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A Fine Example of how Unions work: Union Bosses Deny 11,000 Employees a Vote on Labor Contract – Big Government

Posted on: July 2, 2010

» Union Bosses Deny 11,000 Employees a Vote on Labor Contract – Big Government.

This story rather speaks for itself.  Besides I have typed my fingers raw warning about the union bosses and their ties to the Mafia.  There are many union members who agree with me but afraid to speak up.  They have been pressured to join the union.  In Massachusetts the law requires that teachers belong to the union. BB

Union Bosses Deny 11,000 Employees a Vote on Labor Contract

by Don Loos

Transport Workers Union boss John Conley says that he will deny airline employees the opportunity to vote on their own destiny.


Sandra Baker of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram wrote:

“We are now at an impasse with AMR [American Airlines],” said John Conley, director of the union’s Air Transport Division. “We no longer have a tentative agreement, and no ballots will be presented to members for a ratification vote.”

The union asked the mediation board to declare an impasse in March, but the board told the parties to keep talking.

A few weeks ago, the union and American said they had reached a tentative agreement. But the proposal never went to a vote by the nearly 11,000 baggage handlers and other ground workers that clean aircraft, fuel planes and move freight.

Should the board declare an impasse and release the union from mediation, under the Railway Labor Act a 30-day cooling-off period would start, after which the union could call a strike or the company could enforce a lockout. [Emphasis added]

Unfortunately, employees are often left out of the union contract process because contracts virtually always grant union officials a monopoly voice and decision making powers over all workers whether they wanted it or not. This is just another example, among many, of how forced monopoly unionism is undemocratic and takes away the rights of individual workers.

And, it is forced union dues that fuel the Democrat party.  It has made Democrat (and some Republican) elected officials from President Obama down to school boards beholden to Big Labor’s special interests.  As a result, from town hall to state capitols to the nation’s capitol and the White House, elected officials are attempting to expand union bosses’ power to force people into unions at the expense of personal liberty.


4 Responses to "A Fine Example of how Unions work: Union Bosses Deny 11,000 Employees a Vote on Labor Contract – Big Government"

I remember when Reagan broke the air controllers union, and how so many people were angry. Even I was at the time. But today, I see things differently.

Today, I know I will get lots of flack for this, but I think that in order for America to get back to being a successful, and free democracy, and economically sound again we need to break all Unions.

Know I do feel that we could put some of the laws into affect that the Unions originally had in place, like laws about hours worked, laws surrounding firing people etc… You know the common sense laws to protect workers, like good environments to work in etc.

But, I will tell you now, and you watch and see if I’m not right, down the road. The unions are controlling everything in our country. For us to get back to being successfull we need to start over in industry.

We need inventions, smart people to be inventors and entrepreneurs. We will have to start people at lower wages than $25 or $30 an hour,

Why, because our country is broke and to start over and employe more people and for employers to have more money to start up, develope and move a business forward they need working capital.

Bottom line, we need the Unions out. All of them. If anyone has been paying attention it is these bully, SEIU, AFL-CIO that are running to the WH every week and putting their two cents into all these laws. They are the ones getting protection under all these laws, while all non Union people have no chance to get a job, because no one can afford to hire t hem.

We need to go back to the 1920’s start over, and this country can be rebuilt economically in no time at all. Until the Unions are cut out of the process we will continue to go down hill economically until we become a 3rd world country and folks that’s not far off.

We need Free enterprise. By the way what are all these people in the UAW for? Probably 80% of them will never work in the auto inidustry again, yet, they have all kinds of power. My feeling is if you are not working then you shouldn’t be allowed to vote in union

I know I said too much, but there is only one way for America to rise again, and that’s with out all the bullies in the Unions running the government and choosing who will be the next Pres.

I too well remember the Air Traffic Controllers union and Reagan taking them on by firing the whole lot. I was behind Reagan all the way because if these people had been allowed to stop the planes from flying it would have brought the entire economy to a halt. Just one example: Banks have to order their bills from the Federal Reserve almost in a daily basis in order to remain operational. They may have too many $100’s and not enough $1.00’s and could possibly run out and not be able to make change which would force them to close for the day. This would get around like wildfire and there would be a panic and a run on banks causing more of them running out of paper money and coins and having to close their doors. This happened once before in our history that then spiraled into the Great Depression. Not at all saying the banks closing was the sole reason for the GP but it was certainly one event that scared people into actions that hurt the economy.

The Air Traffic Controllers Union were flirting with this happening again by stopping all air line traffic. They knew what they were doing and Reagan also knew what he was doing. By his actions he held the unions down until just recently. In fact, the union members only accounted for about 5% of the population until SEIU was able to get government employees admitted to the unions. It used to be that government or public employees could not belong to unions. AND THEY SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO NOW! Unions were meant to give private sector workers some measure of equal power with management to get the things you mentioned. Private sector workers can be laid off and even permanently lose their jobs if the company goes out of business. On the other hand a government job is as secure as one can get and this then is the trade off for not having a union.

It is also well documented that the Mafia got control of the unions early on. And, they still control the unions. Mafia bosses no longer run around with machine gun carrying thugs guarding them. The Mafia are now legitimate business men and union dues are where the gold is.

You are right that the unions need to be scaled back to some balance of power between workers and management. But then the pendulum will probably swing the other way with management taking advantages. In 1968 my Dad a die hard union man told me he thought that the unions had gone too far. BB

I wonder when these union people are going to realize that the union bosses are out for themselves and not the rank and file members?

Now, the union bosses are cutting out the voting rights of the members. How dumb can these people be? Dah!

I think most union members are really against what the unions are doing but have been coerced into joining. Some states such as Massachusetts have laws requiring teachers to join the state union. I know when I refused to join the union the dean of my department made a point of asking me to visit him in his office to ask me why. BB

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