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The Fed’s growing again, overseas – Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group

Posted on: May 16, 2010

The Fed’s growing again, overseas – Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group

The United States Treasury is empty, broke, busted.  We the People’s federal government has a cent to pay our bills.  In fact our government is borrowing money to pay the interest on the money we had borrowed previously!  But with all that dear old Uncle Sam can again come to the aid of Europe.  Go top this article and see the amounts of money we have already given.  And while your at it do keep in mind that we the US tax payer will have to eventually pay the lender for all this cash.

The cash swaps are taking Euro for dollars when the Euro is about to become  worthless.  Then again maybe swapping one worthless money for another is an even trade.  Who knows.    BB

Earlier this week, the Federal Reserve reopened one of the special lending windows it created in January 2009 to ease the failing global economy. The move comes amid a weakening euro and after Greece, Spain and Portugal have all created austerity packages to help fix their struggling economies.

These currency swaps are a sign that the global economy is still far from stable two years after the financial meltdown of 2008.

The Fed has already infused five foreign central banks with $1.3 billion through a process called central bank liquidity swaps in order to reduce the possibility of any lending strains in Europe, Asia and Canada from spreading to the United States. The Fed restarted the swap process on Tuesday.

1 Response to "The Fed’s growing again, overseas – Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group"

Ironically Speaking!
Capitalism Can Only Lead To Communism!

Capitalism with Government Intervention has Financial Control over Human Life! Capitalism that uses a Currency without the controlled backing of Gold or Silver Creates Elite Groups which Control The Middle and Lower classes with help from the Federal Reserve System!
Our Government of The People, By The People and For The People can still be an Excellent Government, as long as we put it back into our own hands. Changing a Government can be difficult but possible as long as all of the people stick together by continuous voting and writing to their political leaders.
Government is controlled by the Rich Elite who have received their Wealth Through Greed. This is okay, but the rich want to stay in high political positions so they can use the Government to maintain their Wealth. Only the Wealthy can receive these political positions, since they are the only ones who can afford the publicity to get there.
Once in a political position, they realize through greed the political decisions they have to make. Greed is human nature and very hard to control when there is a constant access to financial success from the Federal Reserve System.
Every time the Rich Elite want something done, they do not want to use their money. Instead, they think of a problem that needs capital and then pay for it through our Government, which in turn ends up back into the hands of the Rich.
The more problems they create – war, welfare, institutes, prisons, world affairs – means more money the Government has to borrow, which creates the deficit. This has to be paid through taxes, which means less pocket cash or printing excess Money from the Federal Reserve System, without Gold or Silver backing, which causes inflation. (Fiat Money/Currency)
All this Money ends up in the hands of the Rich through the natural process of business transactions that make the Rich richer and the Greedy greedier. The Rich will control the Middle and Lower Classes because we will all be in debt to these people as long as our Government keeps borrowing, taxing or printing our money.
This transaction is happening naturally worldwide because debt is the best way to control your fellow man. As soon as all the Governments are in debt to the Rich, we will be controlled by a World Government, which will make it easier for Big Business transactions. All mergers will end up with one winner like a Monopoly Game.
After all this happens, the only thing left is the Antichrist. Is there any difference between this and Hitler’s Communistic State?
Capitalism Can Only Lead To Communism!

Alan Burton
Dieterich, Ill.

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