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Government Study Confirms: DC Vouchers Improve Graduation Rates. this is the program Obama is insisted on cutting!

Posted on: June 25, 2010

» Government Study Confirms What We Already Knew: DC Vouchers Improve Graduation Rates – Big Government.

Obama is bowing down to the teachers unions by taking the action to cut the scholarship program for Washington DC low-income students.  It is a mere $7,500 voucher and half of what is spent per pupil in the DC public schools.  The scholarships are given out by lottery and I saw this lottery taking place  on Stossel Show FOX BUS.  The auditorium was packed with parents begging for the vouchers.  After all the winners were called  parents of children who did not make the program were  crying and angry and  feeling hopeless because this voucher was to them their children’s ticket out of the ghetto.

According to an evaluation released yesterday by the US Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences, the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP) has “significantly improved students’ chances of graduating from high school.” The same study finds that “parents had higher satisfaction and rated schools as safer if their child was offered or used an OSP DC Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP) scholarship.”

With these dramatic success indicators, it must be no surprise that DC DC Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP) OSP is the only federal education program that the Obama Administration is intent on killing.

That’s right.  Students who used their voucher to attend a school of their parents’ choice had a 21 percent higher graduation rate than those who were eligible for a voucher but were not offered one in the lottery process. DC DC Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP) is a federally-funded program that provides scholarships up to $7,500 to low-income families in Washington, DC – a pittance compared to DC Public School spending.  (DC Public Schools spend almost twice this amount per student and the school graduation rate is abysmal.  The crime rate in the DC schools is the second highest in the nation.  So why would the Obama Administration cut a program that is cheaper, safer and better!?? BB)

With these undeniable effects on graduation rates for low-income kids, why did Congress vote to kill DC DC Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP) last year?  Why can parents no longer choose a school that they find to be safer and offer a better environment for their children?

DC kids and parents have been begging President Obama – who himself attended private school on scholarship – to support them since he took office.  But so far, the Obama Administration has cut the program by millions of dollars and disallowed new students to enter the program.


2 Responses to "Government Study Confirms: DC Vouchers Improve Graduation Rates. this is the program Obama is insisted on cutting!"

The only thing I can think of, is the obvious. Obama does not want the people who blindly follow his rantings and vote for him, and back every radical bill he proposes, to be educated enough to realize that he’s not the man, he said he was. He’s not the savior he led them to believe he was.

And he’s not really doing anything to help those Americans who need the help. He doesn’t want these uneducated parents to realize that he’s a fraud, nor does he want their children to become smart enough to know it either. ss

The big teacher’s unions don’t want private schools or even charter schools because tenure doesn’t count with the private schools and they won’t allow the unions which means bad teachers can be fired.

Teacher’s are not “required” to join the unions (local and national), but even in the 1960’s it was made clear that you had better. They took my money for three years and then I said, “Hell No!”. I didn’t like what the unions were doing and the fact that the Mafia thugs had taken them over. Unions are more lucrative than casinos and prostitutes.

I retired from teaching too soon and before all the goodies were forced on the tax payers by the unions. BB

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