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Left Plans Massive In-Your-Face Anti-Capitalism Rally on DC’s K Street “”

Posted on: May 15, 2010

Left Plans Massive In-Your-Face Anti-Capitalism Rally on DC’s K Street

Very interesting article from Big Government.  As you read it if you are a regular watcher of the Glenn Beck show you will recognize many of the group names of the participants. The Communist/Marxist groups are on the march.  I personally was not impressed by the March on Wall Street.  In a city as large as  New York City  any self-respecting group should have been able to get that many people out to watch a dog fight.  So will be watching to see what happens in DC.

There is only one thing I would point out to all of you:  the Communist Party that controlled Russia openly for 70 years was a very small group as compared to the population.  And our own Revolution  was a very small group of dedicated people as most colonialist were loyal to England.  So it is not size but will.    Do the followers of these thug leaders have the will?  Do We the People have the will to stand against them?  Brenda Bowers


2 Responses to "Left Plans Massive In-Your-Face Anti-Capitalism Rally on DC’s K Street “”"

“Do We the People have the will to stand against them?” – why? why would you want to stand up against these people, regardless of what kind of anti-capitalism they stand for, anti-capitalism is anti-capitalism. Without a change soon, capitalism and the state will simply dry this planet of all its natural recourses and in 50 years we’ll turn around and say “Shit.. now we have no oil, lets start a revolution!” and it will be too late. Brenda, stop listening to the lies your government is feeding you, its never too late to wake up. Don’t suppress these people, find it inside you to support the change they want to bring about.

No way in Hell am I about to join these people who hate freedom and the United States of America. I sincerely believe in the free market, or capitalism if your prefer. I want the right to choose what I buy and not have the government tell me I must buy health insurance and what kind I must buy. Next it will be the government telling me that I must buy a GM car instead of my KIA van which I really like.

AbcAnarchy it is precisely the Obama government that I am NOT listening too. They are all thieves, liars, tax dodgers and criminals being lead by a traitor President. Anyone who reads my blog articles knows how I feel and why.

From what you are saying you don’t have the will to stand with either group. I want my country back and will get it back or die trying. Live free or die! Sincerely, Brenda Bowers

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