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Having Your Say about Spending Now! with Conservatives You Cut

Posted on: May 23, 2010

Having Your Say about Spending Now!

This is the site where you will find bills listed and explained in a nut shell so you can pick the ones you want to cut.  You can also  put in your own suggestions.   This is having your say.  Bookmark this site as a Favorite and visit each week to have your say.  Sure with this Leftist Congress it isn’t likely that any recommendations Republican Rep.  Eric Cantor makes based on your votes will pass or even be considered.  After all the Dems didn’t listen to the thousands who gather on the steps of the Capitol Building  petitioning against that monster  Obamacare, but at least they are hearing how We the People feel.  BB

Republican Whip Eric Cantor Discusses The First YouCut Results & The New Set Of YouCut Proposals5:33

Added to YouCut: The First Week's Vote1:58

Added to
YouCut: The First Week’s Vote4,520 viewsEricCantor
queueRepublican Whip Eric Cantor Discusses The First…301 viewsEricCantor

The videos below tell more about the You Cut Program and the reactions to You Cut.

Congressman David Dreier Speaks In Support Of First YouCut Cut2:47

Added to
Congressman David Dreier Speaks In Support Of F…133 viewsEricCantor


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