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America’s Most Severe Problem: Unfunded Liabilities (Medicare and Social Security)

Posted on: May 10, 2010

Deficits, Debts and Unfunded Liabilities: The Consequences of Excessive Government Spending4:19

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Deficits, Debts and Unfunded Liabilities: The C…145 viewsCFPEcon101

I wanted my readers to listen to this video because it is telling Americans the TRUTH.   A truth that I  personally don’t think we Americans have the guts to accept and take action on solving.  If we do not then what we saw happening on the streets of Greece this past week will be on the streets of America soon.    Only in Greece it was the unionized government workers  which in Greece is approximately 60% of the population, whereas in the United States it will be a generational battle unfortunately pitting grandparents against their grand children and as yet unborn great grand children.

Greece is bankrupt, flat out busted and in order to remain a viable nation the European nations will have to come together and bail Greece out.  The other nations have agreed to this but only if Greece takes measures to greatly reduce their debt which like ours the problem is not the deficits or borrowing, but the promises.  Promises made to the government workers for  long paid vacations (10 weeks),  large salaries, and large pensions and health retirement benefits at age 53.  The workers are rioting to hold the government to it’s promises.

Our government has also made promises.  Promises that like Greece the government can not possibly keep. Not if America is going to survive, and quite frankly not even if America does not survive because the money simply is not there and unlike Greece we are too large for any country or group of countries to bail out even if they were willing.    America is not to large to fail, we are to large to succeed on the path we are now traveling.

The two currently most disastrous unfunded liabilities are Medicare and Social Security.  Promises made that can not be kept under any circumstances.  I asked a poster to my blog the other day some questions and today Dear Reader I ask them of you;

Jordan, I don’t know your age but are you willing to tighten your belt to the point of what we will consider poverty? Are you willing to give up Social Security? You do know that the amount you paid into SS is returned to you within two years of retirement and after that you are really and truly living on the backs of your children with Elderly Welfare?

Are you willing to give up Medicare and cut back on all the doctor visits unless you are sick? In the past 10 years I have visited a doctor approximately 30 times. Half those visits have been for nothing more than “check ups” and an opportunity for the doctor to write me another prescription. I started eliminated those pills I was taking one at a time to see if there was a difference in how I felt. I went from 12 pills daily to seven. Then I cut out  the three and four times a day pills to once a day. Guess what? my blood tests given by the doctor have been much better!   In fact he doesn’t believe how much better.  I didn’t mention to him what I did.

Are you willing to give up your cell phone? You know we managed to live very well and raise our families without instant communication. I often wonder what so many people have to say to each other that can not wait until a face to face encounter!!

Are you willing to give up eating out? Are you willing to wear your clothes until they show wear and empty your closet of ten pairs of pants and twenty shirts when three pair of pants and 10 shirts will see you thru any occasion?

Are you willing to have no more than three pairs of shoes and to go to the shoe repair shop for new heels and soles? Fix the appliance rather than throw it out and get a new one?   Why must you and your family have a minimum of two cars?  Do you children really need dance lessons and riding lessons and all those organized sports?   Do your children (and you too) really need every new electronic gadgets  that comes out?  Will one computer per household and one TV per household be enough?  And I could go on and on with this. This is how my grandparents lived all their lives and my parents lived most of their lives until they caught what I call “affluenza” ( affluence gone wild) I have always lived with affluenza and except for a brief time early in my marriage when the babies were coming I never really had to watch my spending.

Are you willing to admit that social equality is a punk dream? That some people will always have more and do more than other folks because some folks are smarter and/or work harder?   Are you willing to accept the old fashioned moral obligation  of taking care of your own parents as they took care of you, and your children will be expected to take care of you?

Are you able to accept that there will always be rich and poor?  And instead of damning the rich man  you just might be glad to have a few around because Jordan I personally have never had a poor man give me a job!

Are you willing to live in a house that fits your family size and not a show place with pretty unused rooms?  My last three homes had to have a formal living room and dining room which were only used for holidays.  What a waste!

All of the above and much much more is what we Americans are going to have to do in order to bring our country back to liberty and freedom for all.

But heed my warning please:  this is coming to your life.  All of this austerity is coming to your life whether you voluntarily give it up and roll up your sleeves  and get to work or whether you go on a rampage and demand what simply is not there.  With the first  you take responsibility and accept changes to your life styles perhaps you can leave a better world to your children.  Or if you choose to whine and cry and riot and demand then evil will have won and will take over your government and take all this from you anyhow.  BB

While you are listening to this video you might take a look at some of the others.  Some good stuff here.  BB


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