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The New York Times, USA Today and Obama

Posted on: April 29, 2010

It is  finally getting thru to some of Obama’s worshipers that he is out to destroy the United States, or at the very least that his interest is not in helping the American people.  The New York Times in the past two weeks has published several articles telling the truth about the Health Care Reform bill and  The Finance Reform Bill.  (you notice I have not used the actual names of these bills because the actual names sound so pretty that no one would know what I was talking about.  So I continue with the inaccurate but more specific  “Health Care Reform Bill” and “Finance Reform Bill”).

Today  USA Today gave up their allegiance to Obama:

Of course these stories aren’t news to any of us, but it is just nice to be able to say “I told you so months ago” since this is the only bit of grim pleasure I and those of us who knew all along what was happening are ever likely to get  from the Obama agenda.   I thought I might as well say it here on my  blog which has been  aware of just  what Obama  had in mind for my country from early 2008 when I started blogging about him.   So, I told you so!  BB

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1 Response to "The New York Times, USA Today and Obama"

Well, maybe it’s because how they saw that he was willing to throw the Dems. in the House under the bus, by making them vote “yes” on the bill, even though their constituents were against it. They probably woke up and realized that he will do what needs to be done to get his agenda thru Congress. ss

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