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Tid bits from here and there.

Posted on: May 12, 2010

Just a few items you may want to know about.

  • The U.S. Senate defeated an amendment to end the federal bailouts of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, with only two Democrats joining all 41 Republicans to support the measure. (Of course now that Fannie and Freddie are federalized we are assured of another US Postal Service and Amtrak.  I just don’t care for the idea of my having to buy someone else a home!  Just like I don’t like having to pay off someone’s credit card debt because they were too immature to control themselves but that is happening thanks to Obama and the Dems too.  Or paying $8000 down payment on a home or a new car or towards people making improvements to their homes.  When will it stop?  BB)
  • In the next three weeks, Congress is looking to enact more than $200 billion in new deficit spending.
  • Proving why he is the perfect man for President Obama’s Debt Commission, records reveal that former SEIU President Andy Stern left the union with a failing pension system and over $84 million in debt. (Andy Stern has also taken over the running of the  National   People’s Action  (NPA) which is Obama’s army of radical union members and thugs.  You saw them storming Wall Street a couple weeks ago.
  • Sens. John Kerry (D-MA) and Joe Lieberman (I-CT) will introduce their new energy tax bill today, which will allow states to ban oil drilling within 75 miles off their coast, allow states to keep only 40% of energy development revenues, and force states to spend 13% of that revenue on environmental projects. (I wonder who or what gets the other 60%?  The bill says the people, but there will be a whole slew of new agencies formed to “give” this money back.  Don’t be expecting a check like Alaskans get any time soon because the state administers that program, in this one the federal government runs it thru its bureaucracy and then the states run it thru theirs before the consumer sees it.
  • See also: Jeanne Cummings reports on a draft version of the Kerry-Lieberman energy bill: According to the summary of the bill, roughly two-thirds of the revenues generated by the new law would be passed back to consumers through energy bill discounts or direct rebates. The legislation would also provide assistance to businesses that are heavy energy users or trade sensitive.The vast majority of the revenue envisioned in the legislation would come through a variety of programs aimed at putting a price on carbon emissions. However, the draft version offered scant details about how those programs would work. For instance, to put a price on the carbon in exhaust emissions, the legislation is expected to set a cap on them and require transportation firms to buy permits for each ton of carbon emissions. But those details are not in the summary.
  • AND: he agency that regulates (or was supposed to regulate) offshore oil drilling is being split in two, report Siobhan Hughes and Stephen Power: The Interior Department plans to announce Tuesday its intent to split the Minerals Management Service into two divisions, one focusing on gathering royalties from oil and gas companies and another focused on safety inspections. An Interior Department official confirmed the plan. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will make an announcement at 1 p.m. EDT.

4 Responses to "Tid bits from here and there."

Have you noticed, or is it just me, that these Democratic Congressmen in the House, just don’t seem to get the idea that Americans are not backing their outrageous bills? At first I thought, maybe I’m wrong, and I’m in the minority, but that was long ago. Now, I know I’m in the majority, but Congress doesn’t get it yet, so what’s the problem?

I have figured it out. They have their own agenda, and do not care what the rest of America thinks. They have been gotten away with so much corruption over the years that in the last year and a half they have been pushing the envelope and have found that no one is stopping them.

They know we are trying, but they continue doing as they wish, because they know Americans will come after them thru lawful means, and they know that that alone gives them time to pass all the bills they want to pass.

There definitely is a time limit here for them, the mid-term elections is one of them. If anyone in the real world thinks that these people did not plan out all these moves they have been making, then they are being fooled. They take one bill and push, and expedite it, get the public all riled up, to see which way the wind is blowing, if the public is against it, they drop the bill, and move to another, and all that time we the American people think that they finally saw the light and have stopped working on it. But Congress will be finalizing everything on that bill behind closed doors. All the while they are working publicly on a second bill, going thru the same routine, then all of a sudden they are calling for a vote on the previous bill that we thought they dropped, this is no accident or fluke this is there modus operandi, and we are fooled again.

I have no confidence in Congress or anyone in DC any longer. The rest of America should also take that stance. There is a saying, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”. It’s the good guys against the bad guys right now, and the bad guys have the upper hand, no matter what anyone wants to believe. ss

Some of the incumbents who have been voted out of office were actually shocked and that proves just how out of touch they are. A good article: Jonah Goldberg: The Lesson of Robert Bennett in the National Review Online.

He simply could not believe that he a )moderate) Republican would ber replaced by a conservative Republican. So it is not only the Democrats who have to watch themselves. But actually they have already made the mistakes that are going to take them down. Look at Sen. Chris Dodd and what he is doing. Convinced he would lose if he ran he announced he “wanted to spend more time with his family”. So now he is pushing the Finance Reform bill down our throats that will do what the Health Care bill did to 16% of our economy and we really won’t know how bad the bill is until after it is passed and people get to read it. BB

The fact that Senator Dodd is not running again should really take him out of the picture of heading any committee, or writing any bill.

This man in particular was clearly responsible for not doing his job of overseeing the financial and housing industries, before they imploded. Tell me if I’m wrong but, I don’t think this would qualify him to be in charge of writing a bill to be voted into law, to correct what he basically screwed up the first time around. America has no more money to bail out his faulty plans. ss

I agree! It is his last “flying salute” to the American people. BB

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