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New Bill Gives Obama ‘Kill Switch’ To Shut Down The Internet |

Posted on: June 20, 2010

New Bill Gives Obama ‘Kill Switch’ To Shut Down The Internet |

I looked the bill up and altho I certainly am not proficient in legalese  I believe this article is fairly correct in its analysis.  Go check out the bill for yourself and get back with me on your take.  Okay?  BB

New Bill Gives Obama ‘Kill Switch’ To Shut Down The InternetPosted by Europe on Jun 20th, 2010 // No Comment

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Government would have “absolute power” to seize control of the world wide web under Lieberman legislation

The federal government would have “absolute power” to shut down the Internet under the terms of a new US Senate bill being pushed by Jewish senator Joe Lieberman, legislation which would hand President Obama a figurative “kill switch” to seize control of the world wide web in response to a Homeland Security directive.

Lieberman has been pushing for government regulation of the Internet for years under the guise of cybersecurity, but this new bill goes even further in handing emergency powers over to the feds which could be used to silence free speech under the pretext of a national emergency.

“The legislation says that companies such as broadband providers, search engines or software firms that the US Government selects “shall immediately comply with any emergency measure or action developed” by the Department of Homeland Security. Anyone failing to comply would be fined,” reports ZDNet’s Declan McCullagh.

The 197-page bill (PDF) is entitled Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act, or PCNAA.

Technology lobbying group TechAmerica warned that the legislation created “the potential for absolute power,” while the Center for Democracy and Technology worried that the bill’s emergency powers “include authority to shut down or limit internet traffic on private systems.”

The bill has the vehement support of Senator Jay Rockefeller, who last year asked during a congressional hearing, “Would it had been better if we’d have never invented the Internet?” while fearmongering about cyber-terrorists preparing attacks.

The largest Internet-based corporations are seemingly happy with the bill, primarily because it contains language that will give them immunity from civil lawsuits and also reimburse them for any costs incurred if the Internet is shut down for a period of time.

“If there’s an “incident related to a cyber vulnerability” after the President has declared an emergency and the affected company has followed federal standards, plaintiffs’ lawyers cannot collect damages for economic harm. And if the harm is caused by an emergency order from the Feds, not only does the possibility of damages virtually disappear, but the US Treasury will even pick up the private company’s tab,” writes McCullagh.

Tom Gann, McAfee’s vice president for government relations, described the bill as a “very important piece of legislation”.

As we have repeatedly warned for years, the federal government is desperate to seize control of the Internet because the establishment is petrified at the fact that alternative and independent media outlets are now eclipsing corporate media outlets in terms of audience share, trust, and influence.

We witnessed another example of this on Monday when establishment Congressman Bob Etheridge was publicly shamed after he was shown on video assaulting two college students who asked him a question. Two kids with a flip cam and a You Tube account could very well have changed the course of a state election, another startling reminder of the power of the Internet and independent media, and why the establishment is desperate to take that power away.

The government has been searching for any avenue possible through which to regulate free speech on the Internet and strangle alternative media outlets, with the FTC recently proposing a “Drudge Tax” that would force independent media organizations to pay fees that would be used to fund mainstream newspapers.

Similar legislation aimed at imposing Chinese-style censorship of the Internet and giving the state the power to shut down networks has already been passed globally, including in the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

We have extensively covered efforts to scrap the internet as we know it and move toward a greatly restricted “internet 2″ system. Handing government the power to control the Internet would only be the first step towards this system, whereby individual ID’s and government permission would be required simply to operate a website.

The Lieberman bill needs to be met with fierce opposition at every level and from across the political spectrum. Regulation of the Internet would not only represent a massive assault on free speech, it would also create new roadblocks for e-commerce and as a consequence further devastate the economy.


10 Responses to "New Bill Gives Obama ‘Kill Switch’ To Shut Down The Internet |"

This fits right in with “Net (Non)Neutrality”, the “(Un)Fairness Doctrine”, and the national broadband initiative/Google GaGa that the “progressives” all love.

No, there’s nothing to worry about here, is there?

While the world and the news outlets are diverted with the BP oil spill and now the General thing the little Progressive Bees are busy in the smoke taking us under. This is why I blog here. I feel like the Town Crier! all I need is a big bell to ring. 🙂 BB

Bubba, I am trying to decide how AI feel about the European Union Times. It is not a yellow sheet on the same page as Enquirer, I know that. But, I am not sure of how accurate it is or what it’s policy is. Some of the articles they publish make my hair stand on end. For instance last week they reported the largest fleet of American and Israeli ships ever have crossed thru the Suez Canal into the Red Sea. This would be ominous if true. Are they working to9gether or are the Israeli ships shadowing the American fleet? War in the Middle East is very close now as Iran becomes nuclear. BB

I think this bill is terrible, its the land of the free, not the land of absolute dictatorship! We need as many people as we can get to stop this bill from bieng passed.

That’s why I am blogging everyday Ryan, to let people know what is happening so they can get on their Congressman’s butt about these things. It does no good to just fret about it or talk to your neighbor about it. You have to call, write or email you congressmen and Senators. If you don’t know how just google Congress and your state and it will take you to a list of sites with all that information. BB

May I just say what a comfort to find somebody who genuinely understands what they are discussing online. You certainly know how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More and more people should read this and understand this side of your story. I can’t believe you’re not more popular given that you most certainly possess the gift.

I certainly thank you, but I’m just a caustic old Broad who just happened to have lived thru the beginning of much of what is happening now. Don’t have many readers but they do seem to be loyal :). Thank you for visiting.

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