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G-20 agrees on need to push ahead on financial reforms. Read that “Global Government”! n’t it that e the People

Posted on: June 5, 2010

G-20 agrees on need to push ahead on financial reforms | Washington Examiner.

This article may be a bit difficult to understand if you have forgotten the aims of the first G-20 Conference which President Obama attended shortly after taking office and at which he endorsed by signing a document calling for a Global Financial Regulatory Agency.    Read that “Global Government” since he who controls the money controls the governed!

Do read the entire article but note several statements:

“There is a significant change of tone in the language that the G-20 use on the issue of fiscal sustainability and there is a very explicit reference in the communique to those countries with serious fiscal challenges needing to accelerate the pace of consolidation,” said British Chancellor George Osborne.

In the wake of the global recession, the G-20, which includes both advanced and emerging economies, has taken over from the Group of Seven industrialized nations as a key priorities-setting group for the global economy.
The “universal tax ” which Obama and other world leaders( mainly poor countries) want doesn’t seem to be as popular as it was in early 2009.

The communique issued Saturday did not include any reference to a proposed universal tax on banks to help pay for bailouts, instead saying there was a “range of policy options” to help protect taxpayers.

“It was apparent that most G-20 members do not support the concept of a universal levy,” said Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, whose government opposes it on the grounds its banks had not needed government intervention during the recent crises.

And the group did not seem to want to go along with Obama’s  plan to make the Euro  rather than the dollar the currency preferred by China.  (The Euro is already on the road to being a universal currency as so many European countries use it now).  China a a great many other countries ran as fast as they could away from the Euro  with the recent melt down of Greece and the announcement by Hungary that they are on the brink of bankruptcy.

The group discussed China’s currency, but only in the context of the need — acknowledged by Beijing — to help rebalance its economy toward greater reliance on domestic demand.

The U.S. has urged China to move faster in loosening controls that keep the yuan tethered to the U.S. dollar, and thus undervalued, aiding its exporters in overseas markets.

If it seems strange to any of you that our President would want an international agency to regulate our banks and other financial institutions,  to want to devalue our dollar and to make another currency the strongest in the world then you haven’t been paying attention to the other actions of treason against the United States this President has taken.    We the People can only be grateful to the European countries for stepping back from these actions!  Brown of the UK was with Obama at the first G-20 but was defeated in the election by a Conservative.  Germany as the most prosperous and stable European country is getting tired of carrying the load for the profligate  spending on social programs  of the other European countries and wants them to reform their ways and curb the socialistic tendencies back to more capitalistic free market businesses and more self-responsibility of  their citizens.   Europe having had socialism with universal healthcare and big unions demanding more and more benefits is now trying to go back to  conservatism and self-reliance.  The tax payers are tired of carrying the burden for the non-workers and union workers (mainly government employees) who get 10 weeks paid vacation yearly among other benefits.

Ironic isn’t it that we Americans elected ourselves a socialist President just at the time that the rest of the world is finally seeing the ills of such a system.  Man is just not created to be so altruistic as to allow himself to be a slave to those who simply refuse to care for themselves.  Sharing the wealth when  giving  by  personal choice is acceptable to the humanoid, but sharing the wealth by having the fruit of ones labor TAKEN and given to a lazy slob is just not part of  human nature. BB


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