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Mosque and State: The Greater Implications of the 9/11 Islamic Center

Posted on: June 8, 2010

» Mosque and State: The Greater Implications of the 9/11 Islamic Center – Big Government.

The grand monument to Islam being built near our nations worst  wound from people who follow this heinous theopolitical religion  is an insult and outrage.  Our Constitution and beliefs allow all religious freedoms in the United States and therefore our laws are being used against us by people who do not allow religious freedom in their own countries.  So how can we allow a place to stand right near our fallen innocence and heros that will teach the tenenants of this vile religion/political system?

What does Islam stand for and the Koran teach?  And what are the real implications of the location of this mosque/monument to terrorism?

The 9/11 mosque however has far greater implications with regard to the fundamental principles of our nation.  As reflected by the guffaws of many in the crowd when one of the speakers at the rally argued in favor of the mosque on Constitutional grounds regardless of the abhorrence of its location, many find it hard to reconcile that Islam is allowed to use our freedoms to subvert or mock our freedoms.  The religious tolerance of our culture alone deems us largely unable to prevent against mosques in which Islamic supremacism is preached, creating fertile protected grounds for jihadists both peaceful and violent.

If in fact we are unable to safeguard against such institutions, or even criticize the ideology of Islam at all, then we are going to be neutered in a war against those who use Islam to justify murdering innocents and implementing universal Sharia law both overtly and stealthily.

To adequately combat jihad and Sharia generally runs up against the Constitutional separation between church and state, which in addition to the commitment to our cultural values is why we have been largely ineffective to this point in countering terrorists and their sympathizers here in America.

I would like to present an alternative view of Islam, that it fundamentally differs from other religions, thus making the relationship between mosque and state a fundamentally different one from that between church and state.

The key to understanding Islam is that unlike Judaism and Christianity, Islam is a theopolitical ideology.  It is a legal system wrapped in a religion. The imposition of Sharia law as the supreme law of all lands and all peoples is required by the Koran.

For the word “Islam” itself means submission to Allah.  Muslims must compel the non-believer infidels to either convert, live as oppressed, second-class citizens, forced to pay a special jizya tax to the ruling Muslims and unable to freely practice their own faith, or face the sword.

The Sharia state as we know is anathema not just to the United States but to all Western Civilization.  It sanctions the beating of women, oppression of gays, honor killings and a host of other restrictions on our natural rights.

Lest one think that Sharia need only be imposed by force, the Koran contains a tenet known as taqiyya, which says that Muslims are allowed to use any useful means, including lying and deception to advance the supremacy of Islamic law. This leads Muslims dedicated to imposing Sharia to ironically become Alinsky-ites (ironically given Saul’s Jewish faith), which explains well the similarities between organizations like CAIR and ACORN, and the broader ties between Islam and Leftism as “fellow travelers” on the road to totalitarianism.

Moreover, even beyond the political implications of Sharia, and in no small part due to the ignorance if not sympathy of our political leaders, academia and media, we have not had an open discussion as to the tenets of the religion itself.  Eric Holder cannot attribute terrorism to Islam, our top schools are cesspools of jihadism and our media believes that terrorists attack us because they are late on their mortgages.

One crucial part to understanding Islam is the notion of abrogation.  This refers to the fact that as Muhammad revealed his truth over a long period of time, his later words abrogated his earlier ones.  This effectively means that the peaceful verses of the Koran that came chronologically earlier in the book are supplanted by the violent calls to impose Islam later in the book.  This violence manifests itself not just in acts against non-Muslims but Muslims as well – for apostates, along with those who shame their families for example in dating non-Muslims are liable to be killed in accordance with Islam.

But since we in the West fail to understand this either out of ignorance or fear, we are left believing that it is just a percentage of violent misinterpreters of the religion that threaten us, when in reality it is not just violent jihadists but stealth jihadists, their sympathizers and those who refuse to condemn these people who are all complicit in the war against our civilization.

If we are to win this war, we must study the ideology that is used by those fighting against us, and devise policy consistent with our understanding of it.

Because Islam is not just a theology, but a theology that requires a universally imposed political system, this has manifold implications with regard to our Constitution and our way of life.  Until and unless we are able to grapple with this truth, Muslims peaceful and violent will continue to be able to exploit our freedoms by hiding behind the separation of church and state, regardless of the stark differences between what is taught in the church and what is taught in the mosque.



3 Responses to "Mosque and State: The Greater Implications of the 9/11 Islamic Center"

I have been wanting to address this topic in my blog for sometime now. Darn schedule.

The site and size of this mosque are no coincidence. The choice to erect a mosque on this site is very offensive. Can you imagine the reaction if a quasi-Christian militia group such as the Hutaree had blown up a federal building and then any Christian denomination were to even apply to build a church adjacent to the site. It would be headlines and outrage would be everywhere. No doubt our president would be giving speeches in condemnation.

But in an act of blatant appeasement NYC gives approval for a victory memorial to be place in close proximity to “ground zero.” I cannot express my personal revulsion and sense of offense at the city council.

I have been to Auschwitz and the former death camp is a memorial to the victims of Nazi atrocities. It is not a memorial to the Nazi’s.

Radical Islam mercilessly attacked America on 9-11-2001. Radical or not, this mosque represents those who attacked us. plain and simple.

really funny
being a short sighted and trying to be thoughtful

u don’t know that islam will win and everybody will believe it sooner or later

I truly hope not saleh. When every humanoid on Earth believes the tenets of Islam then we will have certainly achieved Hell on Earth. BB

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