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» House, Senate Negotiators Approve Bank Bailout Bill – Big Government

Posted on: June 25, 2010

» House, Senate Negotiators Approve Bank Bailout Bill – Big Government.

The Democrats in Congress have shoved another Obamanation bill down the throats of Americans.  The what i call “Financial  Bail Out bill”   has all kinds of goodies for those in the “Obama cult”  and  further shakes down the tax payers.

With this bill the government also can and definitely will know everything about your finances as they can get access to your bank account, credit cards and every other monetary transaction in which you engage.  How about that?; some little bureaucrat in a little desk can now see that you have a leaking urinary track because he can see that you purchased Depends.

What it all means is power to the government over your life and having the means to find out how much more they can tax you and still keep you alive and working.  You will become a serf for the  Socialist Communist government.  Joseph Stalin told the US this would happen.  He said that we would be defeated by the Socialist without a shot being fired. BB

House, Senate Negotiators Approve Bank Bailout Bill

by Publius From today’s Politico:


An all-night House-Senate conference committee delivered President Barack Obama and Democrats a far-reaching and historic achievement Friday – a realignment of the rules that govern Wall Street and a second victory toward Obama’s legislative triple crown.

The compromise bill now goes to the House and Senate for approval. For all the messiness of the process, financial reform and March’s health care reform win cumulatively make clear Obama and Democrats are governing in consequential ways – and once again Friday, without a single Republican vote. The results make clear the argument over Obama is no longer whether he’s effective or not, but whether voters will like the results.

The agreement came at 5:39 a.m., after 20 straight hours of work in the committee, a marathon session that tested the negotiating skills, patience and endurance of several dozen lawmakers tasked with reconciling two competing approaches to reining in Wall Street.

But it left no doubt about the mark Obama has left on his twin Democratic majorities in Congress – reluctant, even recalcitrant at times, but in the end, doing his bidding to remake two of the most important sectors of the U.S. economy.

His hoped-for third act – a wide-ranging climate change and energy bill – is next on Obama’s docket,  (wondering why he is allowing the BP oil spill to get so bad when it can be stopped?   Well his Climate Cape and Trade Bill is the reason.  And I personally would like to know just how this explosion on the rig happened, wouldn’t you?  BB) and absent these successes, it would be easy to believe there was simply no way he could bend Congress to his will yet again, with midterms looming, poll numbers sagging and the nation’s financial coffers tapped out.

But Obama plans to press his advantage – to try to salvage one more legislative win out of the depths of the BP oil spill tragedy. He’s invited what amounts to the bipartisan Senate climate caucus to the White House Tuesday to plot out a way ahead.


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