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EVIL AT WORK–MUST READ CAREFULLY!: Bank Bailout Bill: Is This Why Andy Stern Left SEIU? – Big Government

Posted on: May 4, 2010

» Bank Bailout Bill: Is This Why Andy Stern Left SEIU? – Big Government

COMING TO A TOWN NEAR YOU.  Andy  Stern left SEIU (Service Employees International Union) to head up an even larger and more dangerous organization.  This post tells you who they are, why they were organized and what they plan to do.  Remember:  Andy Stern is an avowed Communist!

While reaading this keep in mind what unions are doing to Europe right now.  Watch the rioting in Greece because opf unhion demands.  SEIU is made up of many of the lowest paid maids and janitors as well as  high paid federal employees.  Their dues are really extorted from many people who have no choice but to give a portion of their wages to an organization that wants to enslave them!  Unions are not bad, most union members are not bad, but the union kleaders in America are the corrpt thugs who learned their tactics from the Mafia and the Commusnist.  BB

Bank Bailout Bill: Is This Why Andy Stern Left SEIU?

by Andrew Marcus

On April 30th, Progressives marched on Wall Street to vilify Wall Street banks and bankers. Who organized that march? It was a group called National People’s Action (NPA), and their anti-capitalist campaign is ominously titled Showdown In America.


George Goehl of NPA at the Showdown on Wall Street1:36

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George Goehl of NPA at the Showdown on Wall Street552 viewsmovetoaction

You might be thinking “Crap. Not another Alinsky community organizing group and its damn acronym!” – but this is one to which you need to pay very close attention. This group is at the very center of the real estate bubble-bust brought on by the dreaded CRA, and they are organizing an army of unions to march on Wall Street and blame the entirety of the economic disaster on the evil rich.

The first thing that you need to know about NPA is that their now-deceased leader, Gail Cioncotta, is credited in community organizing circles for authoring the Community Reinvestment Act. Her group is also credited with honing the tactic of storming into banks and occupying their lobbies.

Another thing you need to know is that in 2003, NPA’s sister organization, the National Training and Information Center (NTIC), was busted by the Justice Department for misappropriating millions of federal grant dollars from community development projects,  using the funds instead to train community organizers to lobby the government. On top of that, the Justice Department found that they committed fraud as they tried to cover up their actions.

The overall purpose of the audited grant was to provide training, technical assistance, and funding to community-based organizations, and more than half of NTIC’s grant funds were awarded to these sub-grantees. Although the sub-grantees were supposed to have been selected competitively based upon their ability to run a successful community program, evidence in the grantee’s files and statements by NTIC staff revealed that the majority of sub-grantees were instead selected based upon their connection to influential lawmakers. Moreover, while a major element of the grant was to provide training to these sub-grantees and significant funds were spent for training conferences, considerable portions of these sessions were dedicated to conducting congressional lobbying visits and training sub-grantees in how to conduct successful lobbying activities. Most importantly, we believe that NTIC intentionally misled OJP and attempted to conceal its true activities. As a result of these systemic improprieties, we question the entire amount awarded, or $3,162,580.


We began our audit in October 2003 and contacted the OIG Investigations Division in February 2004. Due to the initiation of the criminal investigation, we postponed reporting our results until the conclusion of the criminal investigation. The Executive Director of NTIC pleaded guilty and served his sentence related to the criminal case. As of March 2008, a civil action under the False Claims Act was pending against NTIC.

As a result of their crimes, NPA and NTIC lost their federal funding. This marginalized their organization’s influence in community organizing circles and further radicalized their remaining members. Without the federal dollars streaming in, there was no need to hide the real agenda – which is to destroy corporate America.

Pay very close attention starting at 2:20 in the video below

National Leadership Conference4:22

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National Leadership Conference370 viewsmovetoaction

Notice the stars in their logo at the beginning of the video below

NPA conference commercial1:33

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NPA conference commercial2,384 viewsmovetoaction

With the downfall of ACORN as a “respectable” brand, NPA and NTIC are stepping in to fill the void. They are “cleaning up” their look, having removed the red stars from their current logo.

Last year, together with Andy Stern and SEIU, NPA led an angry march against “greedy” bankers in Chicago.*

ABA Showdown in Chicago: Andy Stern, President SEIU2:00

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ABA Showdown in Chicago: Andy Stern, President …295 viewsdogstar7

Now, SEIU and NPA are working together with other unions to organize a series of marches and demonstrations aimed at Wall Street and capitalism. From the description of their next march:

National People’s Action (NPA), and our allies at SEIU, the AFL-CIO, and Jobs With Justice are calling for a Showdown on K Street.  The big banks destroyed our economy and have hijacked our democracy.  Corporate lobbyists representing the big banks paved the way to deregulate Wall Street and are now standing in the way of reforms that would protect people and strengthen our economy.

This all begs the question:  did Andy Stern leave SEIU because it would look very unseemly for one of the most frequent visitors to the Obama White House to be leading unionized-angry-street-mobs against corporate America? Did Andy Stern leave SEIU to protect the Obama Administration from charges of coordinating protests in the streets of our nation?

That would be a fundamental transformation of our country –  if the Executive Branch coordinated directly with unions to shake down corporations and vilify fellow Americans. A dark transformation indeed.

To quote the great Glenn Reynolds: “We are in the very best of hands.”

*For more information on NPA’s Chicago Showdown, please contact Senator Dick Durbin and/or FDIC Chair, Sheila Bair. They both addressed the group at an NPA breakfast held the morning of the protest.


