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Triad Patriots of North Carolina meeting in Greensboro.

Posted on: June 10, 2010

New email notice from Triad Patriots that may interest you:

“We’re Taking Back Our Country”

A message to all members of Triad Patriots of North Carolina

This is an announcement to let you know that I and a few others are trying to get an eCongress effort going right here in Greensboro and in neighboring cities.

This effort has been ongoing for over a year now and has been fueled by volunteers across the country that have helped us get eCongress endorsed by 148 candidates across the country, mentions on major cable and radio shows (see blog post link below for videos) along with 1900+ members in our FaceBook group.

Recently, some very qualified experts in the fields of Congressional operations and telecommunications have agreed to aid our effort and from this a strategy has emerged to get this implemented from the ground up starting here in our local town/city councils on up to the state and beyond.

We have a laid out plan and I am asking you to join our effort. You decide how involved you want to get and there is something for everyone to do catering to your own skill set.

Currently trying to setup a meeting here in Greensboro for this upcoming Monday, June 14th @ 5:30pm at Tex & Shirleys in Greensboro.

Please post a reply with your interest to this blog post:

Or through our website:

Visit Triad Patriots of North Carolina at:


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