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This just in: Shameless Pelosi: Pushing Union Boss Demands on Backs of Troops – Big Government

Posted on: July 2, 2010

Do see also second article below this.  BB

» Shameless Pelosi: Pushing Union Boss Demands on Backs of Troops – Big Government.

This is a call for action post so do please read it.  the last post was about the fat PORK that had been added to the war spending bill  totaling $23 billion of which $10 billion was to go to keep teachers employed at their current salaries or given raises.  It was a gift to the teachers unions pure and simple. But behind closed doors House Speaker Nancy Pelosi added a bigger bonus  to the police and firemen with the Public safety Collective Bargaining Bill which would force all police and firemen to join a union whether they want to or not ( a really, reqally big gift to the AFL-CIO  Mafia thug union bosses).

This bill will of course begin the process of bankrupting cities just as these union demands for pay and pension has bankrupted New York City and Los Angeles.  It would also by law put out of business the 26,000 Volunteer Fire Departments in the country!  Talk about public safety?!  Volunteer fire Departments are found all over the country in areas too small to be able to afford a regular fire department.   I guess Pelosi doesn’t care if the homes of people who live in the country rather than a big city burns down.  BB

Shameless Pelosi: Pushing Union Boss Demands on Backs of Troops

by Don Loos

[UPDATE (7/2/2010): Pelosi plan worked  239-182]

Pelosi is using important money for armed services fighting a war as an opportunity to reward Big Labor with another federal power grab:

From National Right To Work President Mark Mix:

I don’t know about you, but I’m OUTRAGED.

In a matter of just a few hours, union-label Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her allies will take up emergency war funding.

And attached to the war supplemental is Big Labor’s Police and Firefighter Monopoly Bargaining Bill!

The union bossed and their allies have proved they will stop at nothing to pass this scheme.

That’s why it’s vital you contact your Congressman at (202) 224-3121 or send an email here IMMEDIATELY to urge a vote against the Obey Amendment to H.R. 4899.

You see, if passed, this dangerous bill could force every police officer and firefighter in the country under union boss control, override state and local labor laws across the nation and lead to MAMMOTH state and local tax hikes.

So what does this Big Labor payback scheme have to do with the Afghan War or national security?

Literally NOTHING

Speaker Pelosi and her allies in Congress will launch virtually any scheme to pay pack their union boss pals.

But the real bad news is passage of this bill could be the last straw for states and communities across the country who are already struggling to make ends meet.

In fact, all you need to do is take a look at California and Illinois to see what the rest of the nation has in store should the Obey Amendment pass.

California is facing a budget deficit of over $19 billion thanks to out-of-control government union bosses and their outrageous demands.

Illinois is facing a $13 billion shortfall — half the state’s budget.

Dropping down a level, the city of Vallejo, California, actually went bankrupt after nearly 75 percent of its budget was spent on satisfying the demands of the union agreement covering police and firefighters.

And the Mayor of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, recently stated that struggling cities are “handcuffed” by public sector monopoly bargaining.

During these tough economic times, the LAST thing we need is national union boss control of our local police and firefighters.

And should we lose this fight, it’ll only be a matter of time before Big Labor moves on to seize control of ALL state and local public employees nationwide.

So please, contact your Congressman at (202) 224-3121 or send an email here IMMEDIATELY and demand a vote against the Obey Amendment to H.R. 4899.

Please act now. There’s not a moment to lose.


Mark Mix

Baghdad and Kabul? No – The Most Dangerous Place in the World is Between the Teachers Unions and the Public Trough

by Kyle Olson

The American public education system is going the way of the auto companies and just like the $17.4 billion American taxpayers forked over to bail out outrageous employee contracts and spineless spending decisions of management, labor unions are hoping their allies in Congress will throw them a lifeline.  (Nancy is trying you guys so Pray for her! bb)

The difference, of course, is that prior to the bailout, those private sector companies could actually go bankrupt – no one was “too big to fail.”  There was an invisible mechanism that prevented labor from pushing too far because while it’s greedy, even the UAW knew that there would be a limit to the pay and bennies it could extract from the auto manufacturers.  In that instance, the parasite knew when to stop sucking.


Public schools, largely a monopolistic system not held accountable by competition, don’t have that same invisible force keeping labor in check.  Therefore, if the outrageous demands of labor and current spending practices of school districts outpace the money coming into the coffers, they’ll go out and wring their hands, tell sob stories about Johnny having to sit on Georgie’s lap in class because of a lack of desks and demand more “revenue.”  From you, the taxpayer.

This should be a huge issue for the Tea Party movement.  This has been a problem for far too long and we’ve allowed the tax eaters, that is, teachers unions, to fleece the American public into thinking that more spending, which ultimately ends up in their members’ pockets, somehow equates to better outcomes.

Just because I raise the price of a Yugo doesn’t mean it suddenly starts driving like a BMW.  It’s still a piece of crap – you’re just paying more for it.  Sweet deal if you can be on the good end of it.  But for the rest of us left holding the bill, it’s a sour deal – dare I say, a lemon?

Organized labor, specifically the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers, don’t even try to hide their agenda behind better student outcomes.  When Sen. Tom Harkin and Rep. Dave Obey introduced legislation to create a $23 billion $10 billion “Emergency Education Jobs Fund,” it had nothing to do with whether or not the money being spent was going to make us more competitive in the world, it had everything to do with the latest Obama public works project for the friends who happened to have spent tens of millions of dollars electing them.

The NEA posted a video on YouTube – which it has since, remarkably, taken down – with the headline, “The issue is JOBS.”  Naturally.  The most dangerous place to stand in the world is not on the streets of Baghdad or Kabul – it’s between teachers unions and the public trough.

And speaking of that, because Democrats know the spending is so unpopular, they inserted it into a war spending bill so if you vote against more education spending, clearly, you hate the troops!

It would serve the Tea Party movement well to get engaged with how the biggest portion of each state’s budget is spent because clearly as more and more is spent each year, we’re not seeing that return on the “investment” the unions are twisting arms for.  You want to hold Big Government candidates accountable?  Pin them down on education spending.  Do they favor reforming spending, potentially stepping on the toes of monied special interests to maximize the tax dollars currently available, or do they want to continue pouring money down the rat hole to ease some feeling of guilt or to butter up a powerful campaign financier?

We all know teachers unions don’t exist to meet the needs of students – they serve the adults.  We need to stop pretending that they have students’ interests in mind and we should openly laugh when they suggest otherwise.  We need to stand up to labor and demand that the workers come second and the children come first.  And if they aren’t willing to do that, we’ll do what is necessary to see that change occurs.

Until then, we have only ourselves to blame for allowing Big Labor to control the agenda and purse strings, putting America’s future in greater jeopardy in the name of fat pensions and union power.


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