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A MUST READ!: Public Employee Unions as they are severely hurt America

Posted on: May 20, 2010

JUST IN:  The President of the American Federation of Teachers makes the case for a bailout of government run school teachers.

Mort Zuckerman

This is a must read article sent to me by Ken Hill.  Thanks Ken 🙂 .  BB

We really need to get a handle on the PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS  and especially their Mafia and Communist bosses. We the People need to stand up to their outrageous demands and cut back the  budget breaking and totally unrealistic pension and health care plans  promised to them actually behind closed doors without private sector workers input or consent when the private sector workers are the ones being held up to pay the debt.

You must click on this site and read this article closely.  I have been informing you of much of this information but in piecemeal fashion as it came up or applied to a given situation;  this article puts it all together for you in blunt language. European countries  when they rebuilt their countries after WWII went overboard with the Socialist agenda.  Perhaps it was because of all their populations had endured during the war, who knows.  But  it was a pathway to destruction of the country because ultimately the debt would become so great that payment would become impossible.   This has happened to Greece but the others are not far behind. The Private sector (Non-government employees) working  people of Europe have finally seen where their government has led them and are electing Conservatives to office in hopes of saving themselves while America is going the other way.  Can we not look at what has happened in Europe and see the end of the road for us?    The primary elections this week seem to indicate that We the People are aware of the unholy alliance between the unions and the politicians have put us in an untenable position and we need to reverse this trend. At the same time just last week by Presidential decree the President made it possible for public transit rail and airlines employees to unionize.  Knowing the s”card-check” bill was unpopular the Communist infiltrated Labor Relations Board changed the wording on voting.  It had been a requirement of 50% of the entire employees base had to approve a union before the business could be unionized.  Now with the Presidents approval it takes only 50% of those present at a meeting and voting!   Meetings can be called in the dead of night in a sleazy motel in Word, Utah.

Do we want this in America?  Our President does.  He is working overtime with his socialist ideas and pushing thru more and more entitlement programs that ultimately will break our economy.   In fact right now our deficit is beyond our ability to pay.  We are borrowing to  just pay the interests on our debt!   Read and study this article so you know what is happening.   BB


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