites the dust!"

Yes, it is amazing that while other people around the world are standing up and doing something about taking back their lives and removing the control of their government over them, we are turning into the kind of government that they are overthrowing.

It’s all a vicious cycle. I think the Republican Party had better wake up. I guess I want to tell them “you are either with us or your out of a job”. They need to make up their minds and very fast. Obama is already way ahead of the Republicans in getting the Democrat campaign up and running.

Agreed. Obama has already started the November rhetoric with his “Party of No”. Like having the Republicans and one Democrat vote not to allow the finance bill to come to the floor of the Senate for debate but sending back to the committees for another look. The only thing is I don’t think the American people are going to fall for this stuff any more. FOXNEWS is telling the truth and more people watch FOXNEWS than all the other five combined! And the Tea Party Patriots movement is growing and growing.

We talked about the violence to expect this summer from disruptors from the Left who will then try to blame it on the Right. The colonist dressed as Indians at the first tea party, remember?) People are ready for this to happen and will be quick to spot and isolate and point out the bad guys. It is important that our movement remain non-violent as long as possible. The truth alone will win the battle. Look at the Civil Rights movement–non-violent thru police, dogs and fire hoses. Americans always spot the bad guys and root for the underdog.

Did you notice the one Democrat to vote with the Republicans was Nelson from Nebraska. He made that big Medicaid deal for his state by holding out on the health care vote and his state turned on him and gave him the boot. It was unfair and the Nebraskans rejected it and him! Now I am thinking that more Dems are hearing from the folks at home about the spending and plan for big taxes and will soon get their heads straight. Of course it won’t help them to get reelected because to reelect these guys the people know would just give them the go ahead to spend some more. BB

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