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It seems you can’t trust anyone: Does Sunlight Foundation Need to be Disinfected? – Big GovernmentInternat

Posted on: July 1, 2010

» Does Sunlight Need to be Disinfected? – Big Government.

I have been using the Sunlight Foundation as a source for some of my posts for a long time now.  Of course I don’t usually report a story unless i find three solid sources, but still it is upsetting to find out that George Soros funds the sunlight Foundation.  George Soro is  a really BAD character with his hands in many plots and these plots are all against the American people.

So who funds the Sunlight light foundation? (the article is about net neutrality which means government control of the Internet. ) BB

Who funds the Sunlight Foundation?

It turns out, the Sunlight Foundation’s “research” is funded by organizations who just happen to have a direct interest in net neutrality regulations.

Look at record:

Google, which strongly favors government “neutrality” regulation, has given Sunlight nearly $100,000 during the past two years. And Google executive Kim Scott sits on Sunlight’s board of directors.

But when Big Government exposed ethics violations by Deputy Chief Technology Officer Andrew McLaughlin, who came to the White House from Google and yet continued private email coordination with them about policies effecting the company – possibly violating federal archiving rules – did the Sunlight Foundation investigate?  Or even call for more transparency from the White House to prevent such abuses?

Sunlight did not say a word.

The Church Lady would call that “conveeenient.”

Or consider a few other Sunlight Foundation donors:

  • George Soros’ Open Society Institute
  • The Rockefeller Family Fund
  • The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

What do they have in common, besides giving large sums of money to the Sunlight Foundation? They also fund groups like Free Press and Public Knowledge, who lobby for net neutrality regulations.

Of course, the Sunlight Foundation can advocate for Internet regulation.  But if they are going to attack organizations for spending money to fight a policy, shouldn’t they acknowledge that they have a major financial conflict of interest when they do?


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