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Posted on: June 11, 2010

I sincerely hope you have made the Big Government blog a daily visit for news.    If you have not you should.

Here is a listing of some of the top posts today: my comment in black.  BB

1. Breitbart: Academia-Gate — the Nanny State and The Profs.: My Email Exchange With Co-Chair of ‘Cry Wolf’

No, not those super intelligent people in our colleges and universities to whom we are paying an arm and leg to teach of children.

2. Liberty Chick: Corrupting Influence of Labor Unions in Academe

(see above)

3. Iranian TV Confirms: Pakistanis Have Mullah Omar

4. More Left-wing Violence at Peaceful Tea Party Protests

Hey, this is just Greensboro in action, or maybe I should have said Action Greensboro.

5. Interview with Man Assaulted on Video at Tea Party Protest

(see above)

6. CNS: 2010 Census Counting Homeless People Twice?

Probably, but only in the inner cities and minority districts. BB

7. Obama’s greenhouse gas regs survive Senate vote

Carbon dioxide is a killer.  So stop breathing and polluting all you nasty people out there!!

8. Will: Jobs report nightmare for Obama progressivism

I surely hope so but I fear the Progressive have gotten such a foot hold in government that nothing will stop them.

9. Louisiana leaders want Gulf drilling to resume

Of course they do.  It is just plain stupid to stop all drilling because of this accident. JUST DO IT RIGHT! and follow the regulations and fire those creatures in the Bureau of Mining and Minerals who watched dirty movies and took  bribes.

10. Up to 40,000-plus barrels per day pouring into Gulf

This is a low estimate. The fact is no one knows how much oil is pouring out of the well, or even how many outlets have blown out the well casing.  The impact is huge and our government not only dithers but obstructs efforts to lessen the damage by skimming up the oil on the surface.

11. AP: Analysts still feel BP can cover Gulf costs

(But this isbn’t likely to happen if the Obama government destroys BP and causes them to go bankrupt.  In that case the tax payers of the United States will pick up the tab.

BP was to pay out 50 million in investor dividends.  Pressure from Obama and Congress caused them to hold off on this disbursement.  BP stock is already taking a hit do to the spill so now keep them from paying the investors they still have the compensation that is due them will do nothing but cause them to sell their stock in BP and further erode a thriving international company.  How dumb can Obamanation be??!! BB

12. Henninger: Gulf oil spill major blow to faith in government omnipotence

Obamanation has caused this disaster and is keeping it going.  EPA Environmental Protection Agency has refused to allow actions that would keep the wet lands from being hurt by the oil.  Obama has at first played golf and had fancy dinners before getting involved even tho he claims that he was.  The government agency who were supposed to be watching the pot were busy taking bribes from the companies to bother checking to see if the regulations were being followed.  Congress dithers and calls the CEO to testify (read that a talking tough video opportunity) –like big deal.

13. Nevada Senate: Angle 50%, Reid 39%

14. Senators: Kagan memos ‘troubling,’ possible grounds for GOP opposition

We the People are most probably going to be stuck with Kagan and her Leftist/Communist views of rewriting “not with the times”  Constitution. BB

15. Aide: Blagojevich said he made deal for Obama seat

But what the heck, it is done all the time!  Look at the “deals” our President  has made.

16. Disgrace at Arlington: Two Soldiers Buried in Same Grave


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