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The Obama Energy Tax Game Plan

Posted on: June 16, 2010

Morning Bell: The Obama Energy Tax Game Plan | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News..

Oh Dear, here I go again, but I just can’t help it.  It seems every time Obama wants something he gets a “good crisis” to help him out, so when the oil rig in the Gulf blew up I told my husband, “Well, he got his ” good Crisis”.  Then when he sat on his hands for weeks and did nothing  (“we were on it from day one”    yeo! and I gotta bridge….)  Obama and team DID NOTHING!  Countries all over the world were offering their help and their oil reclamation ships and Obama was saying “No thank you.”  He was using a 1930 law about foreign ships in US water or some such thing.  Bush  suspended this law for help with Katrina and other Presidents have suspended it also in time of need.  Now this joker from out of no where who has spent the last 18 months trampling all over our laws is suddenly very aware of and afraid of breaking a law?!  Balogna!  This Creature wanted as much damage as possible to be done to the Gulf coast!  Believe it.

Now on day 57 he has accepted help from the Dutch.  Why not every country offering help to try to get as much oil up as possible?  (see above for answer).  And now that he has his crisis, which I am not sure is not the “perfect crime, ” he is moving right on to indignation and demonizing the same industry he has been in bed with and who have contributed to his campaign  ( how often have we seen Obama play out this game?)  BP comes to the White House and bends the knee and bribes We the People with $20 Billion and a lot of ‘lawyer speak’  while the President gets to walk around and try to look tough.  And just to insure that he got to claim that BP knuckled  under to his  demands he went on TV and announced the entire game play by play last night.  He also slipped in the first blip on the REAL  story when he told us we now need an energy bill.  He even compared an energy bill with the moon landing, and this right after he compared the oil spill with 9/11.  Who does he think he is fooling? or is he delusional?  He is even losing some of his die hard Obamanites in the MSM.  BB

Now that the Deepwater Horizon oil spill has turned into an environmental disaster, the White House is again trying to turn public anger at one corporation into massive government intervention of an entire sector of the economy. In an email to his leftist Organizing for America activists, President Barack Obama previewed his Oval Office address tonight calling on Congress “to move forward on legislation to promote a new economy powered by green jobs, combat climate change, and end our dependence on foreign oil.” Separately, Joel Benenson, a pollster for the Democratic National Committee and Obama’s presidential campaign, circulated a memo on Capitol Hill arguing that a comprehensive energy bill “could give Democrats a potent weapon to wield against Republicans in the fall.” Politico reports that Benenson’s recommended “messaging architecture” includes the slogan “Making BP Pay Isn’t Enough” and adds: “frame the opposition” as “Big Oil and corporate polluters who have blocked energy reform for decades” and “politicians protecting the special interests that fund their campaigns.”

The irony here is that BP has been a special interest pushing for carbon pricing on Capitol Hill for years now. It was a founding member of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership, a corporatist entity that exists to enact “fair climate change.” And of course by “fair” they mean whatever subsidies and mandates they can extract from the federal government to best protect their bottom line. So this February, BP actually pulled out of USCAP because they thought: “We can be more effective if we show up in the discussion as BP.” As The Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney reports: “They made out particularly well in the House’s climate bill, while natural gas producers suffered.”

As far as the strategy in the Senate goes, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel told The New York Times last week that Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) would use elements of the Kerry-Lieberman American Power Act, the Cantwell-Collins carbon pricing plan, and the Bingaman renewable energy standard bill. A Senate aide told Politico: “an energy deal must include some serious effort to price carbon as a way to slow climate change.” The important thing to remember is that none of this is new. As Heritage Foundation Senate Relations Deputy Dan Holler reported the day before the Deepwater Horizon explosion, Reid has been planning a bait-and-switch from the beginning: first bringing up the Kerry-Lieberman cap-and-trade bill, striking it, and then replacing it with the less well known Bingaman renewable energy standards.

The left knows that the American public has been educated about the economic harms of cap-and-trade, and they are hoping they can use the BP oil spill to pass renewable energy standards (RES) before the public wises up. Don’t be fooled: an RES is just another way for the enviro-left to inflict an economy-killing energy tax on the American public. The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis has crunched the numbers and found that an RES would: 1) Raise electricity prices by 36 percent for households and 60 percent for industry; 2) Cut national income (GDP) by $5.2 trillion between 2012 and 2035; 3) Cut national income by $2,400 per year for a family of four; 4) Reduce employment by more than 1,000,000 jobs; and 5) Add more than $10,000 to a family of four’s share of the national debt by 2035.

In The Godfather, at Vito Corleone’s funeral, the family consiglieri Tom Hagan leans into the new Don Michael Corleone and whispers: “Do you know how they’re gonna come at’cha?” If the American public wants to avoid a self-inflicted economic disaster on top of the existing environmental one, they need to know how President Obama is going to come after them. Now you know.

see also:

  • A high-level British offer of help to clean up the Gulf of Mexico oil spill was rebuffed by the Obama administration shortly after the Deepwater Horizon explosion.
  • Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has told the National Guard that there’s no time left to wait for BP, so they’re taking matters into their own hands.

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