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Obamanation undercover brain washing of our children.

Posted on: June 13, 2010

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The Foundry: Conservative Policy News Blog.

Obama is taking over our education system while our backs are turned watching other manuevers of Obamanation.  Brain washing our children into the new order is a must for the Progressives.  They get the kids and then turn them against their parents.  Hitler used this tool,  and Mao has and is using it quite effectively.

By the way, have you seen the story about a school telling children to “work” at home for their parents and then donate heir wages  to the school so teacher salaries will not be frozen this year.     Every year the list of things parents must purchase for their children to begin school gets longer and now this.   When I went to school in the 1940’s-50’s   my parent s bought me a notebook, paper,  few pencils, crayons and a lunch box.  When I taught school it was the same.  This is no longer the case.   And on top of this parents are required to pay fees for certain classes that their children take (lab fees, etc.).

We the People need to take back our schools!  Teaching our children was an activity the Constitution left to the parents.  Then for economy parents got together and built and funded schools and usually had a few people in the town sort of look over the whole operation.  As time went on and the population grew cities were charged with providing schools and taxes people for the expenses.  Cities then passed the chore onto counties  with the idea of consolidating the schools and being more fiscal.   By and by the counties began petitioning the states for monies for school so as not to tax the local residents.  The states also took over in order to spread the wealth from richer counties  to poor counties. The beginning of” spreading the wealth in education”!  The idea being to offer the poorer counties the good schools the rich counties were offering their children.

Finally the Federal government formed the Department of Education  for the purpose of “spreading the wealth from richer states to poorer states”, and to “standardize” the education offered the children all over the country.    We Americans certainly didn’t want children in certain areas being taught bigoted or wrong headed ideas  held by the local communities.  Ideas like prayer in the classroom and saluting our flag  and politically incorrect things like that.

It is time We the People took our schools back.  At the very least abolishing the federal Department of Education and move back to the state having the top layer of authority for the children’s education in their state.  I personally would like to see the authority coming back to the counties with no state involvement at all.    The closer the policing of the standards and what is taught our children is to the parents the better  IMO.

Now read what we have set ourselves and our children up for under a creature like Obama.  BB

Morning Bell: Prolonging Education’s Race to the Bottom

Posted June 11th, 2010 at 9:11am in Education with 43 commentsPrint This Post Print This Post

President Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

(Kevin Jenning Deputy Secretary of Education.  a gay man who advocates teaching “alternative life style” beginning in first grade.  BB)

In perhaps President Obama’s most stealth campaign to date, the federal government has been slowly tightening its grip on the education sector to little fanfare. Rather than working through the democratic legislative process, this Administration has circumvented Congress to enact an ill-conceived education agenda that will weaken accountability, reduce transparency and minimize choice while only adding to the national deficit.

For close to four decades, the federal government has operated under the seemingly simple premise that increased spending on education will translate into academic achievement. This line of thinking has resulted in inflation-adjusted federal expenditures on education increasing 138 percent since 1985. Per-pupil expenditures have ballooned to over $11,000 per student, and are even higher in most urban areas including the District of Columbia where the government spends $14,500 on each child. Billions upon billions of dollars have been poured into our public school system because the federal government, backed by powerful teachers unions, is convinced that it is best suited to administer our country’s education system. Unfortunately, this approach has been a miserable failure.

The high school drop out rate continues to skyrocket and academic achievement continues to be stagnant despite decades of increased federal spending and involvement in education. Of course, the consequences for our failures threaten our future as we hopelessly watch other countries outpace us in math and the sciences.

Unfortunately, President Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan remain impervious to the education crisis and are committed to strengthening the federal stranglehold over our country’s education system. Just months after taking office, President Obama signed into a law the gargantuan “stimulus bill” stuffed with wasteful spending adding to the federal government’s girth. The Department of Education received an unprecedented $100 billion in additional money through the stimulus. But months after the bill’s passage, two things are clear: the stimulus bill is not growing our economy and more federal money towards education is not improving our schools.

Undaunted by the obvious, liberal lawmakers in the House are planning on making yet another push this week to include an additional $23 billion dollars for emergency education spending to prevent “catastrophic” public education layoffs. But for decades, states have continued to bloat their staff rolls, particularly non-teaching staff positions. Since 1970 for instance, student enrollment in public elementary and secondary schools has increased just 7 percent, while public elementary and secondary staff hires have increased 83 percent. Another bailout from Washington could exacerbate states’ fiscal problems by creating disincentives for states to tackle out-of-control spending and make the difficult budgetary decisions necessary to produce long-term education reforms.

But unlike the federal takeover of the banking and health care industry, this time around Obama and his liberal allies are shrewdly avoiding another public fight by moving their education agenda forward without even going through Congress. The administration is supporting a move to implement national education standards, using the $4.35 billion Race to the Top grant program to secure those ends. National standards will give the federal government – not parents – more power over education. Now, instead of petitioning their local schools boards for curriculum changes, parents will have to trek to Washington to lobby D.C. bureaucrats for input in the content taught at their children’s school.

Progressives dream of making us more and more dependent on big government, and that has never looked so promising after Obama victories in widening government’s hold in health care, banking and now education. If this past year and a half is any indication of what’s to come, two things are clear: (a) we will see more and more of our freedoms diminish and (b) the girth of our federal government’s waist-line will surely grow.

See also:  Why Your Child’s Teacher Stinks, and What You Can Do About It

Federal pressure is coming down on for-profit colleges and universities, report Elaine Korry and Liz Willen: “New federal rules, expected to be formally proposed in coming days, would tighten oversight of the industry. One much-debated proposal would cut federal aid to for-profit schools in certain cases if graduates spend more than 8 percent of their starting salaries to repay loans. Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) also plans this month to begin hearings on the industry, examining recruiting practices and student loan default rates.”  (Just as I said they would be controlling curriculum and this means rewriting history and pushing the Progressive/Liberal line even more than the many looney professors are already.)


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