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Our Soldiers Dying for the Karzai Cartel

Posted on: May 20, 2010

Dying for the Karzai Cartel – Ann Marlowe – National Review Online

I have generally stayed out of the Afghanistan/Pakistan fiasco because it makes me ill to see how our troops are being used and abused by Obama and his thugs.   President Bush was slowly pulling out of this snake pit of the world.  He was keeping troops there in order to keep some terrorist busy or held down until Iraq could become a stable country able to defend itself.  At that point he was going to pull our troop[s out altogether because there is nothing on Earth that can be done to help the people of this part of the world.  Governments have always been corrupt and ever will be.  The men of the population themselves will ever been warriors.  They are born and bred to fight and a weapon is put in their hands as soon as they can hold them.  The women will ever be  of less value than dogs, good only for breeding more male warriors.

This is the first article I have read about the war that tells the truth about what is happening over there.  Please read it.

You may also read  my friend aftickers blog  Mr. Produce aka ticker he has been in that part of the world and with his background he understands much more than most what has happened there, what is happening now and what will happen in the future.

I have no idea why Obama is there unless it is merely to keep our military out of the country and occupied while he destroys the Constitution that they are willing to die to defend.  BB

You may also want to read:  A New NATO-Based Alliance — By: Conrad Black this article gives a broader view of what is happening in the world right now.

Is the War in Afghanistan Winnable? A debate offering points on both side of the issue from the Cato Institute


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