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This Week in Government Failure | Cato @ Liberty

Posted on: May 1, 2010

This Week in Government Failure | Cato @ Liberty

I have long looked at this weekly feature from Cato Institute but not always brought it to my readers as a whole.  Now I have decided to bring it all to you and let you decide which articles you are interested in.  As usual it is hard to pick the one that gets me the most but I think HUD comes close.  HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) has been around a long time and despite all the billions of dollars poured into it over the years  it would be hard to point to one achievement that can be called a success.

You all recognize HUD best for those run down desolate slums call Public Housing.  Soon after a new project goes up it is trashed and then closed because it doesn’t  conform to the standards set by HUD for its tenants.   Of course the tenants are the very ones who trashed the buildings!  And no matter how many times it has been suggested that the tenants be given a stake in the property by  apportioning a percentage of the “rent” (which of course the tax payers pay) towards purchasing their apartment thus giving the the opportunity of eventual ownership.  This would many believe give the tenants a stake in keeping the property from being vandalized and eventually would give them the independence of owning their home and having all the benefits of ownership including the right to sell the property.  It has also been suggested that tenants be given the right to sell their portion of ownership from the beginning and not have to wait until that eventual time when they have “paid the property off”.  If they will be able to gain from any transfer of the apartment they will have a reason to demand the property be maintained ion order to get the highest price for it.  HUD of course couldn’t see the reasoning behind such a reasonable solution to the poverty and public housing problem.  They much preferred having new buildings trashed so they could tear them down and build new ones to be trashed.

HUD also administers the program whereby private landlords are paid by the government for housing for the poor.  The housing is supposed to meet certain standards and these standards are to be maintained.   Have you ever driven by a trailer park that looks like the city dump?  Chances are great that  this is a privately owned property whereby HUD rents the units for the occupants.   I have personally seen units I would be ashamed to allow a cock roach to live in  that tax payers are paying up to $700 a month for.

This is a good article to help raise your blood pressure if it happens to be a little low today.  Otherwise it is just a good article to resupply your pet bitches for those of you who like to have a “bitch” when you visit the local watering hole.  🙂 BB

This Week in Government Failure

Posted by Tad DeHaven

Over at Downsizing Government, we focused on the following issues this week:

  • The only way to get rid of the fraud and abuse at HUD is to dismantle it and get the federal government out of the housing business altogether.
  • Instead of wasting more taxpayer money on a nationwide system of intercity rail that doesn’t make economic sense, Amtrak should be privatized.
  • Fox News’ Glenn Beck Show recently spent a week featuring Chris Edwards and the Downsizing Government website.
  • The president’s fiscal reform commission started off with some breathtaking chutzpah from Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad.
  • The Obama administration says it’s planning a rural “renaissance.” That’s wonderful news considering what an awesome job HUD has done with urban America.

2 Responses to "This Week in Government Failure | Cato @ Liberty"


This is just one more of the government agencies that are not run properly. It is sad to see this. Some of the ideas the government comes up with are good, believe it or not, but what is always the case, is that people do not take their jobs seriously. Those in charge are so excited to be given the opportunity to be in charge, yet they always just end up being loser, managers, who really take advantage of the system by sucking in all the perks, picking up their enormous paycheck (for doing nothing) and go on their way.

We need dedicated people, you know the kind, the guys you say are anal. The bookworms, the nerds, to start running the show. Those who have a one track mind, which is usually their calling in life. I’m tired of these, Ivy League (especially Harvard now, after what I’ve seen that that school puts out, I would never encourage anyone to go there) smooth talking, blow dried hair, manicured nail types, Porsche owner, running the show (and by the way, I was describing a man not a woman).

We need to revamp the entire Federal Government system. Forget adding all these new Departments like 121 for Health Care. We have produced nothing but abuse in government spending, and as an American I sick of it. Let’s fix what we have before adding more to it.

I once did a blog on who government workers are and it wasn’t pretty. It was however from my observation over the years. Government promote on longevity not on ability. new bright intelligent people come into government service and don’t stay long because their managers are so damned dumb. What is left then are the slugs who once they got a government job stayed with it because they knew they couldn’t get anything else or do better. (They were right about doing better! Unfortunately) so the slugs are the ones who stay around long enough to get promoted up to the next level. Then at some point they really do reach their level of incompetence so they are promoted up to get rid of them. These are the people we have in government service. these are the federal workers behind the scenes who “interpret ” and put into operation the laws that Congress passes. Is there any wonder that government is so messed up? BB

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