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EVIL has Three Faces: Wilson, F. Roosevelt and Obama (Beck video)

Posted on: May 28, 2010

The One Thing: 5/27.

This is a MUST SEE video of Glen Becks May 27, 2010 show.  I call it : EVIL Has Three Faces .  They are President Wilson, President Roosevelt and President Obama.    In this video of the May 27, 2010 show on FOXNEWS Beck outlines the methods used to begin the destruction of the United States of America  by these three Presidents.  He shows their Progressive ideology and how each President used  that ideology to advance towards socialism in America.

Transcript of program.  I like to read the transcript and would suggest that you do too because there is just too much information given that  one can not assimilate all of it from the video.  BB

I knew little of President Wilson until Glenn Beck  brought him to my attention.  What little I did know I didn’t like but now I understand why Beck hates him so much.

President Roosevelt however was a different matter.  I grew up hearing him being praised by my grandparents and parents.  You would think then that I too would feel this way, but even in my teens when  I certainly didn’t know enough about  world affairs to understand the nuances  of politics under Roosevelt I still disliked the man and always “knew” he had been bad for our country.  Later in college I studied enough American history to be appalled at  what he had done.  I remember trying to explain to my father that Social Security was a bad thing.  I couldn’t understand why just being bad  mannered enough to get old should give people a reward!  Why couldn’t the government just help maybe the poor elderly who could no longer work?  Something like the medical clinics for the poor only that Roosevelt started.

(Then we had President Lyndon Johnson and his Great Society.  Medicare  was set up not for the people but for the medical and insurance industry.  Beck seems to give Johnson a pass on the evil scale with hardly any mention of him.  I say a great deal on this site about Johnson and would include him in this analysis of the Progressive’s movement and where it has and is taking our country).

Of course you who have been reading this blog know that I made exposing Obama my mission from the time I knew for sure that he was going to  be a Presidential candidate. You see I was a follower of Martin Luther King and to Mr. King a man’s character was all.  One’s character can be determined many ways but most effectively by knowing and understanding what and who his associates and friends are.  This person who came out of nowhere and  whose life was shrouded in secrecy and discrepancies I determined was one of no character.  he was elected and in the 18 months of his presidency I have only consolidated my opinion.  BB


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