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House adds $23B in fat pork to war funding bill

Posted on: July 2, 2010

House adds $23B to war funding bill – David Rogers –

The Democrats and Obama were going to get the new stimulus funding one way or the other so they added it to the military funding bill.  There should be a law that no spending can be added to a bill except for the main benefactor of the funding.   This is how so much money is wasted  on bridges to nowhere, fancy airports  with maybe 10- flights on a good day  named Murtha Airport and  hundreds of projects to a state giving millions of dollars to a stated that sends only one half of that amount to Washington (53 of those projects however are named after the former Senator Byrd or his wife).

The Congress has tried to get a handle on this pork barreling by making the Congressmen  put their name on the request.  This didn’t do a thing to help cut down on the foolish spending.  Each project needing funding should be on a separate bill requiring a vote.  Sure this will bring about dealing as in you vote for mine and I’ll vote for yours.  But this type of willing and dealing takes time and the Congressmen are not going to waste time  on projects that they feel will not pass the committee.  whereas just attaching the spending request on the bill with their name takes no time at all and so is no sweat to appease constituents or pay back  campaign funders.

Anyhow, this adding pork to bill and usually ones that are sure to be passed is an old game in Washington.  Maybe when we get a new Congress and the people  continue to watch them as I believe they will, stopping the adding too and funding anything else in a bill but the main objective  is a  new spending law we can demand of our Congress man.

So much needs done to regulate and trim back the power the federal government has acquired over the years; this is especially true in the Legislative and Executive branches (Congress and president).  To do this however states are going to have to retake the responsibility in areas they had conceded to Washington.  After Obama I really think changes can be made for the better.  Obama has finally terrified the people into doing something about an out of control government.

The main things Democrats in the House who have passed this bill  wanted was some assurances about the drawback on the war spending.    In fact 93 of them tried to make the funding to be used ONLY to withdraw the troops from Afghanistan  and Iraq.   This measure didn’t make the grade unfortunately.  I feel the United States should withdraw our troops from all the countries in the world and force these countries to start defending themselves.  Since 1945 much of the world has relied on the United States for defense and had only token armies of their own.  This has of course served to keep countries from attacking their neighbors, but it has  been on the backs of the American tax payers.  Now we have reached the point where we can no longer afford to be the world’s policeman.

Anyhow the bill with the fat back pork is now going to the Senate where the Senators may just add their wants to it or there might be a fight over spending.  Here are some highlights out of the article:

“I do not want to spend money to try to rebuild a 12th century economy when ours is crumbling,” said House Rules Committee Chairwoman Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) “And if we’re going to rebuild an economy it should be the United States.” (Amen to this!  There is no possible way for us to bring the countries of Pakistan and Afghanistan into the 21st. century.  90% of the population of each country is illiterate so putting in modern factories which would offer jobs other than growing poppies for opium is  not feasible.  These countries they have found are rich in minerals so mining could be a good source of jobs for the population.  Of course the people including women and children  would be worked like slaves  and exploited by the war lords and  corrupt governments, but it would take them out of the poppy fields and eliminate one problem for us.  BB)

(comments in brackets are mine)

Education (this for supplies and extra needed personnel in the administration no doubt along with he the $10 billion to satisfy teachers unions), border security ( money to fund the suit against Arizona!) , and summer jobs (a useless program that never was worht the cost) funding account for the bulk of the new domestic spending, which includes $10 billion ( out of $23 Billion tossed to the unions!) to help local school boards avert the threat of teacher layoffs this coming fall. To minimize the deficit impact, an equal sum of appropriations cuts and new legislative savings are incorporated, but the end product is a bill still approaching $82 billion—less than half of which is directly related to Afghanistan or its neighbor Pakistan.

One last thing:  since the Congress couldn’t admit how much they were actually spending they didn’t submit a budget this year.  Instead in this bill they just “deemed the budget to have been passed”.  Stupid yes, but that is Congress: they can say something was passed that never existed in the first place and get away with it.  I am wondering if I can get away with deeming my taxes paid next year.  BB


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