4 Responses to "EVIL AT WORK–MUST READ CAREFULLY!: Bank Bailout Bill: Is This Why Andy Stern Left SEIU? – Big Government"

Well Brenda, the Tea Party people, the Independents and just plain ordinary Americans have their work cut out for them.

Yes, I believe Andy Stern left SEIU so it wouldn’t look like Obama is involved. But hey, I don’t think there is any way that he’s not.

What needs to be done is a massive campaign targeted toward the poor, uneducated, probably unemployed segment of America, and targeting the 18-24 year olds, and educating them on what this Stern guy is all about and how is oddly enough, Obama’s boy.

You can’t change things unless you convince these groups of the truth. We need them to understand what is going on. All they know is what they are told by the man they voted for. They are also doing his bidding. We need to break that cycle, before the election. ss

These people are very scary.

Protests are raging in Greece today; due to the government’s reform measures to drastically cut wages, retirement benefits and pensions, while raising taxes on goods and services; all in an effort to save the country from economic collapse. Government buildings, schools and hospitals were shut down as people flooded the streets in anger. Sadly, that anger turned violent today as three people died in a bank that was set ablaze by protestors.

Stocks lost value in most of the major global indexes yesterday on fears that Greece’s economic instability could spread to other countries throughout Europe and around the world. If the Greek economy does happen to fail, the financial repercussions felt all across the globe could be catastrophic. Could this be the beginning of a worldwide chain reaction?

What if your wages, benefits or pensions were cut in half? How would you react to the loss in income? How would it affect your life?

If this problem is not dealt with swiftly, I portend a very dark road ahead…for all of us.

Destructionist, there is going to be a very dark future for all of us because the European countries began their campaign of living beyond their means years ago and now are on a cliff holding on with finger nails. The only Europeans country with any money in their coffers is Germany. (Have you heard that Germany is now forming an alliance with Russia? A communist country and a country whose people have approved of two world wars……) Anyhow, the Greeks as well as every other European country have lived far beyond their means and those rioting are government unionized workers. Government unionized workers who are over 50% of the population and who besides having better wages than the rest of the population also get 10 weeks of paid vacation a year. Now their employer (the people paying taxes) have asked them to please take a 15% wage cut so that their country can be saved and they are saying no and rioting and killing people. This is the case with all European countries; all have bloated BIG governments and unreasonable benefits. Great Britain has a federal workforce made up of 70% of the population!

So yes, there are dark days ahead because Europe will fall and Obama has made damned sure with his outrageous spending that the United States will far with them because they have supported the spending. The United States is totally out of money. The treasury is flat broke! We are even borrowing from China to pay the interest we owe China on our debt! Things were bad and have been going bad but we still had the means to pull ourselves out of it until the TARP $874 billion, the Stimulus of nearly the same amount, and then a first year in office BUDGET that was more than all the combined budgets from the time of George Washington to the end of the Bush second term (2008).

You ask how I would feel if my income was cut. Well it will be curt and cut drastically and I will suck it up because I know that I am living on the backs of my as yet unborn great grand children! My income is from a military retirement, Social Security and way underfunded pension plans. My medical is from Medicare and TriCare. Medicare is broke! TriCare will be cut for retirees because the Defense budget has been and will be cut. In other words, my husband and I are Schitt out of luck!
But I and he will suck it up and somehow survive or die. Better that than the way our government has gone since Lyndon Johnsons Great Society when the politicians bought votes by giving the elderly free medical care; a program that the insurance companies and medical establishments loved because prices could go up by double digits every year. ANYTHING the government gets into automatically allows for an escalation in costs, waste and fraud. This fact has been proven over and over again.

Social Security foisted on us by the late great and first messiah Franklin D. Roosevelt is also out of funds. But when it is cut the geezers will scream bloody murder that they paid into it and they deserve it. And these won’t be the poor geezers but the ones who have savings and other private sources of money who do the most screaming. The facts are that if they would take the time to get a statement from SS telling them how much they paid into the program and then do the math they will see that they have gotten back every cent after only two years of mail box checks. After that it is Elderly Welfare coming now from their great grand children!

Big sacrifices will have to be made by all of us just as in Greece and in Europe.

We of this generation have had our high living and now must deal with poverty to pay for our extravagance. Americans will riot too and it will be far worse than what we are seeing in Greece. I pray and I sincerely believe that the American spirit, that spirit of self reliance and toughness that our ancestors brought us when they left their safe homes and came to a new country will get us thru. The fearful and weak stayed home and only the strong came to America so we have that strength in our genes. We also have a well educated population who can understand the need for sacrifices. I hope and pry and have faith that Americans will remain the hope of the world as we were destined to be regardless of the evil we have allowed within our ranks. Sincerely, Brenda Bowers

Snappy, our children have been brain washed and given a poor education for 40 years. I lived thru and fought this process but the Progressives (liberals) simply overwhelmed the system, especially in our colleges.

The young are brain washed on a lot of hog wash and will not see the light until they get out in the real world. This is why we have so many 30-40 somethings in the Tea Party Patriots movement. These are young family people who have been in the real world trying to make it for long enough to have gotten some sense.

I don’t think Obama and the Liberals can over run this election with Blacks and the young like they did in 2008. These people will go back to their usual mode and simply not bother voting. The Conservatives however have and will pick up a lot of new voters in the 30+ age group. And what’s more, I think these new voters are here to stay. So if we have a future, if our country can be saved, then we will have a solid Conservative base upon which to return to our roots.

But before that happens….well, read the comment above. BB

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